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  1. Sorry to hear the bad news. Hopefully things will be better for everyone next year. I just wanted to know if the mod was dead or not, but good to see its just going on pause.
  2. @ShiftZero @cooper59 Okay, this is my last attempt. This isn't the first time an amazing mod has died out of nowhere for me. An update on what's going on currently would be nice. Is this just a break from the project or is it over?
  3. Okay. Well, that sucks, I thought it was just me. Somethings definitely up with the AI. Hopefully this mod is not dead and they fix it. I would play it often if it worked.
  4. No developer post since March. So is this mod over?
  5. I've reinstalled the game and the mod and the AI is still broken. Is this on my end or is anyone else experiencing this? EDIT: I just did a normal game without the mod on and the AI was fine.
  6. So the AI was working for you? Hmm, mine isn't working. I even had 7 expert Zentradi on aggressive tactics and nothing attacked me, lol. I'll try reinstalling my game.
  7. Its been awhile! I just felt like playing this mod recently and I noticed that the AI isn't working very well. Is this issue just me or is there a reason for that? Hope the team is doing well.
  8. This is awesome guys! So glad the team is continuing to update this mod. I'll definitely be trying it out soon.
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