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  1. DX VF-1 Movie Super/Strike parts and Missles. Selling as a lot. In like condition, may have finger prints on them. Boxes are excellent. $270 plus shipping for the lot.
  2. Transformers Retro Headmasters from Walmart. $25 each plus shipping. All are still sealed, never opened.
  3. Threezero DLX Transformers Bumblebee $160 ****SOLD*****Optimus $180 ****SOLD****Soundwave $200 Blitzwing $180 All are basically new. Just opened. Batteries never installed (or included). Sentinel Legioss AFC-01Z $250 New and sealed.
  4. I now am listing my second one I pickup up. It has been opened and transformed. It is still like new, no magnet stickers applied. $320 shipp to the the CONUS Pics to come
  5. So I opened these from from new a couple of months ago. The Valk has yellowing and the hips are very loose which is odd for a "new" toy. Other joints like the knees and elbows are overly tight. The Valk has been transformed once and armor applied. Both items are 100% complete. This is not the renewal version. $150 for the set.
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