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  1. I liked it. First Delta movie is ok, but not really my thing. But I quite liked this one. i mean it was weird and Silly, but then so is this whole franchise, so I didnt care that much, it was what I wanted anyway.
  2. I mean I've had mine a few years, transformed it many times as recently as yesterday, and Ive never tweaked a thing.
  3. Ive been playing around more with the toy this week (Top Gun got me zooming jets around!) and it's grown on me a lot from when i originally had it. I never hated it, but it didnt grab me the way the 31 did. But Im coming around to her charms
  4. Well I just bought my first Legioss toy, which will also be my first ever Sentinel toy. The Blue Eta seemed like the place to start, so hopefully its as good as it looks in pics!
  5. I don't know how to add spoiler tags, but there's a new 30 second teaser and boy howdy is it a good one.
  6. Im careful too. And the Michael VF-25 on my shelf hadnt been transformed in YEARS, so I dunno how that happened. Im not nervous about the 31s, they are a rock solid toy. SOme of the hinge on the weapon pods may get loose, but thats all that worries me.
  7. Is there a good way to get to those screws> There isnt a lot of room there to get to them, so I was trying to see if there was a way to get that whole section off first?
  8. I actually knew that one! Thank you, as always, sir.
  9. ...But seriously, how do I take that hinge that keeps the waist/legs on apart?
  10. ok, so its something to do with Space flight then? Okidokey. I dont mean the position of the Boosters on the wings, I mean the part where the booster nozzles extend outward in space flight. Alli could think of was it was some sort of cooling measure
  11. So I just got the 29 Full Armor set today (And its great) but it reminded me of a question Ive been meaning to ask; Is there a reason the Super Pack Engines (The ones that attach by the vertical stabilizers) extend outwards? It always vaguely looked like uncovered engines extending rearwards, and i never quite understood why?
  12. Wow, the Full pack set is REALLY nice! Like, so much nicer than i expected, its incredible! The matte paint and (So far) tighter joints and extra clear parts all make a really big difference! Very happy I grabbed this!
  13. I will if someone helps me to learn how to take one of these apart! Right now, I cant figure it out, sadly
  14. Yeah it wasnt much. Ozmas is pricey, but not unreasonably so.
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