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  1. Could you render a video of this sexy beast spinning around in each mode and transforming? I'd love to see some of those mechanisms in action, but three digits before the decimal point is basically "nope forever" for me as far as being able to buy one is concerned. re-edit: on second thought, this is a better example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhfsUCDXasQ
  2. Very nice. Do you have images in G/B mode for those last ones?
  3. Thanks! It's not actually that hard to do as long as you have fighter and battroid modes in approximately the right orientation, but neither is it a perfect result and I suppose someone who hadn't picked up all the same PS/GIMP tricks wouldn't think it was so easy. Fortunately I got my hands on my first copy of Photoshop something like twenty years ago, so I've had a little while to let it sink in, so to speak. I've done a couple of the things from Macross Design Works too, one of the Air Cavarly Chronicles units and the alpha from the alpha/beta pair (nothing to do with MOSPEADA, aside from the name scheme and the two-unit gattai) though I think they might have been on the drive of the tablet that died and didn't get recovered. I like the design because it brings heavy energy weaponry to a variable fighter much sooner than the VF-27, and for the way you can interpret that head/turret to look like a derpy, almost Charlie Brown style face aside from having a narrow "jaw" instead of being completely round. Or, you could take it the other direction, go full on chuuni edgelord, and paint the thing up like a skull Still, if it's not actual Kawamori art, someone put a heck of a lot of effort into reproducing his style accurately. It would be cool to trace it in some vector art program so it could be scaled to arbitrary size as desired, and/or make some more views from existing VF-0 images.
  4. So, some years ago I found just a few images, supposedly official art, of a Phoenix variant that has a big ol' antimissile laser on its back with the turret ball replacing the head. For some reason it didn't include hands, so I shooped on some from... I think the VF-11B art? Not sure, it was a while back, like I said. Looks like there's some missile and/or chaff tubes at the tail end, as well, and what are probably FAST-style verniers and fuel tanks on the legs, or maybe more missiles behind the little hatches? Anyway, today I dug them out again and finally got around to making a semi-decent approximation of GERWALK mode by combining B and F. Sorry, there's no higher resolution available. I kind of want to give it the VF-0D's delta wings too... Imgur gallery for those who don't have an MWF account and can't see attatched images: https://imgur.com/a/DLfPyTG
  5. This isn't a game, it's a long demo. I wouldn't buy it even if I already owned a Vita. OTOH, maybe they're using it as a revenue stream/to maintain interest in the game market to support making something worthwhile, like the Trial Frontier demos leading up to M30? EVen if that's the case, I'm still not interested in it as presented, though.
  6. Well back in the M7 days there was an entire Zentreadi-aesthetics version of both the Northampton and New Macross classes, though it's been long enough that I'm not sure if we actually saw them on screen (in the fleet that settled the Varauta system?) or if they only appeared in art books. Of course, with the digitally rendered series' being able to copy and paste instead of having someone draw and paint them all whether the same or different, it's not economical to spend production funds on more ship variants to appear in the background of fleet scenes when the ones they already have will fill the screen just fine.
  7. I noticed that it looked very much like the jet form of the LV-7 from a tiny illustration in the interviews section of Macross Design Works, assuming that was the jet briefly shown in a Knight flashback. Both modes of that one are similar enough to the SV-262 aside from wing shape, where the intakes end up, and leg bulk that a connection seems rather likely. And dammit, I was sure I'd edited this to fix that gremlin a few minutes ago.
  8. Well, it would be nice, but I wouldn't hold out much hope for more than 3-4 designs per series, discounting color and wing/head variations. There might be some cameos from craft that appeared in F, at least. As ever I hold out hope for a VF-4 on the screen and the reissue MIGHT hint at something in that direction even, but I'm not holding my breath on that one. I do wonder if there'll be another game to go with the new series... hopefully with more of the lineup from the PSP games that were omitted from M30 and at least instrumentals of the original music with the option to replace it en mass, again like the PSP games.
