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  1. As someone who only ever had (parts of) G2 Devastator, Tonkanator really speaks to me.
  2. Oh no! Two girls touched lips! The apocalypse is nigh!
  3. But how are we supposed to figure out how many invid it takes to scuttle an Imperial Star Destroyer if we can't argue about it?!
  4. But never figured out to just drop the things into a black hole for relativistic shredding. Oh well...
  5. In fairness, mankind in Macross has learned one important lesson: if the protoculture left some dangerous ruins around, you NUKE IT FROM ORBIT instead of studying it to figure out how it works and if you can adapt it to your purposes.
  6. Because just like "unlimited data" means "25 gigabytes" and "digital" means "on the internet", "original" now means "regional exclusive" instead of "content developed by or for a specific network/service".
  7. My mistake. I knew this was Marvel, didn't know it was under the Spiderman license.
  8. Because clearly we need to be punished for not giving Disney our money.
  9. Like they originally did with Darkwing Duck? That show was ahead of its time.
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