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  1. I mean, that's kind of the basic premise. They exist inside the computer, the laws of physics don't apply and the laws of video games reign instead. Humans that enter the machine play by the rules of the digital world and gain superpowers, why would the opposite NOT be true? They'd have to work VERY hard to sell me on "a 70s mainframe has the power to rewrite the laws of physics", and they really weren't trying to. And the MCP would be terrifying in a modern networked environment.
  2. How nostalgic! Yeah, HG's official line was there won't be an english-dubbed release of Macross, because "we already have that, it's called Robotech". That went out the window as soon as the Animeigo license expired and ADV got it. I genuinely believe they were trying to screw over Animeigo from the start.
  3. I mean, the best way to defeat CLU was to ignore him. LET him invade the real world, and be suddenly confused that his laser rifles and super powers don't work because he isn't inside the game. Everything falls apart once you realize that.
  4. I love to WATCH Tron Legacy. I don't think it is particularly well-written, but it is frickin' gorgeous. (I was intensely disappointed that their interpretation of "inside the computer" adapted to the modern highly-networked "computers are everywhere" world by... ignoring it all and having them inside a mainframe with no outside data connection.)
  5. Ahhhh, Dark Forces. Is it finally time for a new generation to learn about the deadliest man in Star Wars?
  6. Well... hopefully no one dies making this one.
  7. Yes, this is everybody's favorite character and we all definitely want the lime Bumblebee.
  8. Easy solution: give all the players a free Kyle Katarn as the default. Like, folks will still play Darth Vader and whatnot, because zomg so kewl, but we all know who the real OP Star Wars character is.
  9. I think the evil Voltron clone was colored same as the real thing. I suspect this is an homage to Voltron 3D's "stealth Voltron" upgrade... that or they just decided a Nemesis Prime Voltron repaint would bring good money and who cares if it's "canon".
  10. Heck yeah. I never had the Omnibots, but I remember seeing them in the little mail-away flyer. They stuck with me, because they were so darn cool.
  11. I don't think they actually need a Beetras license unless they intend to sell them as Beetras figures or reissue the original toys. We got Whirl and Roadbuster a few years back, after all. No Bandai copyright on those packages. TakaraTomy even released 'em in Japan(just to tweak Bandai's nose? Who can say.). But the Deluxe Insecticons aren't just obscure characters, they're toy-only characters. That's not impossible, but always a long shot. And they LOVE vaguely-appropriate-but-still-wrong repaints. But in fairness... I never expected to see a modern Top Spin and Twin Twist. Anything is possible, and Hasbro IS generally more willing to dug deep these days.
  12. As I understand it, the problem isn't adhering to America's toy gun laws, it is that several states have stricter rules and adhering to all of them is a minefield. If I recall, New York in particular has some rules that are uniquely challenging to transforming robot toy guns. (This is why my PS1 copy of Time Crisis has a sticker on the box saying "not for sale in California". Came with an orange-tipped GunCon. My copy of Point Blank had a solid-orange GunCon, and no anti-California sticker.)
  13. Ayup. It sucks. I'm not too bothered by it, since I don't use much from Google's store on mine, but it is a definite issue. I assume Onyx is working on a newer version, but who knows if older devices will see it or if they use it to push a hardware refresh.
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