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  1. So I've been playing R-Type Final 2(provisional title) lately since it launched. It is fantastic. And some of the least bullshit level design to ever grace an R-Type. Almost every one of my many many many deaths has been obviously my fault rather than because I flew into an inescapable death trap that was only evade-able with clairvoyance or map memorization. It is also a lot more upbeat than R-Type Final was. Which makes sense as R-Type Final was developed as sort of a funeral for the genre, and it really carried into the tone of the game. R-Type Final was muddy, depressing, and... well,
  2. Extradition treaties exist precisely BECAUSE foreign law doesn't apply. It is generally good for international relations to hand over people whom another nation desires for legal purposes, but is not at all legally required. Which is why, for example, some nations refuse to extradite people facing certain penalties. Nothing but good will is lost. Again, I'm not sure which of the myriad cases over the years you're referring to. I'mma guess it was a trademark case, and trademark law is extremely regional(and US trademark law is significantly different from many nations' in some
  3. Not sure which of the myriad cases over the years that was, but... he was right? America isn't under japanese rule, and the japanese legal system has no jurisdiction in America. I'd be very concerned if a judge was overtly making decisions on how he felt rather than the laws he's meant to represent.
  4. For the most part, I'm just in the "this is a cool-looking robot" camp at this point. There's a few purchases driven by nostalgia(I'm here for pretty much any Sky Lynx toy, and have very specific dinobot requirements that can be over-simplified to "original toy only, no toon accuracy"), but mostly I'm taking these things as just "cool robot is cool" at this point.
  5. Don't remind them or they'll figure out how to make "collect a figure" work for Transformers.
  6. Oh! I'd only been thinking about it from the "looks hard to walk on" angle. But from the machine interface angle, it makes a huge amount of sense. Thank you! I don't mean it would look like one. I mean it IS one, just one without the outer skin. Why stop at 95%? Armor won't make it that much heavier, because overtechnology armor materials are incredibly durable for their weight. And the mechanisms of the machine need protection anyways. If nothing else, shrapnel from other exploded mechs needs to not sever fuel lines and shatter spacesuit face plates. (Also
  7. I can't say I see much room for fuel, rocket engines, actuators, or reactors in there with the armor being so full of meat. That's an armored space suit, with little room left to be more. If you "upgrade" that to a power suit by adding fuel tanks and actuators and a power source to turn it into a powered suit, you get the Aliens power loader with this guy as the operator. Enclose the "cockpit" on the power loader, and you basically have a Nousjadeul-Ger again. ... I have longstanding questions about the heels on those boots, but that's unrelated.
  8. I remember the US DVD release of Gunbuster took a lot of flak for changing the music in one part because it was basically Chariots of Fire.
  9. I mean, the last time they tried to continue Hikaru, Misa, and Minmay's story it involved Minmay taking a crowbar to Hikaru and Misa's romance so the gang could rehash the love triangle. And as for how happy Max and Millia are in Seven... their marriage is on the rocks, they're divorced in all but name, and their youngest daughter has run away from home to live with an autistic rockstar because her home life is so bad. Another of their daughters is a hermit on a frontier world that is about as far from the family as she can get. I'm not sure that qualifies as happy.
  10. It'd be boring as heck unless they undo the plot resolution from SDF/DYRL. Again. These characters deserve a happy ending.
  11. Really, it doesn't make sense for ANY size zentradi uniform to fit them in any reasonable way. I love that sequence, but try very hard not to consider what's going on there.
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