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  1. Kenny G


    woops, dunoo how that happened, sorry
  2. Believe it or not, but I bought this on accident sort of. I had put it in my cart to get a qoute for shipping. I left it in there and completely spaced it when I bought something else. I had totally forgotten about it until I saw the charge on my CC. Totally didn't have the $$ for it, guess I'll have to divert funds from my motorcycle savings.
  3. I think every Chogokin must come in a box this size, and in retro style from now on! Gosh dang!
  4. I think ill try to de yellow it come spring unless I can find a UV lamp for cheap
  5. I just cut the seal on this, openeing it for the first time. Yeowza!
  6. Does any one know where to get the acrylic stands/risers that can be used in Detolf cabinets? It seems that the majority of my bots are nearly the same height.
  7. No problem, doodski
  8. I ended up with an extra Roy and it is now in the BST section if anyone is interested.
  9. Was able to score 2 Roys from AJ (one for me me and one for a buddy). At $298 shipped with DHL, I would consider that a fair deal. Any more than that and it would have been a pass for me. Tell you what though, DHL seems to be on the ball. They were shipped yesterday and will be here tomorrow morning....dayum!
  10. I am surprised at the quality of it, its quite good.
  11. I needed this, not because I am a Red Bull addict, I just love cans of soda that transform into airplanes. ....i may be a Red Bull addict. I wonder if I have one in the fridge?
  12. Yeah, just a couple. I had already taken the shipping label off. Oh, and it cam opened...yes!!! it really was bad, I should have taken some more pics, but i sent it back. sorry, not trying to derail the thread.
  13. At least you got a box. Amazon US shipped my DX SOC Combattler in the buff. There was no shipping box, just the actual packaging with a huge shipping label stuck to the front plus about another 10 stickers with barcodes. I returned it today. I mean, I am easy going and will overlook some box damage, but not when I am spending $500+ for a collectible.
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