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  1. Are/were there any Macross games designed for Mac? If so, any recommendations? If not, can anyone recommend an emulator/workaround (without using bootcamp) and some titles that "translate" well to Mac OS? *I'm running Yosemite. I apologize if this has already been covered in forums (my search did not uncover anything). I thank you all in advance.
  2. So I finally picked up the first of the two 999 movies, from the B&N site for $11 and change. Very satisfied!! While the packaging itself leaves a bit to be desired (no liner notes, inserts or bonuses of any kind), for the price--and just being able to finally be able to replace my aged tape--it is well worth the buy! Outside of trailers and a few images that pass for a "gallery", there are no real extras either; but again, that is all forgiven and forgotten once you feast your eyes on the footage. This edition is absolutely GORGEOUS! If you've only seen this on tv and/or vhs, like me
  3. Excellent news, indeed! Since my vhs tapes have worn out, I can't wait to get my hands on this. There's nothing like this movie. A Sci-Fi Western with French art-house sensibilities...done Japanese style One of my favorites!
  4. Thanks, Keith! So judging by that instance ("lead glass"), I suppose it is safe to say that they did not use the Viz script (though I did read that they used the Viz dubbing?). Any idea if the subtitle script comes from somewhere else or did they do a new translation? Thanks.
  5. Can anyone tell me if they use the old Viz (vhs) release's script for the subtitles or a different script? Also, is this the same as the Eastern Stars release? Thanks!
  6. Thank you so much for the general modeling advice! It's apprecaited (and needed!) Yes, I was referring to the Monsters in Motion ad--thanks for the warning (I was just about to go down there, later today). So glad I checked the thread, today! Thanks, again, all
  7. Thinking about purchasing VF-4 resin kit (1/72) and would appreciate any feedback from those that have the kit and have built it. I am not much of a builder (skill/motivation-wise) and have only successfully built a few kits (all basic plastic), but I'd love to have a "4" to grace my desk. Relatively speaking, how difficult a kit is this one and are there any details that I may be overlooking (as much as I like this kit, it would be a waste of money if I weren't able to give it the deserved attention). I thank you all, in advance. EDIT: Unfortunately, the website I intend to purchase from
  8. Great hearing everyone's thoughts! Glad we are all enjoying I purchased mine at Kinokuniya books (online), but I have seen it at Yesasia.com, also
  9. Just recently finished Volume 01 of the Macross The First manga and could not be more pleased (and excited for the next volume)! My heart began to race and expectations began to build, as soon as I first learned that not only had Mikimoto-San started work on the project (and that serialization had bugun in the new Mac. magazine), but that I could soon lay my hands on handsome volumes of this retelling. I realize, with all the other Macross news (regarding sequels and associated products), this may not be big to most, but to me (my opinion only) nothing has been able to recapture the same magic
  10. Since the Megaroad disappeared shortly after leaving Earth, how do we know that Hikaru and Misa married and had a child...was this "reported" before they lost contact w/ Earth? Did this take place before they left Earth? Is this event depicted in any mediuim or just part of the accepted official timeline. Thanks.
  11. Same person? http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?...c=9057&st=0
  12. Being a huge fan of the 999 movies (original and "adeiu") and since my Viz vhs tapes are no longer, I was wondering if anyone knew if anyone had licensed these movies or if there has been any talk of a company planning to put them on dvd. If not, any "region free" and/or torrent options...? Thanks in advance.
  13. What is the ISBN number for the 3-disk version...I want to try ordering it from a local import book/dvd store. Thanks in advance.
  14. Kaifun is Minmay's cousin in the tv series, and recasted as her brother in DYRL. This is to simplify the love triangle for a 1-1/2 hour movie. 318868[/snapback] actually, according to the Macross Compendium : Fallacy: "Kaifun is Minmay's brother." Explanation: Kaifun is Minmay's cousin (with no blood relations between them). Minmay says Kaifun is a "cousin who is like a brother" to her in his debut during the first series. Source of fallacy: Assumption based on Minmay's name for Kaifun ("Kaifun-niichan"), an affectionate name for a brotherly figure.
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