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  1. To be fair, Max has spent a fair amount of time traveling through fold space over the years. Since we know time experienced during a fold is not exactly 1 to 1 with time ellapsed in real space it's, therefore, possible that he is physically a bit younger than he is chronologically. Say maybe a year or so younger^_^
  2. it also doesn't show the feed mechanism for the missiles
  3. I wouldn't say its the best. There's too much of an imbalance in ability that there's no real drama.The pilots always lose.
  4. I know him mostly from Destiny as well. Apparently he actually played the game as well. as a warlock, I believe.
  5. While this was probably the best episode of Star Trek: Picard s to date it does bring up (yet again) the question 'How the hell did Shaw get command of a Starship?'
  6. Didn't get a picture and I'm sure there are others who've seen them before but I saw a car with a license plate saying VF-1S
  7. I know, right? If they had just said that the Titan had gotten irreperably damaged in the Pakled war and said the Titan A was XYZ class ship refitted into the Connie III I could accept it since I would have assumed it's original spaceframe looked similar to the basic shape as a Constitution as it's a common Starfleet esthetic. But turning a Luna class into this and calling it a refit...Well let's just say I've had to edit this post three or four times to keep from devolving into a series of swear words. I mean, seriously, the TOS to MP refit of the original NCC-1701 Enterprise makes more sense by several orders of magnetude (mind you, part of the reason I'm so accepting of that is that the MP design is one of my favourite Star Trek designs). All that said I do like the Titan A's design.
  8. According to Star Trek: Picard Logs, supplemntary videos released on Instagram (and can be found on youtube) and suammarized on Memory Alpha the Luna class Starship Titan (NCC-80102) was pulled from service, due to extensive damage. While she was undergoing refit (overseen by Shaw) the design changed and the Luna class ship was converted into a Constitution III Class ship (slang. Neo-Constitution) and given the new Registry NCC-80102-A. Since these changes are way more extensive than those given to the Enterprise make it go from TOS style to MP style I can only say 'Why?' Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper just to scrap her and build a new ship? Why give it a new registry if it's a refit? Honestly, I like the design but this makes no sense.
  9. Okay, so normally, i wouldn't mention this as Antarctic Press' comics Ninja High School and Gold Digger regulary reference and parody a variety of anime, manga, tokusatsu, western comics and movies and Macross is just one of many such to get referenced (sometimes even by name) or parodied. However when they put what appears to be a Macross on the cover, like they did for issue 294 of Gold Digger, I figure it deserves mention. Image from ebay
  10. I'd laugh if it turns out that, when HG's license comes up for renewal, if Sony/Funimation ends up licensing Macross directly from Tatsunoko instead. It'd be really funny if that turns out to be Sony's plan
  11. I seem to recall one or two episodes showing the one of leg/engine sections bent at the 'knee'. Though there's probably only a limited range of movement (it can't 'walk' like a valkyrie).
  12. The VF-1 (and, presuumably, the VF-25) have additional structures (vanes maybe) inthe 'foot' section that would, likely, further constrict the exhaust. The other two nacelle/leg designs (-11 and -19?) probably removed or reduced those interior structures to reduce complexity/ make maintence easier.
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