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  1. Just saw the Calibre Wings 1/72 moving elevator diorama set is coming. That's so cool! Price not bad either. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/136428
  2. Yes. Taobao does that. But they can hold everything for you for only 20 days before a daily rental fee kicks in and in one order you may not make more than 20 items (individual purchases). Also there are a myriad of forbidden items not allowed to ship: weapons or miniature replicas, batteries, shampoo, resin models, anti-communist propoganda items, etc. For something like this I wouldnot consider grouping them with anything else. There is also a maximum package box dimension requirement.
  3. So the elevator set is sold out. The carrier deck A+B+C+D retails for around USD $380 plus taxes but international shipping might cost another approx $100 to the U.S. in my experience. The seller need to make them so there is a 30-day waiting time before shipment. Taobao offers warehouse storage, repackaging and shipping to the U.S.
  4. these are not kits and they come finished and ready for display. And this guy also makes the carrier elevator.
  5. Anyone saw this set on TaoBao? The guy made them himself. It's really 1/72 scale but it works equally well with 1/60 macross valks. Looks pretty impressive.
  6. and Kudos to SuperHobo for the Sentinel Ryo Ronin warriors set. Will do business again.
  7. Many thanks to SuperHobo again for FansToys Quietus. My childhood dream comes true the day he arrived in perfect condition!
  8. Thanks alot to Arthurius for the VF-19 fire valk. It was very securely wrapped and exactly as advertised. No problems.
  9. YF-29 arrived safely and without QC issues. Many thanks to jrhudson311
  10. Thank you pikashoo for the SDF-1 papercraft book! - It is beautiful printed and I would not even want to cut it up.
  11. Thanks to kkx for taking the time and trouble to send the Miria box. It's only what a true Macross fan would do to his fellow hobbyist. I wish I could compensate more for the huge amount of efforts put in. Regards,
  12. Thank you funkymonkeyjavajunky SV-51 arrived in neat condition and nice packaging. No problems and another solid deal. Appreciated.
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