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  1. Has there been any word on this? am I huffing Hopium waiting for this to come out...?
  2. Nice! HMR is pretty good for pulling off poses like that. We should start an entire thread about trying to pull of this pose 😂
  3. Has anyone figured out how to fix the loose/wobbly intake joint on the DX VF-1? It's happening on mine and I'd rather it didn't 😅
  4. Anyone remember this!? I'm curious what happened here 🤔 (also is it just me or are the proportions better? 😶)
  5. There's a good chance they're going to borrow engineering ques from the Yamato (magnets, locking mechanisms, etc) so I doubt that will be an issue
  6. Kind of yeah! I used double-sided tape. What's funny is that I sat there for a while fiddling with it, trying to get the gunpod and the head lasers to line up with the strike cannon. But then I realized that the strike cannon actually is rotated slightly in the animation. I wish we could get strike parts with a ball-jointed cannon, that would make since practically in-universe and help with playability.
  7. Thanks, I’m thinking about getting into toy photography at some point. Just need proper equipment 😅
  8. I think the KC implemented a joint like that on the newer versions, makes you wonder if they’ll ever release a DYRL 1S in that line 🤔.
  9. Loving the DX! I've been trying to get this shot with a Hikaru 1s for a long time.
  10. Preorder when? (Asking for a friend👀)
  11. Thanks for the info! What about Defused LED strips? Like the ones you stick behind a computer desk or along the ceiling corners of a room? I’m considering using those instead of my current setup.
  12. Woah.. the display lights? really? I didn't even know that was a thing. Can all lights potentially discolor plastics, or is this less of the lights doing and more of the type of plastic? I'd hate for any figures in my collection to start decaying on me just because I have a lighting set up 😅
  13. Holy Moly what a find! My jaw dropped when you posted pics of the matching markings. I wonder what caused it to yellow so dramatically, and if that issue will start to surface of the production Valks. Are you considering attempting to reverse the discoloration? although that might mess up the tempo 🤔
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