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  1. The Zentradi themselves can't do a thing. They have no technical skills whatsoever, even those that would be required to fight seem to only be instilled to do exactly what they need to do and nothing else (tuning a radio for instance - I think they are shown tuning one in at one point but they don't seem to be able to use that ability to keep out transmissions they do not want). If someone is helping the Zents they could implement scambled transmission systems. That would take care of any kind of outside transmission.
  2. Forgot about this thread. I saw part of the movie and turned it off, it should have been called "Tom Parker".
  3. The more or less realistic promotions do not diminish the off the wall captain to admiral promotions. That just doesn't happen outside of Trek (or fiction in general). You get other forms of recognition instead and fast tracking for promotion later.
  4. In Star Trek (at least the original series) it was a distinct grade (rank being position within a grade always based on date of promotion I think). Star Trek is at best wonky with promotion and how it treats rank anyway. JMS (paraphrased) said it best "People are promoted at the speed of plot".
  5. True enough - look at those Gundam mockups that use outside power sources and they STILL can't go faster than a sloth on downers.
  6. An Admiral on a Task Force ship would not, technically, be in command of the ship. They would be in command of ALL the ships but the individual captains on each ship would be in charge of their vessels. Even if the "task force" was a single ship the Admiral should leave command of the ship up to the captain while the admiral would say where to go and what the mission was and should only issue commands directly to the Captain. I'm sure in real life this arrangement broke down more than once however.
  7. The Machine gun machines still stick in my mind. The version with Richard Thomas wasn't bad (actually pretty good) but I prefer the one from the thirties.
  8. Challenger suffered from the same problem the Titanic did - complacency born out of monotonous repetition(*). This being a first and very important piece of hardware (to NASA's future funding) it will be appropriately treated as the irreplaceable piece of test hardware it is. Sure they can replace it but their reputation and future rides on it in a way a second piece of test hardware, if they were allowed to build it after a stupid mistake (which launching under any kind of hardware issue would be) might be the end of NASA as a government run instituation. (*) - To my shame I forget the name of the other Shuttle that burned up on entry. Columbia (had to look it up) also suffered from overconfidence.
  9. Which is one of the main reasons I think it is going to be crap. When they are so far down the "shock" rabbit hole I don't have high hopes for it. Worst example of this was AvP 2 where the facehuggers got into a maternity ward - EVERYONE involved in that needs to be fired for life.
  10. The DS would have been completed without him anyway. He helped so he could sabotage it. Though the sabotage was really pretty pathetic. I mean it really required a Jedi to make it work and they were in short supply.
  11. It is what you get when a character is no longer covered by copyright or trademark or whatever one it is that covers characters - and any old hack can use it in a movie
  12. I lived through Space Angel so I can handle it, maybe. The problem is it just doesn't look very good. For those blessed few that have not seen Space Angel...
  13. It might also be just from the movies but Wednesday doesn't smile. At least not like that. I guess I am just spoiled by the movies with Cristina Ricci and Raoul Julia (notice that they had to split the two up for the second movie - you can't have two actors stealing every scene at the same time)
  14. Watched this movie today, I've got D+ so might as well. I'm glad I didn't see it in the theaters, it took about a third of the movie to get in gear and then stalled out again for another large chunk of to boot but was entertaining enough overall. It does make me wish Pixar would get some straight up sci-fi action movie writers and do a couple of those (yes, this movie was not straight up action sci-fi). Their "FX" are excellent now and could easily support a Star Wars or Star Trek type of movie.
  15. That fan should have waited a few months - the continuation that set everything right back the way it was truly ruined things. (only to be saved by the episode where Picard goes back to Earth and gets in a mud wrestling match with his brother).
  16. My rarest is a model kit that is easily found in stores still... Sadly I, gasp!, played with and threw away all my old SW toys.
  17. Well, "The Munsters"" looks even worse then I thought it would. Plus they should have found someone who at least sounded SOMETHING like Fred Gwynn. I'm guessing I will not even be watching this when it releasing to streaming.
  18. The problem is the original Borg were like Zombies - once past the initial shock there is not much to do with them. (Or the Daleks which had to introduce Davros to get them out of their shtick). What they might have done (while keeping the plot basically intact) was keep having the "talking" borg switch from one drone to another.
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