  9. The more I look at them, the more the SV-262 steals my enthusiasm for the VF-31. Then again, that seems to happen a lot with the enemy variable devices - the SV-51 was exciting and new versus yet another humdrum VF-1 variant (even if IC it's the other way around with the Phoenix and the Valkyrie) in Zero, basically the same in M7 with the Varauta designs versus the again-too-much-like-a-VF-1 VF-11s combined with Basara being as annoying as if they gave whatsisname Minmei's preachy cousin his own show, again with the VF-27 versus 25s in F, even though they were actually just trim variations of each other... M+ was the only main line Macross property where I can say I liked the protagonist mecha more since SDFM-TV, where there were no enemy variable fighters. The Pheyos and Variable Glaug from the video games hold spots right after the VF-4, for that matter. Ah well, it's a good bet there'll be plenty of mecha porn for everyone in Delta with both sides having their own, much like Zero, so I'm sure I'll get by. One of the green/silver 262s is my most likely purchase out of this line, though... and still not the first things on my big-ticket buy list. (That pretty much goes "PS3 - HDMI TV - VF-4 reissue" at the moment )
  10. How'd you finally manage it, Vepariga? I'm finally going to get the game, and my strategy is pretty much looking like "do mission to get the VF-1S Fokker version after finishing 3-4, grind it up to a decent level before continuing to 3-5, then Reaction Missile the hell out of it" from reading the thread & watching LP videos. Then I'll probably immediately go back to the islands area from the desert, to pick up level 2 blueprints... On a tangentially related note, can anyone tell me if the SV-51y Nora retains its massive FAE/nuke SP attack from the PSP games? It's hard to find so much as a glimpse of the game's version of the SV's, probably because all the LPs are either on a NG+ (which is fail for a Let's Play to begin with, since the point is a video walkthrough) who set the difficulty to Ultimate and therefore pretty much required to use late-game units to keep the videos moving, or VF-1 nostalgia freaks who fly it exclusively.
  11. ... if I could afford it, I would buy a full squadron of 12 of these and paint my dining room table as the deck of an ARMD to display them; the VF-4 is only below the VF-14 (M7 version, not M3)/FZ-109 family in my opinion - and good luck ever seeing an enemy unit get a toy unless they did a face turn or it's a recolor of something a protagonist flew.
  12. Hardly a scoop, just a WAG based on character designs. I'm more apt to be the last to know than the first. Looking at the pictures some more, the VF-31 has some resemblance to the Motodyne Type-26 original VF I sketched up a while back, and posted some crappy scans of in this thread: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=37412 Obviously not the snake-head cockpit or VF-27-ish secondary engine nacelles, but the wide delta central wing section and the FSW outboard panels are a lot like the 26 in oversweep configuration. I should get back to this design, I never did make a 3d model of it.
  13. Hmmm... so, idol group ala AKB48 in robots, versus ... a boy band? They do all have that bishonen look, and the little fold quartz-y hair ornaments... And single barrel cannons as the integrated weapons on the idol group's units says "speaker pod cannon" to me, but then the only thing I didn't like about Macross 7 was Basara upstaging Mylene so I'm half looking for more in that vein. Heck, I did an SES equipped VF-27 fanart a while back ("VF-27kai SES Sandalphon") which I'm pretty sure I posted here at MWF. Still, no chance of me buying any VF-31 but the yellow or black ones, and not much chance of those really since I strongly dislike the backpack-angel-wings style. I considered modding my VF-25G model kit to have VF-19 style hip-wings instead of the little hip danglies separating from the leading edge, but the joints aren't up to supporting that kind of weight. Getting an SV-262 is a bit more likely (I really like the Draken) but it depends greatly on the other two modes. Edit to fix the unit name of the Sandalphon, but having found the thread the images have fallen to web rot, having once been hosted on Imageshack.
  14. That's incorrect, actually - foreward swept wings are comparable to straight and rear swept wings in most flight regimes and actually have better stability as they near a stall, because they do so from the root out rather than the tip in like conventional swept wings, and therefore do not suddenly make the aircraft try to roll toward the one that stalls first to nearly the same degree. The Grumman X-29 was notoriously unstable in flight because it was designed to be, with short-coupled control surfaces and a center of balance well off from its center of lift. I myself flew a 6ft wingspan RC glider with a similar design to the Rutan Long-EZ but a FSW for several years, which I would horrify the other club members with by tossing it in a flat spin from one wingtip off the top of the hill, and then take control of after it corrected itself to stable flight. (It wouldn't ALWAYS do this, but as a foamie it was too durable to actually break on those occasions it crashed, until it piled in from a couple hundred feet due to radio failure on a gusty day.) I should reconstruct that plane, it was awesome and I have a car big enough to transport it again.
  15. Anyone know where I can find one? Sure, I could make one myself, but all I'm really after is getting a certain custom paint scheme out of my head, so the 20hrs or so it typically takes me to do a variable fighter is a lot of effort to expend for such a relatively small result. Must be in a format Blender 2.5 will open.
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