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  1. This one has stinker written all over it. https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/ultraman-new-netflix-movie-revealed-with-ILM-animation This line alone made me go WTF... 'the nefarious “schemes of the Kaiju Defense Force.”'
  2. For a non-comic book guy I thought it was decent. Had some funny lines, decent action, and the plot was not insanely stupid.
  3. The same way that Superman poses when being shot at but ducks when the gun is thrown at him.
  4. If I had to guess I would say fireworks and regular park capacity will be back by October. End of year latest. I would not be surprised to have the fireworks moved up a couple months - nor would I be surprised to not have them till start of 2022 (why not Christmas? Parks will be packed anyway so no need for the extra draw - same thing they did with park hopping the start of this year). Barring some kind of problem the Halloween party is back this year - though it will be different so the name is now Boo Bash.
  5. From what I heard he had none or practically none. He did send some notes on things that had not yet been written about in the books (Hold the Door) but that is not the same thing as a finished work to draw from. I'll also be a bit heretical and claim that the later books were going downhill as well. The last one he finished was a snooze fest.
  6. We usually stay at Dolphin with a Fireworks room and balcony. Great way to watch Epcot fireworks. The prices in 2022 are through the roof though. $450 a night versus $150 for Pop Century or $200 roughly for the Carribean Beach.
  7. The problem is that the instant they ran out of book material the show instantly went downhill. With no book material to work with at all on this series...
  8. I have HBO so I'll watch. If it were to have been killed off being production I would not have cared however. Even if the last season of GoT were not mediocre. Sequels and Prequels rarely work out.
  9. I stay on property as much as possible, normally in the Boardwalk area or on the Skyliner to it. After walking around the parks all day I walk around the hotel area at night. Even the Pop Century hotel (a budget one) has a really nice walking area that connects with the Animation hotel across the lake. My wife can also go back to the hotel early and I can watch fireworks too.
  10. The revamped Rugrats appears to have decent CGI (I like it) and the original baby voices but the adult VAs are different. I'll not be watching it (only watched the originals since my kids were that age) but it looks decent enough.
  11. Thanks - just making sure I wasn't getting something weird.
  12. Not a bug (I think) but the MW front page is back to the old blue background style. With a link for MWcon2010 and site news listed as 2008. Is that just a cache thing on my machine?
  13. If you can now is the time to go before they can up the park attendance levels. If you are there to ride on rides instead of fireworks and shows there is no better time to be there. Similar crowd levels at DW made each ride practically a walk on.
  14. You better check the prices for a "ride" on the Star Cruiser before cancelling... EDIT - and figure out when you can get on the "ship" too.
  15. It (topless nudity) was a big thing at the time. Even John Ritter's "The Man who Loved Women" which was otherwise a PG comedy had a single topless scene. It was a quick way to get an R rating (which was "in" at the time) while still being able to jettison it for a TV release later.
  16. There has to be or the show would not work. In Clone Wars the whole team was basically one character wrapped up in the squad. In this they have to stand on their own. How well the show does will depend on how well they pull that off without making it forced. Easier to do with characters that were only around a few episodes. Normally this kind of thing is done when a secondary character on a long running show gets a spinoff and that is more difficult since the identity of the character is more ingrained as a sidekick to the main character(s).
  17. If you have full frontal nudity for men and women it is woke(*). If it is only top up for both sexes it is sexist. (*) - And I don't know if that alone would get it an X rating these days.
  18. I was thinking we were both missing something and then I remembered "Monty Python". We will both have to suffer the Inquisition for that one.
  19. But to reuse the quote "Good Writers Borrow, great writers steal" Applies here too I think. Back in the eighties when the majority of people in one region would not know the songs from another region it would really apply. (though US stuff was just about everywhere much much less made it back into the US - heck even UK TV was a rarity left to public TV).
  20. Costume Design - seconding that. The Yamato live action costumes looked good. Many times live action versions of anime costumes look like felt in Japanese movies (US anime live action often looks nothing like the original...)
  21. No, their age was there as pandering to the target demographic of teen boys. I'll say no more on it since it will go nowhere.
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