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  1. A catchy song to sing in the shower. 😇
  2. This was my fave song back in the 90's during my study pressure years. "It is better to burn out, than to fade away!"🤣
  3. Well Star Wars is a mix of both, but its never been hard sci-fi. We have slo-mo-jo lasers and sounds in space after all. Now I appreciate the odd technical manual that tells me how blasters, TIE fighters and Deathstar Superlasers work as much as the next person, but there is such a thing as going too far. I refer here to the Midi-Chlorians, which seemed to me an attempt to retro-rationalise the quasi-mystical nature of the Force away by people who "cannot allow the supernatural a foot in the door."
  4. I did watch it...and instantly forgot it. Nothing in it was worth my time, other than the scene featuring the Imperial Naval Troopers. And then only because I hoped it meant Hot Toys was FINALLY going to make the Death Star Trooper.🙄
  5. Masterchief has arrived!😁 Just need an Arbitor/Forerunner/ Some Flood now.
  6. Han wasn't THAT much of a good guy a first, he was a cynical world wise smuggler who primarily looked out for number one. Shooting first was perfectly in character, and meant that he read the situation and got the drop on Greedo. Allowing Greedo to shoot first makes him look like an idiot who was super lucky that Greedo can't aim at point blank range.
  7. I still prefer 3 fingers myself because it kind of goes with the triple everything theme of these Bioroids. Are options a possibility? And how many fingers on the Scout then?
  8. Episode 3 and I have finally seen something that I've wanted to see ever scince I first saw Chewbacca being led into Jabba's Palace in chains in ROTJ. A Wookie fighting Gamoreans in close quarters. Admit it, we were all anticipating it back in the day. I just wish the fight scenes werent so damn dark.
  9. That was good. I still have to find time to read the Mallorean, I never got further than Guardians of the West As for Dragonlance, other than Chronicles and Legends there were few gems. I enjoyed the books by Douglas Niles and Richard Knaak though.
  10. So where does the Biopsycher get shown with five fingers? I thought it might be this scene, but no. Standard three.
  11. One of the Fantasy series I would recommend is the Stephen Donaldson Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever. Read it back in the eighties, before a lot of unoriginal DnD/LOTR high- fantasy-generic-quest type clones started swamping the genre. Here we see an awesome character from book 5 The One Tree, Nom the Sandgorgon. "Sandgorgons answer their release swiftly. Distance has no meaning to such power. Behold!" His voice sharpened. "Though the Doom lies more than a score of leagues hence, already the answer draws nigh." And out from under the virga came a plume of sand among the dunes, arrowing toward the Sandhold. It varied as the terrain varied, raising a long serpentine cloud; but its direction was unmistakable. It was aimed at the spot where Ceer and Hergrom stood against the Sandwall. Even from that distance, Linden felt the radiations of raw and hostile power. Then the beast itself appeared. Bleached to an albino whiteness by ages of sun, it was difficult to see against the pale desert. But it ran forward with staggering speed and became clear. It was larger than the Haruchai awaiting it, but it hardly had size enough to contain so much might. For an instant, Linden was struck by the strangeness of its gait. Its knees were back-bent like a bird's, and its feet were wide pads, giving it the ability to traverse sand with immense celerity and force. Then the Sandgorgon was almost upon Hergrom and Ceer; and she perceived other details. It had arms, but no hands. Its forearms ended in flat flexible stumps like prehensile battering rams-arms formed to contend with sand, to break stone. And it had no face. Its head was featureless except for the faint ridges of its skull beneath its hide and two covered slits like gills on either side. It appeared as violent and absolute as a force of nature. Watching it, Linden was no longer conscious of breathing, Her heart might have stopped. Even Covenant with all his wild magic could not have equaled this feral beast. Together, Hergrom and Ceer stepped out from the Sand-wall, then separated so that the Sandgorgon could not attack them both at once. The creature shifted its impetus slightly. In a flash of white hide and fury, it charged straight at Hergrom. At the last instant, he spun out of its way. Unable to stop, the Sandgorgon crashed headlong into the wall. Linden felt the impact as if the entire Sandhold had shifted. Cracks leaped through the stone; chunks recoiled outward and thudded to the ground. I'm currently reading Catfantastic, a lighthearted anthalogy by Andre Norton.
  12. Actually I base it on the numerous scenes in SDFM where a Zentraedi soldier is shown eye to eye or mb a head shorter to a battroid. And A scene in Delta where a Zentraedi soldier comes up ro a Regult's knee. Plus The reasonable conclusion I would think that: . Mistakes in scale would be less likely when comparing 2 humanoid figures than with a non-humanoid figure . The pilot is more likely to fit . Max's Batrroid was able to fit in a Zentraedi uniform . Nonsense about Klan being larger than other Zentraedi can also be eliminatedetc Anyway the kits not being in scale isnt an issue because its always understood that the larger size pod wouldnt be practical as a kit toy You seem invested in the official stats for some reason. If you want to see it as being in scale then do so. You dont have to right a long post as to why I'm wrong just because I have a different view.
  13. I"m not demanding that it be in scale (come up to the Regult's knee joint) just querying whether it was. Clearly it isnt. And thats as per usual.
  14. Stuck in Macross Delta again. Freya won't sing because who cares blah, blah. Blah, blah feelings yadda yadda singing. Someone tell me this picks up again. I find it annoying that the writers seem to expect me to care about the characters waffling on interminably about the most insipid trivia. I am determined to finish this but damn its boring.🥱
  15. So we are finally getting a Regult that's large enough, and a Battroid that's small enough, for them to be in scale with each other? The Regult didn't look that large to me.
  16. What Zentran Soldier? And why do you think the Regult and Battroid are in scale?
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