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  1. I apologize for no price on the super parts. Its updated
  2. Prices do not include shipping, let me knownyour zip and I'll get you a quote. All valks are mint! They're100% complete, all boxes in excellent, only being displayed for a couple of weeks, that being said there may be a tiny amount of dust. They have been away from sunlight, kids, and I do not smoke. Also, please note I do have cats and dogs, those of you with allergies please be advised. Vf-1A Max $340 never been transformed. VF-1D: $360 just got this a couple of days ago. Only transformed into Gerwalk and thats it. Includes outer brown box. VF-1S Roy $320: transformed once, spevial stand has been opened. VF-1J: $400 transformed once, special stand has not been opened. TV $160 *SOLD* super parts. Intalled on Vf-1S once. Does not included outer brown box (thats just the way it came to me) Let me know if you're interested. I'm in the straight shooters list somewhere and my Ebay handle is susieq1001 if you need to check me out. Thanks for looking
  3. DX VF-1 Movie Super/Strike parts and Missles. Selling as a lot. In like condition, may have finger prints on them. Boxes are excellent. $270 plus shipping for the lot.
  4. Transformers Retro Headmasters from Walmart. $25 each plus shipping. All are still sealed, never opened.
  5. Threezero DLX Transformers Bumblebee $160 ****SOLD*****Optimus $180 ****SOLD****Soundwave $200 Blitzwing $180 All are basically new. Just opened. Batteries never installed (or included). Sentinel Legioss AFC-01Z $250 New and sealed.
  6. I now am listing my second one I pickup up. It has been opened and transformed. It is still like new, no magnet stickers applied. $320 shipp to the the CONUS Pics to come
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