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  1. Well I just bought my first Legioss toy, which will also be my first ever Sentinel toy. The Blue Eta seemed like the place to start, so hopefully its as good as it looks in pics!
  2. I don't know how to add spoiler tags, but there's a new 30 second teaser and boy howdy is it a good one.
  3. Im careful too. And the Michael VF-25 on my shelf hadnt been transformed in YEARS, so I dunno how that happened. Im not nervous about the 31s, they are a rock solid toy. SOme of the hinge on the weapon pods may get loose, but thats all that worries me.
  4. Is there a good way to get to those screws> There isnt a lot of room there to get to them, so I was trying to see if there was a way to get that whole section off first?
  5. I actually knew that one! Thank you, as always, sir.
  6. ...But seriously, how do I take that hinge that keeps the waist/legs on apart?
  7. ok, so its something to do with Space flight then? Okidokey. I dont mean the position of the Boosters on the wings, I mean the part where the booster nozzles extend outward in space flight. Alli could think of was it was some sort of cooling measure
  8. So I just got the 29 Full Armor set today (And its great) but it reminded me of a question Ive been meaning to ask; Is there a reason the Super Pack Engines (The ones that attach by the vertical stabilizers) extend outwards? It always vaguely looked like uncovered engines extending rearwards, and i never quite understood why?
  9. Wow, the Full pack set is REALLY nice! Like, so much nicer than i expected, its incredible! The matte paint and (So far) tighter joints and extra clear parts all make a really big difference! Very happy I grabbed this!
  10. I will if someone helps me to learn how to take one of these apart! Right now, I cant figure it out, sadly
  11. Yeah it wasnt much. Ozmas is pricey, but not unreasonably so.
  12. Yep, thats the part! I was a bit cautious, as as it stands they both "work" in fighter mode and i was nervous to try and separate them and break it more. i had a look for youtube videos but couldnt see any. Once I saw here that someone had made replacement shapeways parts, I assumed it was possible to split that section to access the pins, but I havent been able to figure out where to do it. Getting the legs off at the hips is easy (I have done that many times to tighten various joints) but its detaching it from the underside of the central fuselage i cant figure out.
  13. TBh I haven't gotten a new Macross toy since the 31E, so Im excited to grab one again. Years ago I sold all my 29s except the Alto, which broke about 8 months ago, but I had a lot of preorders and the like so couldn't swing a new one. But! for my birthday I found a decent priced one on mandarake and my family nabbed it for my birthday! Im looking forward to it! I then saw a cheap Isamu 29 on Mando, and since i regretted selling mine I nabbed that too. Im telling myself i dont need to rebuy the Ozma and Blue ones.
  14. Just today I discovered my 25G and F both have a break on the waist hinge. I see the SHapeways replacement part available, what I was wondering was how you go about swapping the part? I can see some people discussing the nose hinge, but not the waist hinge. Any help would be really appreciated.
  15. Catching up on this thread, since Im getting the re-issue for my birthday, and when I came across this I was STUNNED! Absolutely PHENOMENAL work, sir.
  16. At least in the movie they wouldnt have to explain how his head got more... solid....again.
  17. Yeah I mean getting to the end, and not seeing the body, I dont think its impossible that he did. Also it was far better than i remember
  18. Rewatching the Delta movie, and they mention that theres mention of how cloning was banned in the Spacy. since that was such a big part of how humanity survived SW1, is there any mention of why the practice was abandoned and made illegal?
  19. As to the Drone fighter; You might be right. It does have Delta 6 markings, and yet is clearly in combat with CHuck, Mirage and i THINK Hayate, though its hard to tell. Which could mean that either the drone is taken over... or the Green Delta 6 31AX we see and its pilot go rogue (Or go Bogue 😛 ) or get infected by Var. Speculation is fun
  20. I have started rewatching the first Delta movie coz I apparently forgot Keith died, which seems like an important thing to have forgotten (Im actually enjoying it more than I did the first time round, though Im only halfway through) As to this question: This is pretty clearly Hayates VF-31AX in Combat with the Blue 29. Hayate hits the Asteroid and transforms; You can see the new pack and shoulders. He is being fired upon, the shots land behind him as he dodges. Then in Pic 3 you can see the 29 pass over his fighter, before flying past as he leaps up in Pic 4, transforming into fighter mode to go the other way.
  21. I love it! I think it looks amazing in all modes (Well, less so in GRWALK, but i care less about that anyway) and i am 100% in for Hayates. Hopefully Ill be able to get the others if they do them too! I DO think Ill skip the FPs this time around. I never liked them much anyway. Hell I dont display them on the 31ss i have now.
  22. So I was deep diving around the trailers and the new pics of the 31AX, and have a few theories/things I noticed. I apologize if this is all stuff mentioned in other threads, I didnt have time to comb pages and pages on every thread, and this seemed the most universally relevant for the new movie 😛 *The new fighter (And the poster who suggested the idea that 'DE-124 Siren' may be the name of the new plane has an interesting idea there, and I quite like it) has an intriguing transformation with LOTS of panels, and from what I can tell the turret section behind the head, and the small wings on either side in Battroid are the bottom of the fighter, which means (I believe) that during transformation the cockpit/head slides back up the centre-line of the fighter as the legs swing down. So in fighter mode its kind of lying on its back. As I type this I realize just how hard to describe this is in text. 😛 ) I also agree with the idea many have had that its a drone fighter of some kind, with our new girl flying it. *Several shots in the trailers show Hayate and Mirage in 31AXs fighting the 'Siren' and the YF-29 as ewll as the Black and Yellow Ghost fighter. This leads me to a couple of theories. I believe that the new girl is a second clone, similar to Mikumo, created by the Spacy. I think the central conflict of this film will pit Xaos and Windermere AGAINST the Spacy. *We see shots of the 31's flying with the Aerial Knights; promo materials have mentioned the film starts with the signing of a peace treaty between Xaos/Brisngr Cluster and Windermere, so Im thinking maybe this happens here. I suspect the first attack by Spacy forces will come at this ceremony and lead to several of the elements we see later on in the course of the trailer. *The second trailer shows an old priest dude with a staff on Windermere who I think looks like Keith. He has calcification showing his aging. I think Keith will have 'retired' as the Head Knight of the Windermerian forces, and Bogue will be in charge now. The pictures of the red 262 we have seen have Bogues Wing symbols on it. That said, the 31AX with Green and Delta 6 Markings also has a Red Windermere Knights logo on the back, so maybe we'll see him in both? *New shots of Hayates 31AX toy show the name 'Parmenides' who was a greek philosopher and the founder of Metaphysics. Which is pretty cool, but probably in this case its the name of the new ship that the 31AXs launch from. As many have noted, it looks very Zentran in nature. Beats me what THAT means! How much of all that is true i dont know, but its fun to speculate
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