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  1. I don’t see much of a reason not to develop high speed drones for precision strikes ASAP. Piloted fighters are immensely cool but for what we’ve been doing lately why? I can see the need for piloted fighters for close ground support but eventually that role will prob be taken by drones in a decade or 2.
  2. Still waiting for mine to ship out. I was wondering if it was officially released as I’m seeing some arriving on Facebook.
  3. Never transformed my original Arcadia OS/A/D to battroid. Not sure I want to. But I did buy the replacement hip parts.
  4. ErikElvis

    Macross figures

    I think I’ll be picking up that Basara.
  5. Just opened my 4A PF. Looks real good. I wasn’t sure about the panel lining but it’s not as dark or noticeable as I’ve seen in pics. You never know until you get it in hand.
  6. Yeah I’m just not that patient. I wouldn’t make a habit out of paying that. I’ll just shop more carefully from here on.
  7. My PF from fromjapan cost $125 to ship fed ex.
  8. PF looks good. Glad they didn’t do any weathering.
  9. I have 2 PF’s coming but wonder if I should have got 1:1. I may actually like the reg better. Have to get them in hand.
  10. I sat on that 25g and I shouldn’t have.
  11. Aha! Found my extra pf I ordered. Couldn’t remember for the life of me where I ordered it but just got an email from from Japan. Cool. I’m happy with 2
  12. Just picked up sideshows mythos ventress and maul. Haven’t opened them as I have no idea where to put them. From pics they look great though
  13. Trying to decide whether I want to pick up one of the non PF’s to go along with my PF. I do want some more aggressive tires for my outback.
  14. Haha no I just meant when yoda went to the Wookiee planet with the clones the clones were all camo’d out.
  15. Wonder why they never made a “Wookiee” variant clone trooper in camo?
  16. Barely dust my stuff. I don’t have the patience.
  17. Saw a new AT-AT at Walmart. Wonder if it’s worth picking up over my old one. I couldn’t say for sure there any many changes. Did like the grappling hook Luke.
  18. Think it’s possible hot toys will reissue their 1/4 scale Vader. Looking now to get one but there seems to be a $200 price hike minimum on it.
  19. Looking for what ya got. Pm me with price. thanks! Erik
  20. If I were boba I’d just chalk up any beef with Luke a loss and call it a day. But given the chance.....
  21. I’ve said it before and I’m generally not into comedies but if you haven’t checked out Norseman on Netflix it’s great. Watched it through a few times already. One of those shows you can put on while trying to go to sleep.
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