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  1. I love Mandarake and AmiAmi! Only cost me a kidney thanks to them.
  2. I tried to tell myself I wouldn’t buy anything outside my preorders for the rest of the year but I couldn’t pass on all these goodies I stumbled upon this past week…
  3. https://www.lunapark.store/product-page/bandai-dx-chogokin-vf-31ax-kairos-plus-hayate-immelmann-japan-version
  4. $195. I sent them an email but the auto response says they are backlogged and may take some time to respond. For returns the website states 7 days from delivery so I can’t afford to really wait. I opened a dispute with PayPal in the mean time. Incidentally they have the same item for $400 with a 4 star description. I can’t even imagine what that one would look like.
  5. I will not be shopping at Solaris Japan ever again.....This was advertised as a 5 star pre owned item......
  6. Thank you to @Kanedas Bike for my VR-052F! Great communication, fast shipping, and packed well.
  7. Great communication and smooth transaction with @levzloi
  8. I just recently started my collection and placed preorders for both from LunaPark. Has anyone had any problems with orders from here? I’ve only shopped from Amiami, Mandarake, and HLJ so far.
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