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  1. Zero also showed the more direct countermeasures with the VF-0's head turret gunning down incoming missiles.
  2. I think they're retiring the Frenzy name. There's just Rumble (Red) and Rumble (Blue) going forward.
  3. Honestly, I was already thinking Galactic Empire sounds more accurate just based on how many superweapons they made.
  4. So they just call it a republic because it sounds good? Or is it a case of not knowing if it was a republic or a "democratic people's republic"? Truth in advertising is admittedly hard to find at times.
  5. I mean, in fairness, that particular twist has been telegraphed so heavily for so long that the only thing actually surprising about it is that it didn't happen in the final episode of the TV series.
  6. Jesus Christ.... May the greatest power ranger(I recognized his awesomeness when I didn't even like the show) find the peace that escaped him in life.
  7. Makes you wonder if maybe they needed one more meeting than they had. "Hey, you hear anything about the new VF-19?" "The guys I ran into said they're working on big avionics changes to make it more pilot-friendly." "Huh. Wonder why no one told us a new revision was coming. Let's see if we can't get another thousand kilos of thrust in there, so the pilots can make the most of this new friendlier OS!"
  8. Also, the delay before the toned-down, more-controllable VF-19 variants came out left an opening for the VF-171 to exploit. Particularly as even after the VF-19 stopped killing pilots, it still had to overcome a reputation and was still pretty expensive.
  9. Hopefully this goes well. The idea that we might see a return to the moon in my lifetime is suddenly looking real again.
  10. Godzilla in that picture's just going "Bro, seriously? I gotta drop you to the floor AGAIN?"
  11. They definitely weren't planning on coming back for the protodevlin, but the rest? Maybe. "You know, this is wildly and irresponsibly dangerous, but it hasn't actually tried to kill us yet. Let's think about it for a bit before we do anything we can't take back."
  12. A real Jingle Bell Rock & Roll Out kinda feelin'. Yes, that was terrible. No, I'm not sorry.
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