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  1. But Vger always won. Or do you mean "wins again"? (OK, everybody wins, cept the Klingons - and the poor saps on the listening post)
  2. That is FAR more typical of new construction. All new ships get a shakedown cruise for just that reason. Plus, kicking the crew off another ship (and the captain) to give it to Kirk and crew would be odd, even for ST reality. But the real hard truth of the matter is, nobody thought about it AT ALL till after the movie was released.
  3. Don't know where the official bit would be but 11 or the original 12 were lost - more were made to replace those. The FASA role playing game (not cannon in any way) even gave a list of the others in the class besides the first 12 (40 or so alltogether). Last I remember A was a ground up build and not a refit.
  4. The game itself looks incredibly brainless and not fun but at least it appears Shaggy's sandwich is vegetarian (I'm nerdy enough to check to see if that was bologna or a tomato, I can't tell but since there is no other meat on the sandwich I give it the benefit of the doubt).
  5. Remember - Arnold beat the predator only AFTER dumping (well, he had no choice) nearly all the high tech weaponry and went old school. Still, he got lucky falling in the mood and finding out the Predator could not see him then. How many times can they pull that trick? (even if it is 30 years later)
  6. Just watch Operation Mincemat last night. Not a perfect film but well worth the time. Everyone did a great job representing their characters and the plot is a solid one if overdoing the consequences of failure a bit much. Though failure would have meant higher losses it would probably not have been a disaster.
  7. Were the contracts for covering TV or just movie sequels. And after movie three bombed I'm sure a renegotiation would have been done. The contract obviously did not lock them into actually MAKING a fourth movie with the higher rates so a renegotiation was possible. The only problem being some of them (Zoey in particular) having better prospects elsewhere.
  8. > So, if you really wanted, you could argue that you don't actually need anything except that invisible magnetic field to prevent a warp core containment failure. Not only that, anything else would be superfluous. The force field being the only thing that would not become part of the reaction they are trying to control. As for the movie cast doing a TV show. Zoey Saldana would be right out with her movies at the time. Pine a maybe (he was in a couple movies after but for the most part they have not been big money makers) and Quinto was popular for a while but he is doing voiceover work for science documentaries now so maybe he would have a reasonable salary.
  9. Well, the main universe has a God, a guy injected with super sauce, another guy radiated into a big green indestructible mutant dude and a guy who is a really good shot with arrows. I kinda let this being off on it's own slide. And yes, Oscar Isaac was incredible. He pulled off the different characters perfectly.
  10. It's on Netflix so I'll give it a look but had to say that Mike is looking old. I guess that goes along with getting older. Would still love to see another Austin Powers film.
  11. Same here (not knowing who this is), though I have not known who was the new Who ever anyway.
  12. Crimes of the Future. I gotta hand it to them, they didn't give any kind of plot away. Looks like a solid HBO viewing in a few months.
  13. Watched the first two episodes of Moon Knight last night and I like it so far. It is nice to have neither side be "good" or "evil" by any conventional standard. Be interesting to see if that holds up till the end.
  14. Or to put it another way, even among ST fans most have not seen it. I'll leave it at that since I doubt there is any kind of scientific poll to prove one way or the other. April doesn't bother me (I'm one of those who knows the episode exists but have not seen it). I found the changes to Zephram Cochraine more problematic since the character from TOS is nothing like the one from First Contact in terms of mental characteristics.
  15. Having a guy that shows up once (and even then in something most have NEVER seen) being recast as a different ethnicity, can't think of a bigger nothingburger.
  16. Wait - this thing is an actual thing? I always thought it was a phtoshop joke...
  17. Avatar stood out for the 3d, and that was it. Seeing it in 2d was a total waste of time. The only other film that was worth it to see in 3D was Gravity - but that one was also a good movie even in 2d.
  18. Sadly it is Fathom so will not be at the local IMAX. I really wanted to see it in IMAX.
  19. All look great, my only "problem" is we now have a toy, based on a movie, based on a toy from another movie, that does not look like the toy from the first movie...
  20. If it releases in Imax (and it should) it will be the first movie I've seen at a theater in years.
  21. Looking forward to this to get a subbed or dubbed release. Now all they need to do is remake the Giant Robots show.
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