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  1. I got one from Amazon! This is the bird that started my downward macross spiral 😂. My old one is pretty beat up already.
  2. HLJ just charged me and I got my set in the private warehouse. Whoever's waiting with them can go and check i guess meanwhile having some self-reflection on spending so much for a toy
  3. HOT DAMN the box itself is a super nice display case. And i love the fact that it is in battroid. so we dont have to transform it to get the armor parts on quickly
  4. Oh DAMN those gold accents look so tight over the purple. Amazing job
  5. Should I just do a chargeback....I mean its the last resort I just want some update on what I bought. How long before anyone gets an actual ticket response? TBH if they cant respond due to covid its understandable but like Ive been waiting for almost a month. They used to respond so fast...
  6. I loved transforming the model kit SV-262 so much that it broke at the waist. Still, it was a good experience and was hoping that the DX was the same. Guess it wasn't the case! Maybe I'll get Bogue model kit while waiting for Bandai to release the DX version, if ever.
  7. Soo, I've been trying to checkout Dynames at Amiami forever cause I was stuck at the login error after clicking Checkout. I opened a new tab to Amiami (didnt close the old one) and I was able to check out from there successfully. Somehow Amiami detects your ip/session/whatever if you managed to add it in your cart earlier and honours that you yoinked one. You can still check out after all the obstacles/waiting so don't give up or try stuff. I get this all the time on PO nights, kinda annoying tho(from the amount of time spent). Im not sure how long before its removed the cart.
  8. SAME, VF-19 kai turns out to be my favourite 19 for some reason. I *** dropped mine and broke it and need a replacement pronto! I know this has been talked so much but Arcadia cmon with the VT-1...it's about time
  9. Okay I need a new one, my current one's arm keep dropping at the pulling out part and its annoying me
  10. That's like losing a few seconds and we cant afford that :P
  11. ok so I accidentally paid with paypal debit card instead of credit, so....its still ok and i need to go on a diet anyway. But thanks alot @F360!!! ooof yay 1k posts
  12. Thank you sir, i finally got one too
  13. WOOPS miscalculation
  14. yalls https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/31274-macross-f-yf-29-durandal-valkyrie-saotome-alto-custom-full-set-pack.html
  15. That Alex looks like it's standing on an action base 5. Hence the feet is too big for an HG, sooooo MG?
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