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  1. I would LOVE an M-308 from Metal Storm! I actually bought the Retro-Bit boxset a little while back, and the figurine was part of why. But it was an abysmally poor sculpt, and the box set would've been better for not including it.
  2. Wait, that got an anime and no one told me? I love those two dorks.
  3. CD IS a digital format. Which makes it, if nothing else, thematically appropriate for Sharon Apple's music.
  4. V'ger's been connected to the Borg a few different times. Though Cybertron seems a more likely origin.
  5. You're not wrong, but they're somehow still cool as hell.
  6. No, they're a naturally-evolving machine intelligence. Unless they were made by the Quintesssons. Or Primus. ... You know what? This is why the Go-Bots are better.
  7. I sure hope it's good. Please sign a decent studio! After seeing the horror Toei inflicted on my sister with Sailor Moon Crystal, I'm nervous.
  8. Understandable. I'm legit surprised Hasbro isn't selling a 4-pack. I know they won't, but I want them to do a large Metal Head that transforms into a Party Wagon sized for a team of Party Wallops to ride. Most certainly can't fit four inside while maintaining any semblance of sanity in the transformation, but some sort of ride-ability. I'd style it like the original Kenner design instead of the modified 'toon version, too. Not even because of toy supremacy(my ideal OG Party Wagon is in-between the two),I just I think it'd be cool to have it turn into the other version instead of a fifth copy of the same thing.
  9. That's fine. Personally, I don't trust anyone whose desk is too clean. I'm also ashamed of all the random clutter on my desk, so... hypocrisy on my part. I set things down for a minute in a convenient empty space, and suddenly they have a forever home.
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