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  1. Adding Fans Toys items FT-44 Thomas, opened bet never transformed. $350+shipping FT-47 Rig transformed once, no paint chipping on the metal parts $130 shipped FT-12,13,14T all ope, never transformed, canopy swapped to clear. $150 each shipped
  2. Bunch of X Transbots Crack up new and sealed $100 shipped Overheat new and sealed $80 shipped Gravestone Trailer new and sealed $240 shipped Aeigis open and transformed once$130 shipped
  3. Got a few things to let go. I am on the straight shooters list and haveba long ebay history of 100% positive feedback as susieq1001. Shipping to the US is free unless otherwise stated. I will ship international, however shipping cost will be actual. Anyway, here's what I have for your consideration; DX GBP Armor. Opened and installed once, never displayed or played. 100% complete and like new, has outer shipping box. $130 Zeta Toys Superitron/ Kronos. This is the fully painted metalic version woth the die cast chest piece. I only opened it just recently since I was advised that these guys are notorious for missing pieces. And sure enough, it's missing one tiny piece, the tip of the pinky finger on one of the arm-jets. (No pic sorry, I'll get one if I can) otherwise the dude is perfect i couldn't help it and I assembled once. Still like new and absolutely incredible! No free shipping on this one, shipping will be actual. $500 X Transbots Gravestone/Motormaster opened and transformed once, in perfect condition and an absolutely awesome piece on its own. $130 Transform Element Phantom /Mirage opened, but never transformed. $70 Let me know knownif you're interested, i apologize if it takes me a min to get back since I don't get push notifications sometimes. I will also be adding titan class transformers soon.
  4. This is still sealed and had the outer brown Tamashii box. Price includes shipping, I cannot guarantee this will arrive before Christmas, but I do ship as quickly as possible. $SOLD only shipping to the lower 48 on this one. Thanks for looking!
  5. Just found this hidden in some storage boxes. It has been opened and transformed once a while ago. 100% complete in like new condition. Never displayed or played, been stored in a dry basement for months. $180 As far as shipping goes I'd be happy to pitch the cost. Shipping to the us only however.
  6. I apologize for no price on the super parts. Its updated
  7. Prices do not include shipping, let me knownyour zip and I'll get you a quote. All valks are mint! They're100% complete, all boxes in excellent, only being displayed for a couple of weeks, that being said there may be a tiny amount of dust. They have been away from sunlight, kids, and I do not smoke. Also, please note I do have cats and dogs, those of you with allergies please be advised. Vf-1A Max $340 never been transformed. VF-1D: $360 just got this a couple of days ago. Only transformed into Gerwalk and thats it. Includes outer brown box. VF-1S Roy $320: transformed once, spevial stand has been opened. VF-1J: $400 transformed once, special stand has not been opened. TV $160 *SOLD* super parts. Intalled on Vf-1S once. Does not included outer brown box (thats just the way it came to me) Let me know if you're interested. I'm in the straight shooters list somewhere and my Ebay handle is susieq1001 if you need to check me out. Thanks for looking
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