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  1. That looks like a $10 (inflation there) toy.
  2. Hate to argue with him (OK, not really) but THE true measure of success is reproducing.
  3. This latest season of Who is by far the best of the Jodi Whitaker Who. Too bad the first couple were not this well done.
  4. In his case would that be pre-mentia? I don't know where I got it in my head that Luke was born, given to Obi-Won who takes him off, and then the droid says there is another child. Maybe I was subconsciously giving George too much credit.
  5. I'd gotten my first real job as a computer programmer and met the woman I would be married to for the past 29 years.
  6. Just finished watching Visions and was not really impressed by any of them. The one with the Elder was the best of the bunch but even there a 15 to 20 minute run time is just not enough for anything truly interesting.
  7. Plus he was already working for Jabba and knew the ins and outs. And lets face it, Jabba's other henchmen (especially those in the Special Edition Star Wars) made even OT Fett look like a pro.
  8. People take this stuff way too seriously.
  9. That Titan AE ship has been around a while. The Traveller RPG had something like it, Battletech also, and the counter art for GDW spaces games in general always had a ship like it.
  10. There was a time when doing two versions was actually fairly cost effective - the Lugosi Dracula was done this way when a Spanish language version was shot at night. Today, with green screen FX, it is pretty much the same as shooting two different movies anyway.
  11. And I seriously doubt 4K makes much sense after compression for sending the signal is taken into account.
  12. I'd like to see the animation updated but otherwise the exact same. Realistically they are not going to sink the money for that into the film. Otherwise I would not want to see it redone. The sequels are fine for a refreshed version of the story (since they basically all tell the same story).
  13. To be fair, to try and make an ornithopter look good with early eighties filmmaking techniques would have been insanely expensive or it would have looked like crap - and probably both. EDIT - Ack! forgot the reason I was going to post. Just read that the film took in 40 mil domestic. That is considered good news. I remember a time when that would be considered an absolute bomb. Not to bad mouth the film but to say that we should expect movie budgets to come down quite a bit for a few years.
  14. Gritty is the term you are looking for. The very first chase scene with characters making multiple jumps, any one of which would have shattered all the bones in the person's legs, threw realism right out the window. Me? I prefer a bit more cheese in my Bond films. Maybe not as much as the worst Roger Moore outings.
  15. Watched the Muppet Haunted Mansion show last night. First up, what is the deal with Gonzo being the main character so often? As for the show itself, the musical numbers were mostly forgettable as was the show itself. Not the Muppets at their best but not their worst either. It was a good mix of Muppets and human co-stars unlike a couple of the movies that focused too much on the humans. It also really featured the scenes from the ride and gets points there.
  16. I didn't hear that before. 2205 is only 8 episodes instead of 25 or so? On the plus side we will get a US release that much sooner...
  17. Sometime in the last couple decades when fans started getting so vocal about everything. If the actor had died or gotten ill they might have recast the role. Losing the character will not have too large of an impact on the main story. From what I remember his own side story was not that important either. The bigger challenge is a new character taking his place, filling in that will be a problem. Time spent introducing the character and setting up some background - and then possibly messing it up. Hopefully the two writers of the actual books take part in setting that up. EDIT - ACK! forgot to say December is going to be a great month! With this and Lost in Space coming out. Book of Fett soon after that IIRC too.
  18. Finally watched the last movie and can sum it up as needing to dump all or at least most of the psuedo religous/mythical mumbo jumbo and instead have focused on the character arcs. The constant barrage of gibberish only distracted from what would have been a great ending. The bits between Shinji and his father were well done. The time in the village was well done too. The final scene was well done too, going from animation to live action, or at least from an animated scene to the real location it was animated from.
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