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Found 4 results

  1. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_2UMfaoGe81AC_Mx49vfVPbg5fXA2hxR?usp=sharing
  2. Neoka

    MMD x Macross

    Picture by みせたがり. Hello! I'd like to introduce you to a little project series I'm attempting to start! As of late, I've come to really enjoy making 3D Macross pictures using a program known as MMD (MikuMikuDance) It's a freeware program that was originally made as a super basic 3D platform meant to be hand in hand with the Vocaloid singing software. However, over the years MMD has become quite advanced, and many models that aren't just moe Vocaloid girls are compatible with the program now! MME (MikuMikuEffects) makes it 10x easier to load the image with effects and make pictures look great! Anyone can download MMD here and I'm more than happy to walk anyone through how to use it if interested. As you can imagine, I'm utilizing the program to bring us some Valkyrie action! Maybe different Macross scenes in the future! But I have one issue, I hope some one ...anyone would be willing to help me with? I don't have very many Macross models, Variable Fighters or otherwise. Most all of my models I use are made by みせたがりP (Misetagari-P). His Uploader: http://ux.getuploader.com/9566587/ His Nico: http://www.nicovideo.jp/user/9566587 His Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZxcvbnmPark To my knowledge he has made: VF-0 SV-51 VT-1 VF-1 (Vermillion Platoon colors+ others I haven't looked at yet) VF-1J&S (Unsure of colors) VF-1 With strike and armored packs Queadluun-Rhea Regult Ex-Gear (Empty so I can apply it to human models I have) Macross Quarter VF-25 (Came with a bunch of colors. Not sure how many yet) VF-171 and 171EX VF-27 YF-29 VB-6 Vajra Other Macross models I have found from various sources that I can use in my project! YF-19 Isamu: 相良P VF-19 Fire Valkyrie:相良P Sheryl and Ranka in various outfits from the movies and TV series: Pon School Uniform Alto: Pon Ai-Kun: Pon Destroid Tomahawk: SKG Destroid Defender: SKG Would anyone know of any more places I can find 3D Macross models? I know there are plenty of 3D model Macross threads here on the forums. But any compatible with MMD? I would LOVE a VF-17 or VF-4 to help illustrate scenes from FalconKPD's Fan comic(Which you should TOTALLY read!!!) Anyway! I'll post all of my pictures I have thus far for this project as replies. AND YES! Requests are open! But please note I'm limited to what みせたがり/the other modelers listed have made... so if there's any other places people can think of how to acquire more MMD Macross models... let me know!!!!
  3. There are quite a few Macross and other mech related STL files via sites such as Thingiverse, Cults3D, creator's own Patreon accounts, Facebook, Etsy, and other sites. I hope this topic can act as a list/archive of links to such files as a resource for those of us with 3D printers. It should be noted that while many files are free on sites such as Thingiverse, some must be bought from the creators themselves.
  4. Hey troops, I'm making a variable Me-262 Schwalbe (plus HG.II version with 35 degree wing sweep instead of 18) but I have two nearly equal variants of the robot mode I can't decide between. Considered on its own I tend toward type 1, but with space-tech versions of the Lorins a VMe-262 HG.II would be able to make orbit on its own, and "get earth ready to fight the aliens" is basically the whole justification for Germany being the aggressor (by wiping out undesirable "weak" strains of humanity, communism, etc. - I never said they were the good guys!) Got sidetracked. Anyway, givn the emphasis on capability to fight space-based enemies, fighters that can get up there or back down without needing a mothership have obvious importance - otherwise, the only option for that mission type until the 70s style original designs that only appear very late and if you put particular effort into creating them is the variable V-2. So, do you prefer TYPE 1: * can use OTL landing gear * V-shape folded backpack is common element with variable V-2 * less time to pop the wings out for boost jumps * arms have room to swing back for melee or holding a gunpod or TYPE 2: * flatter backpack * better field of view from head & cockpit * easily mounts OTL Lorin ramjet boosters It is possible to have the normal transformation use type 1 but switch to type 2 with optional equipment attached, but this still means I have to come up with different landing gear... for voting purposes, call this TYPE 3 Game design is not a democracy, but I will count audience response when making the final decision.
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