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  1. The PF was the only valk I have really looked forward to for a while now. But owe some taxes so I guess I’m better off waiting
  2. Not sure how I feel about bespin Luke but that KENSHIN HIMURA is 🔥
  3. Man I’ve really been looking forward to that PF for a while now….. jeez
  4. I’m in. I love the oddball stuff.
  5. ErikElvis

    Macross figures

    Just paid for Basara and Mylene at amiami.
  6. GBP is pretty awesome. I’d say go for that first. But you could always eat ramen for a month and get both.
  7. I liked the last episode. I was interested the whole time. Maybe he’ll get a carbonate freezing chamber trailer to tag along with him….. or maybe something like a trailer. Or call it a caravan to make it classy.
  8. Anyone know anything about old high standard 22 handguns? Picked up a couple. Super light triggers. I think ones a citation. Ones a 103 and I forget the other. The citation and non 103 say military on them.
  9. I’m really digging the sig p320 m17. Might be my next purchase even though I wanted a metal framed gun.
  10. Picked up a Springfield armory hellcat for the GF. Neither of us like it after shooting but she wanted something small. I just couldn’t hit anything with it. She didn’t like the kick of that small gun 9mm. Prob should have just got her a Glock 19.
  11. Have a full fuel system upgrade to go in hopefully this winter. Walbro pump. 60# injectors and a fuel pump hot wire hit. Among some other maintenance items.
  12. Oooo love those trucks. This car is hopefully going to be free so it frees up a lot of cash for go fast and look good stuff.
  13. Those who know, know. Been slowly working on this hunk to get it back into running order. Eventual big plans to restore and get it into the 11’s. Maybe more.
  14. I went in with low expectations which may have been a good thing but I was pleasantly surprised. I think they did a good job. Vicious, I think, just suffered from too much screen time. He was very ominous in the anime. Spike is decent. I liked jet right away. Voice was perfect. Faye.. well acceptable but maybe could have done better.
  15. Looks pretty darn good. But am I in or out…. Room and budget are an issue
  16. I want that AT-AT pretty bad but alas my budget won’t allow it unless I sell off some stuff.
  17. Not much really. I think I was in my 5th of 6 years of full time college and still only have an associates degree. Haha 😎 I was in the air guard too.
  18. Been side eyeing that haslab rancor. Really want to see final colors before I bite.
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