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  1. If we're gonna rag on Machine Robo naming sensibilities... He also gave us names like Ratchet, Hook, and Thrust. There's a lot of Transformers with just a random noun for a name, and Blue Jet would be right at home.
  2. Same. I dropped into the Tower last night and joined the memorial procession. Everyone's walking up to Zavala to pay their respects. Not many more voices that've been with the game that long. Amanda, Shaxx, and Eva are it, I believe. That's actually really cool! Well, no one's perfect. Everything I've heard is that he was just one of the nicest guys you could work with, and the world is darker for his passing. Even if he DID main warlock.
  3. This is true. And MASK, at least, would need to be multimode, because we wanna drive the jetcars AND run around blasting people with laser eyes.
  4. So I swung by the toys while in Target the other day, and was somewhat surprised. Between the empty pegs and the pegs full of last year's robots and the Cyberverse/Earth Spark/whatever stuff(which is always fully-stocked).... there was a single Metalhawk. It's a surprisingly good toy. No surprise, so was Cyclonus. But right off the bat... torso is not gold, golden, metallic, or anything appropriate. It's yellow, and a particularly cheesy shade thereof. Like, I'd be embarrassed to see a Bumblebee this particular shade. This is most of what you see in-box, so he makes a particularly poor first impression. I kinda want to see if I can remove the torso pieces and paint 'em a decent yellow. Metalhawk is a reworking of Cyclonus, but... they've touched almost every part, including pieces that they really didn't have to(like the rear thrusters covering his feet in vehicle mode). The only places that I see which are obviously from Cyclonus are the thighs, main wing, and upper arm*. It is more like reused engineering than a remold. Based on the few parts that ARE reused, that may have been required. I can see evidence of heavy mold wear. They got their money's worth out of Cyclonus's tooling. This might explain some of the part changes that seem to be, frankly, a bad allocation of tooling costs. The wings are hilarious, since they are still in two parts but the new subwing component is shaped to come around the edges to add wingtip missiles. The subwing is ALSO shaped to block the transformation hinge so no one tries to fold it in so his wings are smaller in robot mode. I'm trying to figure out how this makes sense, and just coming up blank(it doesn't seem to be mold degradation). ... *Right, right, I said something about the upper arm... That includes the shoulders. They are VERY obviously Cyclonus's shoulders, and Cyclonus has very distinctive shoulders(if not outright iconic). I'm very disappointed in this. They reworked so many pieces to make sure he doesn't look even remotely like Cyclonus, then got to the distinctively-Cyclonus shoulders and went "Yeah, these are fine". They don't even look like they belong here, but more like some bizarre assembly accident resulted in Cyclonus' shoulders being bolted to Metalhawk somehow. We got new foot-thrusters, but not new SHOULDERS? The second-worst part is that most of the visible mold degradation is in... you guessed it, the shoulder parts.
  5. There's an interesting point in there. He doesn't LIKE Seven. There's a case to be made that he actively hates her, for no good reason whatsoever But he TRUSTS her. His personal dislike does not interfere with his command decisions. He simply assumes that she is a member of his crew and can be assumed to not fly off the handle and help a couple of elderly loons execute a harebrained scheme to steal his vessel right from under him, regardless of how he personally feels about Borg, ex-Borg, and semi-Borg. Because that's how we roll in the future. We shouldn't be racists at all, but if we're going to do we can at least be civil about it.
  6. And will it acknowledge the cartoon series?
  7. Man, remember when Starfleet vessels had therapists on board to help the crew deal with traumatic experiences in a healthy manner instead of running around with massive PTSD?
  8. "We wrote him as dead at end of season, but now we're making a second season! Quick, find a fix!"
  9. PSVR1 has a SteamVR driver, despite being kinda weird. But it was developed by hobbyists, not Sony. I expect to see a PSVR2 driver for SteamVR, but no telling when. It's nice hardware, and I'd like to see it liberated. I do understand why Sony doesn't have an interest in supporting this themselves, though they did put out packages for developers wanting to support the PS4 and PS5 controllers if I recall correctly. They clearly aren't COMPLETELY indifferent to Windows gaming.
  10. I am assuming that the PSVR1 API exposes too many low-level details about hardware that functions very differently. I'm sure Sony didn't want to break compatibility, especially as it is a major feature of the PS5. But I also know that pretty much every aspect of the PSVR2 is fundamentally different. They don't even have the same number of screens(PSVR1 had a single LCD, PSVR2 has independent OLED panels). Unless they were careful with the design of the original API to abstract every facet of the hardware away, it could easily be impossible to make hardware that is back-compatible while also being a meaningful improvement.
  11. I've always been annoyed by the "odd movie rule", mostly due to Search For Spock. This is very tangental, but... it needed to be said.
  12. That's the name of the largest meeting room in the Department of Temporal Affairs.
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