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  1. I'll be going! I'll see if I can't make some of your panels! Wish I could make your aircombat panel, but Saturday night is Macross Karaoke night for my friends and I!
  2. Pretty safe to say there's plenty of Delta Hype at Fanime Img from: https://www.facebook.com/MobiusPhotographyOfficial/?pnref=story
  3. I'd be down for this! It still happening? Fanime's coming up! I was considering doing a Macross Cosplay gathering there
  4. Hey Guys! I help FalconKPD moderate the new Macross Elysium fan page on Facebook if anyone's interested in frequent updates and progress reports of new chapters outside of MWF! https://www.facebook.com/MacrossElysium
  5. Neoka

    MMD x Macross

    Project # 3 VF-171 Hide and Seek Click here to see the full 1920x1080 picture This was requested of me by Marcelo Munoz on facebook in the Macross Fans US group (Let me know if you have an account on here!) He actually requested I used the 171 EX....I'm sorry! I'm a bad Macross fangirl! ::CREDITS:: 171 model: みせたがりP (Misetagari-P) Skydome: btabc ::MME:: Diffusion: そぼろ(Soboro) Makes the picture glow and fuz a bit Mec Toon: ビームマンP (BeamMan P) Makes the models appear metalic in nature Burner: ビームマンP (BeamMan P) Blue afterburning effect Tone Map: ビームマンP (BeamMan P) Makes anything that's glowing in the picture glow brighter (Like the sun/explosion in the BG) DOF(Soboro) Keeps some elements focused and others blurred Distortion Me...added that in photoshop...
  6. You knowingly offended people who offer amazing content to this web sight and offer no apologies for such a degrading comment towards their hard work? I hope you realize how amazingly you're representing the MWF moderation team right now.....
  7. Hey there! Are there any Macross fans heading to Fanime 2016 in Sanjose California this May? I was looking to start a Macross cosplay gathering if anyone is interested? More information of the fanime boards here http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,20339.msg487424.html#msg487424 Let me know if you're interested and I'll put you on the list!
  8. Hello! I'm looking for Voice acting help to make a fandub of the episode 0.89! (I hope this is the right thread!) If you're able to help! Please send some auditions my way! Deadline: April 1st 2016 Email Auditions to: neochandance@gmail.com or Submit at BTVA http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/members/xXNeokaXx/casting-call/Macross-Delta-Fan-Dub/ Please have a clean mic with NO background noise. (Knowing your way around the freeware Audacity can help!) *Note: Names or easily mispronounced words in audition lines are highlighted and hyperlinked to pages that pronounce them Male Roles Hayate Immelman Main character: ≈30-50 Lines Range: Medium/Natural Desc: A bored and indifferent young man unable to find his calling in life. Audition Lines Line 1:[Passive] "I've been to a lot of places and tried many things. But nothing's ever felt right to me" Line 2: [Neutral] "You know this isn't Ragna, right? This planet is called Al-Shahal. Ragna is 30 lightyears next door." Line 3: [Dismissively] "Well that sucks for you. Sounds like it's time you gave up. [Offers food]...Want some more?" Arado Mölders Minor Role: ≈5-10 Lines Range=Medium / Deep Desc: Good Natured commander of a military platoon. Audition Lines: Line 1: [Laughing] "Add some banana to that Jellyfish !" Line 2: [Expository] "Lady M's orders are to identify the cause of these abnormalities." Line 3: [Checking in/Playfully] "So then Mikumo. How's our little miss By-The-Book doing?" Messer Ihlefeldt Minor Role: ≈5-10 Lines Range=Medium / Deep Desc: Very serious and professional military personnel. *Special Note: Messer is German. If able, please record a second take with a German accent. Audition Lines: Line 1: [Expository] "In the past month, there have been ten cases of Var syndrome" Line 2: [Expository] "Three of which have confirmed abnormalities in the victim's biological fold waves" Line 3: [seriously] "Keep your mind on the mission, Chuck" Chuck Mustang Very Minor Role: ≈1-5 Lines Range=Medium / Deep Desc:The comic relief on an otherwise very serious team. Audition Lines: Line 1: [Happily] "Later on, I plan to make spicy jellyfish gyouza at my joint. You want any?" Line 2: [At attention] "Yes sir! [then confused] But are you sure there's really going to be a Var attack here?" Female Roles Freyja Wion Main character: ≈30-50 Lines Range: Medium/High Desc: An energetic young girl persuing her dreams with over the top enthusiasm. *Special Note: Freyja's Japanese dialect gives the sense she's from the middle of no where. If able, please record a second take in either a Southern and/or Canadian accent. Audition Lines Line 1: [Happy] "Isn't it obvious? I love Walkure (Val-koo-re)! I love to sing! When I'm singing, I feel alive!" Line 2: [Ranting+High energy] "The Mayor was all like “What are you doing with your life! You're 14, go and get married to that apple farm heir already!” So I was like “I ain gonna” and he was like “Oh, but you gotta” So I took my chances and snuck away onto the first ship outta of the system! Line 3: [scared] "I'm so sorry! Could you please find it in your heart to let me go?!.....you're going to let me go? [Crying] Thank you soooooo much!" Mirage Farina Jenius Medium role: ≈10-20 Lines Range: Medium-Low Desc: A by the book overly serious character with a knack for naivety Audition Lines Line 1: [At Attention] "I am second lieutenant Mirage Farina Jenius of the third Ragna combat team, Delta Platoon" Line 2: [sternly but calmly] "Please hurry to shelter. There has been a Var outbreak and this will soon become a battlefield." Line 3: [Frustrated] "Mikumo answer your phone. Mikumo! Ugh...she always does this" Mikumo Guynemer Minor Role: ≈5-10 Lines Range: Medium-Low Desc: A mature but happy go lucky idol. Audition Lines Line 1:[Quietly/neutrally] "This is Mikumo. Everything's fine here. How are things on your end? " Line 2: [Excitedly] "Finally! Some action! Let's go Walkure(Val-koo-re)! It's show time! " Reina Prowler Minor Role: ≈5-10 Lines Range: Medium Desc:Apathetic with very few emotions Audition Lines Line1: [stoically/Softly] "This is Reina. Sensors are giving us a clean sweep." Line 2: [Apathetically] No thanks....I like to eat jellyfish raw....all in one bite" Line 3: [intro Line] "Music is...LOVE!" Makina Nakajima Minor Role: ≈5-10 Lines Range: Medium-High Desc: Energetic mecha lover Audition Lines: Line 1: [Happily] "Hello hello! This is Makimaki!Everything great here on Al- Shahal!" Line 2: [infatuated] "Oh wow! Regult 104s! Awww! CUTE!" (Regult= Reh-Gult not Ree-gult) (104= One-OH-Four) Line 3:[intro Line] "Music is.....HOPE!" Kaname Buccaneer Minor Role: ≈5-10 Lines Range: Medium-Low Desc: Mature and serious leader Audition Lines: Line 1: [Expository] "We detected an abnormality near Shahal city fifteen hours ago." Line 2: [Checking in] "Makina. Reina. What's your status?" (Makina= Mah-Kee-Nah. 3rd result in pronunciation link) Line 3:[Happily/ Intro Line] "Music is....LIFE!"
  9. Neoka

