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  1. I just put a down payment this time since I placed an order with them before. My first order with them was for the GBP set and I was extremely happy with my experience.
  2. My update from LunaPark: Yes, the item official release day is today (25th September) DHL does not pick up parcel in the weekend, it will all be shipped from Monday. we are expecting our US / Canada customers receive them by the end of September.
  3. $530 for VF-31A and $290 for VF-171 shipped. The 171 has turned to an off white color even though it was sealed but it’s not too bad to bother me. No other issues.
  4. I love Mandarake and AmiAmi! Only cost me a kidney thanks to them.
  5. I tried to tell myself I wouldn’t buy anything outside my preorders for the rest of the year but I couldn’t pass on all these goodies I stumbled upon this past week…
  6. $195. I sent them an email but the auto response says they are backlogged and may take some time to respond. For returns the website states 7 days from delivery so I can’t afford to really wait. I opened a dispute with PayPal in the mean time. Incidentally they have the same item for $400 with a 4 star description. I can’t even imagine what that one would look like.
  7. I will not be shopping at Solaris Japan ever again.....This was advertised as a 5 star pre owned item......
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