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  1. Looking forward to that one. Nice Retro look and seems like it will run smooth as glass on just about any system.
  2. I like plenty of crap but this is not that. Things that fall into that category include "The Green Slime", "The Black Hole", "Quark" and "The Uncle Floyd Show".
  3. I liked him as Bond though the movies themselves were not that good - I think the same way about Brosnan as well however. Craig I agree with Seto, his Bond is not very movie Bond like - I've never read the books so have no way to compare with those.
  4. Craig's Bond (not HIM as such, but the character and universe) was a direct response to 9/11. Very quickly the old Bond was no longer considered viable. What with the Newspaper guy trying to take over the world shtick. So Bond had to be more "grounded" and "gritty". I think they missed a beat there, give the franchise another year or two off and the charming bit of silly would have been welcome again.
  5. After each episode of Loki (excellent) I'm watching one episode of "Monsters at Work". It is fun stuff so while it is on I'll watch it. Nothing to get excited about but a good way to waste 30 minutes.
  6. > A truffle hunter who lives alone in the Oregonian wilderness must return to his past in Portland in search of his beloved foraging pig after she is kidnapped. I can't tell if that is a joke or not. Who would have green lit that?
  7. "executive producer". Hollywood speak for somebody wanting an extra credit without having to do anything. (or if she actually WAS acting as a producer that is something that could easily be passed off to someone else leaving her no leverage to demand the contract be renegotiated).
  8. Did that delay announcement come before or after filming was done? After that and the actor has nothing to negotiate with - her part was already done. Failing to act in the film (if earlier) would have made her liable for breach of contract too.
  9. I don't know if it was terrible but it was certainly forgettable and mediocre. Putting it a step above the original. I don't know if I can ever bleach my brain of that grandpa wookie sleaze show bit.
  10. Prior to "modern times" that was not a bad way of calculating things. You knew that rentals and DVD sales after would make money but if you balanced the box office take properly you took that into account in your BO take AND got a chance to get paid quicker. (this is still Hollywood after all where a blockbuster movie can make no money according to the accountants).
  11. One other item on the theatrical release time windows. I believe the requirements (and contracts) for that were between the studios and the movie theater association, whoever exactly that may be. Actor contracts (like this one) were written with the belief that the theaters would keep their contracts as is - but the situation forced the theaters to renegotiate with the studios which made a problem for the actor contracts. I know I read of a similar case (one contract relying on another contract to be enforced) but that case also did not stipulate and the court case had no choice - if one side can say "this is what the contract SHOULD have said" and make it stick then contracts are worthless.
  12. All I saw was the commercial for it a few months back and I KNEW beyond a shadow of any doubt that I would never watch the movie. Anyone who went to see this movie not having even watched the ad - well they got what they deserved.
  13. There is no statement of time frame. As long as they do a 1500 theater release they have fulfilled the terms of the contract. Disney could just as easily claim that THEIR interpretation of that clause was to disallow a rolling release. When I was young that was a common method of releasing a film.
  14. As long as a release of 1500 screens is done that satisfies the language. If it meant EXCLUSIVE it has to say it somewhere. It is nowhere near the same thing as paying in kind either. (There are laws covering that kind of thing but this being an international concern it may have needed to be considered somewhere as well).
  15. For the future - contracts for movies will now include the possibility of releases being streamed/wide release built right in. This is a momentary blip brought about (more quickly then it would otherwise have happened but it WAS going to happen sooner or later) by changing consumer preferences.
  16. At least the masks are only indoors (and has a good chance of staying only indoors). Wearing them all day every day at the parks was a pain but indoors I can handle.
  17. I'm still on the fence with FP, I will probably buy one or two during the course of the year for a ride I really want on but don't want to wait if they go with the paid per ride option like Paris has. The Virtual Queue being rolled out is what I'm waiting on to see how it works. (which I've mentioned before). Other good news - the Beauty and Beast show will be back for our September trip, my wife loves that one.
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