    MMD x Macross

    Project # 2 VF-25 vs. VF-27 DOG FIGHT Click here to see the full 1920x1080 picture Recreated a scene from Frontier!....accidentally. Was playing around with Brera's Lucifer (Looks like the pack also came with Grace's?) and the camera angle I chose looked like a great shot! So who better for Mr. Stern to be taking pot shots at? I gotta say, I'm blow away by how well the shading on these models turned out with MME ::CREDITS:: VF-25 Alto and VF-27 Brera Models: みせたがりP (Misetagari-P) Skydome: btabc ::MME:: Diffusion: そぼろ(Soboro) Makes the picture glow and fuz a bit Mec Toon: ビームマンP (BeamMan P) Makes the models appear metalic in nature Burner: ビームマンP (BeamMan P) Blue afterburning effect Tone Map: ビームマンP (BeamMan P) Makes anything that's glowing in the picture glow brighter (Like the sun/explosion in the BG) Rain Lite: そぼろ(Soboro) Adds rain effect Purple discharge: Me...added that in photoshop...
  10. If this movie were to happen I think we'd either get all original mech, or mech from the OTHER two shows. Probably nothing Macross sadly. You said you already read it, but here's thread that leads to a few more links http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=13692 If you're looking for a Macross movie, check out Do You Remember Love!
  11. Er...just to let you know. If the current movie being discussed comes about (And that I could debate about)...there's probably not going to be any macross in the movies considering the people producing it don't have the rights to produce original macross footage. They'll get sued pretty quickly... That aside, your picture of Hikaru is pretty cool. Is the fact he kinda reminds me of Tobey Maguire a coincidence? Haha
  12. Neoka

