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  1. Nice! I had a hard time deciding between gigapower and fantoys. I ended up going with gigapower but only have snarl right now.
  2. Not original. Can’t remember where I got these.
  3. Just picked up a MIB Yamato 1/48 VF-1J Super Max for a pretty good price. Prob bec it’s all about DX now. I always liked the look of this one. Will go well with my other Yamato 1/48’s.
  4. I found these in my closet. They are stickers not decals.
  5. When you receive your parts don’t press the pin in right away. Use a paper clip to act as the hinge and check to see if the two parts sit flush to each other when folded together. Mine didn’t. I mainly sanded the surface shown in the pic. Other areas may require sanding as well.
  6. I bought a set from Shapeways a few months ago. You may notice that the 2 hinged parts don’t sit flush to each other and will require sanding.
  7. If that includes shipping, duty, taxes, etc. that is an amazing price. Congrats!
  8. Yes I bought from the local dude…lol. $540 CAD all in. Picking it up on Sunday.
  9. I got a full refund from Nin Nin and they didn’t seem to put up a big fight about it. Will be buying one locally at a lower price.
  10. If I get my money back I’ll prob buy from the guy on Kijiji.
  11. Good to hear you got a refund! I submitted a ticket as well. Hopefully this ends well.
  12. That sux! I’m not close to the 6 month mark from when I placed my order but I think it’s ridiculous that it’s been 2 weeks of “preparation in progress” with no updates. A voucher is not acceptable. Should be a full refund.
  13. Still no movement on my order either. Was really hoping it would ship this week.
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