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  1. Amazing work Capt just wondering how it looks with open chest and ball. Great work to the max
  2. Hi, I'm looking to buy some robotech alpha 1/35 parts or semi complete alphas. I have a blue alpha and red missing some legs arms and wings. I'm looking to do a custom paint job but also looking for complete alphas yellowing is fine. PM me if any one has anything
  3. I have a couple of 1/48 yamato valks and a fastpack I'll trying to sell to make space. If anyone is interested PM me. 1. Roy Fokker VF1-S 1/48 - $150 2. Super VF1J 1/48 Rick - $380 3. 1/60 Yamato VR.2 VE-1 - $300 4. 1/48 Yamato VF-1A hayao Kakizaki - $320 5. 1/48 strike pack in box with stickers applied - $120
  4. PM you selling a new one $320 yamato 1/48
  5. Since I got into robotech/ macross I started collecting the toys from old to new. I'm in search of a 1/55 robotech super ostrich VT-1. I'm looking for any condition but complete with or without box, yellow works for me just want him complete with nothing broke. If anyone knows or has one where I can buy let me know that's Thank you
  6. How much are you looking to spend. These now and days are going loose or broken for about 130 plus.
  7. Looking to make some of my yellowed jetfire in robotech valks. Looking to buy original or recast armor. I know it's a long shot for this but I'm going to give it a go. PM me if anyone has any
  8. Looking to buy the VT-1 and Ve-1 version 1 or 2 if anyone has for sale at a good price.
  9. I'm looking for these also but don't mind a good recast armor of both for my projects.
  10. Hi, I'm new here so I wanted to give this a try. I'm looking for macross 1/48 valks complete or yellowed or with missing parts. I'm trying to do a custom with parts I already have but not looking to pay to much money for loose and yellowed valks or incomplete. PM me if you have any Thank you
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