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  1. I just got notification from DHL that an item has been picked up and should be delivered to me on Sept 9. There’s nothing to cross reference it to the order for my GBP but I haven’t ordered anything else so that must be it. Didn’t think it would be here this soon. Sweet! I ordered from Nin Nin Game. FALSE ALARM. Called DHL and they said it was a mistake. Booo!
  2. So looks like I can still add the 1J + GBP to my cart on nin-nin game. I thought these were sold out everywhere? Do they just keep taking orders then get back to you that they are out of stock?
  3. Hello everyone, I bought this from a member on the forums quite a few years ago...can't remember who. This set was recast from the 1/55 VF-1S strike with the following exceptions: 1) Strike cannon is not included 2) Arm armor will only fit reissue 1/55's (the arm shape is a little different than the originals) Very nice set as it includes the engine detail in the booster, missiles and mini Minmay figure. Pieces will require sanding, filling and holes to be drilled so armor can fit together. I also have the CD with instructions detailing hole sizes to be drilled, etc. Asking $100 USD plus shipping. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.
  4. Saw one on eBay recently.
  5. Finally found a kitz concept sd vf-1s. Fast packs are on the way as well! Also picked up a Yamato 1/60 v2 vf-1j + gbp set for a good price. One of the head antenna is broken and glued back on. If anyone has a spare head please pm me.
  6. So I haven’t bought any Macross stuff in a while but have been looking lately. I came across a sale locally that I couldn’t pass up. A 1/60 Yamato v2 Hikaru Strike. One of the shoulders was broken but I ordered replacement parts from shapeways. All in it set me back $200 CAD...pretty good deal I think. This is my first v2 and it’s really nice. A little tricky to transform though. Might be buying a few more. Lol.
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