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    Hi-Metal R

    Keep what coming? Are they finally releasing the Scout?
  2. Its worth watching. I dont remember it being massively action packed, but still good. Hope the remake is as good and not too slow moving, I really could use a good sword slashing samurai something to watch. šŸ˜
  3. Pass. It doesnt look anything like Thor. It looks like Chris Hensworth.šŸ™ƒ
  4. That is a rather awesome looking figure for such a ridiculous character. It reminds me of the old Fisher Price Spacewalk X-Ray man for some reason. I'd certainly pay for an updated version of that old toy classic.
  5. Already on pre-order. The Empire IS Star Wars.šŸ˜ƒ
  6. Feels like it was 7 seconds ago actually. You don't need to remember the sequels. These are not the Star Wars movies you are looking for.šŸ‘‹
  7. Well I just hope they hurry it up. It would be nice to ship both together to save ZAR.
  8. That's an excellent point.šŸ˜ But you know how those debates go. It will ultimately get derailed into a multi-page spiraling discussion between two guys about the strength of X-wing hull materials , each insisting the other's calculations and knowledge of physics is completely wrong.
  9. There is a big fat picture of one in "Guardian?" mode currently on page 54. Due to my moans and groans (and mb some other peoples') mostly the text now wraps around the pics instead of over-running them. Unfortunately I lost the "textboxes cutting off character's lower legs" battle - mostly. Additionally the guy who independently commissioned those art pieces I posted earlier in the thread has given permission to include them in the book as well, so they are there as full page art.
  10. I think I actually saw someone march something like that in basic training.šŸ˜‚
  11. If you think I'm bad there are people in the office who have never heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger or even Star Wars.šŸ˜„
  12. Hopefully they stick to the Predator being an honourable hunter coming to test himself against the most dangerous prey. Rather than making him into an honourless, tasteless gene-editing twat like in "The Predator". And they should also remember that the Predator is an alien character in the story, not just some horror movie monster.
  13. Ok will check it out. Is it as good as Fry and Laurie?
  14. I cant believe that there are people who will actually buy this loser.
  15. A talented musician, but I despise the political message contained in the actual song's lyrics. John Lennon describes a nightmare world which I would want no part of.
  16. @CoryHolmes I've just seen an updated pdf of the Homefront RPG. There are nice pics of all 3 modes of the Spartas/Hovertank therein which I am sure that, as a Hovertank fan, you will appreciate.
  17. Those aren't employees, those are the owners. We are just their chefs and butlers.
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