    MMD x Macross

    Project #1 YF-29 Durandal You can view the full 1920x1080 version by clicking here So here's a forward swept wing version of the VF-25 for ya! Also known as the YF-29 Durandal! You probably can't tell with the shading I applied but it came with Alto's red color scheme from the Sayonara no Tsubasa movie. This was the first Macross model I ever downloaded and was excited to play around with how effects looked on it! Overall, I really like the Durandal, but I also like to make fun of it. CREDITS YF-29: みせたがりP (Misetagari-P) Skydome: 怪獣対若大将P (Kaiwaka-P?) ::MME:: Diffusion: そぼろ(Soboro) Makes the picture glow and fuz a bit Black Mask : そぼろ(Soboro) Makes the model black Lens Flaire: ビームマンP (BeamMan P) Adds...the lens....flaire Wooshy air distortion on the wings: Me...I added that in photoshop
  13. Neoka

    MMD x Macross

    Picture by みせたがり. Hello! I'd like to introduce you to a little project series I'm attempting to start! As of late, I've come to really enjoy making 3D Macross pictures using a program known as MMD (MikuMikuDance) It's a freeware program that was originally made as a super basic 3D platform meant to be hand in hand with the Vocaloid singing software. However, over the years MMD has become quite advanced, and many models that aren't just moe Vocaloid girls are compatible with the program now! MME (MikuMikuEffects) makes it 10x easier to load the image with effects and make pictures look great! Anyone can download MMD here and I'm more than happy to walk anyone through how to use it if interested. As you can imagine, I'm utilizing the program to bring us some Valkyrie action! Maybe different Macross scenes in the future! But I have one issue, I hope some one ...anyone would be willing to help me with? I don't have very many Macross models, Variable Fighters or otherwise. Most all of my models I use are made by みせたがりP (Misetagari-P). His Uploader: http://ux.getuploader.com/9566587/ His Nico: http://www.nicovideo.jp/user/9566587 His Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZxcvbnmPark To my knowledge he has made: VF-0 SV-51 VT-1 VF-1 (Vermillion Platoon colors+ others I haven't looked at yet) VF-1J&S (Unsure of colors) VF-1 With strike and armored packs Queadluun-Rhea Regult Ex-Gear (Empty so I can apply it to human models I have) Macross Quarter VF-25 (Came with a bunch of colors. Not sure how many yet) VF-171 and 171EX VF-27 YF-29 VB-6 Vajra Other Macross models I have found from various sources that I can use in my project! YF-19 Isamu: 相良P VF-19 Fire Valkyrie:相良P Sheryl and Ranka in various outfits from the movies and TV series: Pon School Uniform Alto: Pon Ai-Kun: Pon Destroid Tomahawk: SKG Destroid Defender: SKG Would anyone know of any more places I can find 3D Macross models? I know there are plenty of 3D model Macross threads here on the forums. But any compatible with MMD? I would LOVE a VF-17 or VF-4 to help illustrate scenes from FalconKPD's Fan comic(Which you should TOTALLY read!!!) Anyway! I'll post all of my pictures I have thus far for this project as replies. AND YES! Requests are open! But please note I'm limited to what みせたがり/the other modelers listed have made... so if there's any other places people can think of how to acquire more MMD Macross models... let me know!!!!
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