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  1. Oh I see. So gears 5 is prob what I want. Still a good following online?
  2. Yeah I’ve never saw this plane I don’t think. I could see how it could be useful still under certain conditions. I mean makes sense as a few hundred mph missleboat I guess flying under the radar. That’s if it’s that fast. I dunno.
  3. How’s gears tactics online. I’m assuming it has online multiplayer. I think I played them all but the one before it. Have the same feel as the older gears? I was always more of a gears fan than cod. If you got pissed off enough in gears you could just chainsaw the hell out of people to make yourself feel better
  4. Anyone putting work in on the series x yet? Mine comes tomorrow and while I’m not a big cod guy picking that up as well. Not expecting much on the graphics front but wondering about load times and such.
  5. Reg and Roy gbp look good. Undecided on the blue on max.
  6. Yeah to be honest I haven’t been blown away by anything since 360 or so. Everything since I’m kinda meh about.
  7. I’m not sure what or when I posted on this thread as I really don’t collect transformers anymore but I’m digging the latest starscream. I’m not in it for alt mode though. I’m a sucker for a good seeker. This will only stay in bot mode anyway.
  8. So are any of these launch games going to be worth a damn for series x or 5? I’m really just waiting for elder scrolls which is at least 2 years out.
  9. Looking for original hiss’ on eBay. Seem to go for around $50-60 loose. I’d like one in box. One on there now for $350
  10. Glad I’m not a huge Roy fan. One is good enough for me. I’d rather have doubles of max and kaki.
  11. Looking at some of these pics I’m not sure which finish I really like better. The new finish looks good in pics but I haven’t opened mine yet. That’s if I even open it.
  12. The problem with these things is you really have to see it in hand to make a judgement. I’ve bought against my better judgement by pics and have been more than pleased.
  13. Is yeti back up? I wanted to pick up a couple. Can’t decide for what valks though.
  14. I thought the 22’s jumped with the stealth stargazer. Been a while since I watched it but it was a cool few episodes.
  15. I am liking the pics of the new finish. But prob won’t open mine as I have nowhere to display it anyway.
  16. I believe local law enforcement has to sign off on it. I think that’s the part that’s not a given. The stamps are kinda ridiculous in price to as well right?
  17. I would love to do a sbr but it’s a pain in the ass here in Delaware. And I don’t think it’s a given.
  18. You can put the belly armor on the M&M 22’s but they don’t fit quite right. They never used fold boosters in 7.
  19. Yeah I got out of collecting transformers a while ago but I’m a sucker for starscream. He’ll likely only see bot mode anyway.
  20. Who’s ordering the latest starscream. I wasn’t but bot mode looks pretty good. Alt mode.... eh
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