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  1. Okay, so normally, i wouldn't mention this as Antarctic Press' comics Ninja High School and Gold Digger regulary reference and parody a variety of anime, manga, tokusatsu, western comics and movies and Macross is just one of many such to get referenced (sometimes even by name) or parodied. However when they put what appears to be a Macross on the cover, like they did for issue 294 of Gold Digger, I figure it deserves mention. Image from ebay
  2. I'd laugh if it turns out that, when HG's license comes up for renewal, if Sony/Funimation ends up licensing Macross directly from Tatsunoko instead. It'd be really funny if that turns out to be Sony's plan
  3. I seem to recall one or two episodes showing the one of leg/engine sections bent at the 'knee'. Though there's probably only a limited range of movement (it can't 'walk' like a valkyrie).
  4. The VF-1 (and, presuumably, the VF-25) have additional structures (vanes maybe) inthe 'foot' section that would, likely, further constrict the exhaust. The other two nacelle/leg designs (-11 and -19?) probably removed or reduced those interior structures to reduce complexity/ make maintence easier.
  5. Burn the heretic!! Seriously though, I like the song. Admittedly, it the only Minmay song that I actually like (though Shao Pai Long and My Boyfriend's a Pilot tend to get stuck in my head. Often). Still. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.
  6. And there Macross II missions in the Macross video games for the PSP and maybe the Vita one as well (not sure as I haven't finished the extra missions yet)
  7. No. I think the last few posts were basicly people saying just that.^_^
  8. Sorta. The Macross Frontier fleet was able to convert their conventional beam cannons into dimension eater cannons fairly easily.
  9. Actually, while a megabyte should be 1024 kilobytes it isn't standardized like the kilobyte (1024 bytes) and is often only 1000 kilobytes (and the same applies to gigabytes as well).
  10. Did you know that the AVRO Arrow could have been flown from the ground if anything happened to the pilot?
  11. Used to be easier to get Macross merchandise. Unfortunately, most of the stores that carried them shut down when the recession hit in the early 2000s, one i know closed when the owner retired, and the music stores i knew that were selling Macross cds were shut down. There are still a number of places in Metro Vancouver that do import Macross merch when they get them (unfortunately, not very often).
  12. Another Canadian here (and I live in the same city you do, peter). I don't know why it hasn't been mentioned yet but Macross II is a sequel to DYRL but not the TV series (so far at least). M2's continuity also contains two games that I forget the name of.
  13. At a guess the reason Hikaru started as a Sargeant instead of a Corporal lime Max and Kakizaki is because he already knew how to fly (and he'd already been in combat in a valkyrie) so he didn't have to go through badic flight training so was able to get some additional officer/NCO training.
  14. If you want Macross II references you might want to watch M7 again. A lot of the background music in the first few episodes come from MII.
  15. Just thought I should point out that Kusanagi's brain was always organic. The cyberbrain is an implant that interfaces with her brain, cybernetics, the ports in her neck etc. Even the almost 100% organic human, Togusa has a cyberbrain (the cyberbrain and it's related connections and ports are his only cybernetics)
  16. Crap. Seriously though, Robotech Remix is the latest robotech comic series. There is a thread about in the anime or sci-fi section.
  17. Macross II was released in both english dubbed and subtitled versions on VHS then rereleased as a 'movie' version. DVD has both english dub and subtitle tracks. It was Manga Ent., not US Manga Corps, that released them (originally US Renditions for Macross II)
  18. Is there any information about how the VF-24 compares to the VF-25, VF-27 or YF-29? How about the YF-29 vs. YF-30? I'm asking because I've gotten into a debate with someone about these and whether or not Zola (and the Macross 7 fleet) got monkey models of the VF-19 and, unfortunately all I can find on the Macross Mecha Manual about the 24 is on the Evolution.
  19. Somehow I doubt it'd be that good. I epexct The Room quality of dialogue.
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