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  1. Except maybe a little sun. It's rare that yellowing would improve a toy, but I think it might do the trick here.
  2. Perhaps in pods on the side of the nosecone, though those could easily be mistaken for FLIR sensors and cause confusion later.
  3. That was almost certainly why he didn't just roll up in his VF-22 from 7.
  4. They couldn't think of a plane to give MAX? The man who can turn anything into a viable fighter and they couldn't think of a single logical plane?
  5. Macross doesn't really HAVE a rogues gallery. That sort of concept requires, fundamentally, a failure to come to an understanding, and Macross is largely more hopeful than that. The franchise doesn't have recurring antagonists, because today's nemesis is tomorrow's friend.
  6. A fair point, and taken. I wasn't meaning to argue it, just adding that Urban Champion gets hit coming AND going.
  7. And it's an even worse time for a versus fighter. Urban Champion isn't adhering to the rules set by Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat a decade afterwards, and it is impossible to not be judged by comparison to them.
  8. A Nintendo-produced fighting game for the original Nintendo. It is widely regarded as rather awful by the kind of people that remember Nintendo games that came out before the Mario Brothers were super.
  9. *looks at the big gatling guns and missile racks on the orange one* Michealangelo is indeed a party dude.
  10. Also in using DLSS for frame interpolation on CPU-bound games. Yeah, that WILL double your frame rate, but it doesn't mean the card's perfoming twice as well. Just means you have frame interpolation.
  11. Oh, nice! I got the Arrowhead, I didn't know they were doing Ragnarock too. I assume it only came with the normal force?
  12. This one's really cool, actually. It is being done by the guy who did the La Mulana games. And the original La Mulana was inspired by... Maze of Galious.
  13. That's really disappointing. Especially since the problem is more or less solved for VR. They interpolate a new frame based on the current one and the previous one to keep frame rates high when the system is struggling to deliver the headset's native frame rate. Since a stable high frame rate and latency are both very important to reduce motion sickness, there's no games played. Oculus calls it spacewarp, I forget what Valve's equivalent is.
  14. There's a light at the end of the tunnel here. A standard US power socket is only rated for 15 amps at 120 VAC. And with mandatory safety margins, that's a sustained power draw of 1200 watts. Without rewiring homes for 20-amp or 240V outlets, they are banging near the limits of what they have access to and performance gains have to be earned with efficiency.
  15. Baby photos. Did you SEE what the tiniest Jenius did to those soldiers?
  16. Funny, I just got back into R-Type Final 2 myself. Only my copy says "Space Cosmo Fantasia" on the title screen. (The ability to change the title remains one of the funniest options I've seen in a game.)
  17. I haven't played Deedlit yet, but I've sunk a bunch of time into the dev's previous Metroid-em-up, Touhou Luna Nights. Sounds like Deedlit's very similar. I consider that a good thing.
  18. It seems quite likely that the recent mega-licensing announcement train will see new disk releases of most of the franchise, though I don't think anything's set in stone yet. I personally, am looking forward to adding a few BluRays to my shelves once it happens. It is worth noting, however, that several Macross shows have already had home video releases in the west. SDF Macross, Macross II, and western fan-favorite Macross Plus have all seen release on DVD in the past. These disks, though all out of print, should be fairly easy to find today. And though it never made the leap to digital video, the golden child DYRL saw multiple releases in the days of video tape. Most of these were licensed before Harmony Gold "realized" they "owned rights" to the entire franchise in the early 2000s anime boom. SDF Macross(the only show they ever had legitimate rights to, and everybody knew it) was actually sublicensed by Harmony Gold to two other companies.
  19. And we all GREATLY appreciate that they aren't just winging it, Apollo 1-style. We're goin' back to the moon, and NOT killing anyone to get there. Just... it's been a long wait, and these latest delays are frustrating. Especially since there's a very aggressive schedule for Artemis 2's manned lunar flyby in 2024 and Artemis 3's return to the lunar surface in 2025... and this schedule hinges on ACTUALLY LAUNCHING ARTEMIS 1 AT SOME POINT. (It was honestly doubtful for a while that they were going to keep this schedule, but... hope springs eternal.)
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