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  1. physioguy

    Hi-Metal R

    I wish they made the GBP-1S, but suuuuuper unlikely as we are still waiting for the 4th row 😞, so I had to customize my GBP-1J
  2. I decided to customize my GBP Armor…. Into a GBP-1S! (Hikaru came home and his uncle Roy stole his suit!)
  3. Box Art sooo bad....
  4. Thanks for the info! The colors on that one work for me. I may have to try my hand at an expensive custom...
  5. I'm guessing this is old news, or perhaps just someone's custom job, but i took this screen cap from the Tamashi Nations .jp site. It was from the 2020 show, but I couldn't find any info on this. Anyone know the story behind this GBP-1S
  6. Thinned out my Macross collection, but still love displaying them!
  7. Same here, keep resisting going to sleep, just in case it opens up. NY had executed a different gameplay tonight.
  8. Cart jacked NinNin
  9. No scotch tonight. Just some good beer. I have a long drive tomorrow.
  10. Waiting for big brother
  11. I was able to change my password on HLJ but it only worked when I hit “Forgot Password” instead of “Reset password link” ...for whatever reason. Hopefully the site works well tomorrow night
  12. It is a Besta shelf, but I have the white painted glass doors, so not the best with doors closed... you can only see some shadows on the glass with the lights on.
  13. I don’t have the most extensive collection, but thought I’d share my random collection of hi-metals, DX frontier valks and DX 1s the little IKEA lights help
  14. Maybe I'll wait 6 then.... JK bedtime
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