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  1. Been out of the Macross game for a couple of years, but want to pick up one of these without paying eBay prices. Prefer MISB and full set over the advanced version. I’m located in Canada.
  2. heY, HOW MUCH FOR THE ve-1 AND vt-1 COMBINED?

  3. Like the title says, I'm in Toronto and looking to clear out a few items, hopefully fill in some missing pieces. I'm interested in trading out the following: -Yamato SV-51 Nora -Yamato VF-0S -Yamato VB-06 Monster -Yamato v1 VT-1 -Yamato v1 VE-1 Looking to get the following: -1/60 YF-21 -1/60 VF-11 -1/48 Hikaru 1S All items have been opened and transformed a couple of times max - all are in good condition and pictures available on request... looking for similar condition, nothing falling apart! Let me know... thanks!
  4. I've got a friend traveling in China this week and asked him to pick one of these up if he sees it - how much do they retail for the shops over these? HLJ has it for $157 USD. Thanks.
  5. Great finale. The Ron Moore cameo at the end made me laugh
  6. damn it ... i spent all that time at work this morning trying to figure out how Tigh and Adama had been buddies for so long... I'll go back to my corner now...
  7. I know Tigh has talked about fighting in the first war, and I thought it was along side Adama. Are you sure that neither happened?
  8. This explains how Adama knew Tigh during the first cylon war and how Tigh recalls fighting in the first cylon war.
  9. OK, i want to run a theory by you guys regarding the FF's timeline: The Tigh we met at the beginning of the series is dead and has been replaced with a skin job created by Cavil in the original Tigh's image. The timeline below uses X as the start of the series. FF_Tigh is the person known as Tigh that lived on earth 2000 yrs ago, Tigh is the person we meet in Season 1. We know the following today: X - 2000: FF_Tigh leaves Earth, heading to Colonies. X - 40: FF arrive at Colonies and end First Cylon war by offering to create skinjobs for the Centurions. Tigh fought in this war with Adama. X - 30: Cavil is created X - 20: Cavil kills the FF including FF_Tigh and boxes them X: Colonies are Nuked X + 2: New Caprica. Tigh is captured and tortured. Here's where my theory kicks in X+2: Tigh is not just captured and tortured, but killed. FF_Tigh is resurrected in a body that looks like Tigh, with Tigh's memories overwriting FF_Tigh's own. [Cavil has mentioned that he can read memories directly from the brain and now FF_Tigh can know all the horror of the war that Tigh went through, therefore learning the lesson Cavil wanted to teach the FF]. X+2: The other FF were all on NC as well, therefore Cavil could have done the same thing with them at some point (Tory, Anders, Tyrol, Ellen) Somehow I think that the head people have to do with the transfer of one person's memories into another's, two sets of memories, one brain. I don't know how this part fits in yet, but the FF timeline can now be reconciled.
  10. Baltar has to be something special... that said, it's getting late in the game and they better get to explaining things real soon.
  11. i thought about it later and thought that Daniel might be All in all though, a very smart episode that definitely needs more than one viewing to absorb.
  12. Is anyone else surprised that this trailer has the movie rated R with Nudity, Sexuality and Language?
  13. Ugh - i've heard this before and i can't stand this theory. Galactica is a ship. Non-sentient as far as we know, unless there is a hybrid tucked away somewhere in the engine room that no one has stumbled across in the 40 years Galactica has been around. Why can't the dying leader still be Roslin?
  14. while i agree that the whole "we have a plan" thing has been sh!t-canned, the writers have done a great job of putting together a cohesive, continuous story. I think a lot of it is based on the fact that as you go along and make good design decisions (in the context of what major thing happens next to these people), it allows you to cover up your mistakes (the Cylons didn't really seem to have a plan B, plan A = Exterminate!) This show also seems to have luck on its side. Revelations could have been the last episode of the series, but the writers' strike was canceled in time for us to get these last nine episodes and let them finish the story. Its great to see them not holding anything back - at this point, no one and nothing is safe because the story is just about over. I compare this to how poorly something like Voyager or Enterprise ended and it makes me realize even more how awful those endings were in comparison. I'll be amazed if Adama and Galactica are still kicking when the final credits roll.
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