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  1. Dear Microsoft: Excellent. Now remake Rock&Roll Racing. You can afford to license the music.
  2. And then a toy-style chest plate! Seriously, the chest plate is the most jarring part to me. But that's also a harder part to swap without explicitly considering partswapping in the design.
  3. Given Hasbro's focus on price, I'd expect they would want a license to make their own VF-1. Which I'd be fine with, as long as they didn't try to tech up the skin with widgets like they did with Siege. I think they'd have to go through Harmony Gold. Far as I know, HG still has exclusive SDFM and DYRL merchandising rights outside Japan. This DEFINITELY won't sit well with Takara, no matter who they get the license from. Generations Jetfire is probably the closest we'll ever get. Le sigh.
  4. I'm really glad there's a toon-accurate Skyfire toy out there. Always thought Skyfire looked really cool. I'd also really like to see a modern VF-1 toy painted in Jetfire colors released in the crossover line, but there's pretty much zero chance of that.
  5. Copyright is not as broad as all that. They can't use the specific molds of those toys without a license. Nothing stops them from making their own similar toy, as long as it isn't a direct 1:1 copy. The liberties taken with Roadbuster and Whirl were in the name of making them more resemble fictional depictions of the original toys. Were the original toy concepts anywhere close to as legally protected as you allege, the modern versions would not be changed enough to avoid issue. Classics Jetfire is a special case for several reasons. The Classics line was very much about not being slavishly accurate to the toon or original toy, but creating updated and modernized versions of the concepts. For a more slavish homage, they had the GI Joe Skystriker remold. (Harmony Gold DID file suit over that one, which isn't a surprise but also isn't strong evidence of anything.) The VF-1 design might be trademarked, which would gain it a much stronger level of legal protection. But it is the only one of the above designs that would have an active trademark(and frankly, the only one that would've ever been trademarked in the first place). Coincidentally, the VF-1 is also the only one that has any relevance to Bandai today. Odds they remember owning the Deluxe Insecticon molds are slim. Odds that they would notice a vigorous homage are even slimmer. Odds they could do anything about it if they did notice are very close to zero. ... And odds that they WOULD do anything about it if Hasbro steamed ahead without them are exactly zero. I'd actually forgotten until I was poking around just now, but they HAVE remade one of the deluxe insecticons twice(the first time as a ridiculous targetmaster partner, the second time as a surprisingly effective repaint of Shrapnel). http://tfu.info/1985/Decepticon/ChopShop/chopshop.htm http://tfu.info/2013/Decepticon/GenLegChopShop/chopshop.htm http://tfu.info/2016/Decepticon/CWChopShop/chopshop.htm
  6. I mean, they've made updated Jetfire, Whirl, and Roadbuster before. Bandai owning the original molds doesn't stop them.
  7. My insecticon wvs Shrapnel, but I think Kickback was the coolest-looking. And that one sure tickles my interest.
  8. The most important feature! I actually like the extra lines and knobs in his boombox mode. They make him look more like a real boombox.
  9. How different that might've gone if Sound Force had been active... Actually, ignoring that the entire thing is non-canon, could that have also been an impetus for the military's funding of Sound Force? The desire for a weapon more effective against the zentradi than reaction warheads, and that can't readily be turned against other humans.
  10. If the released toys look like that, I'm down for a few.
  11. Also, Phantom Menace was NEW STAR WARS OMG! Lucasfilm and Fox weren't telling people to hit the theaters en masse just to watch the trailer. And they darn sure weren't telling Warner to advertise it in their ads for "competing" films("If you see one movie this summer... make it Star Wars. But if you see two movies, see Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me."). You can't exaggerate how big a deal it was, because things that actually happened sound like wild hyperbole. The hype was through the roof, and it was impossible for Phantom Menace to live up to it even if it had been good. I don't think the demand was there for a new Matrix in the first place.
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