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  1. I'm guessing they win out over missiles because the lack of a rocket engine makes them harder to detect and counter while in-flight. Hence the continued service of the Metal Gear Monster.
  2. I readily admit I'll buy from the first company to make a Stampede Valk, regardless of who it is. It's stupid, but stupidly awesome.
  3. KITT seems the most obvious, as he's ALREADY a sentient robot car. I also wanna see 'em do Dukes of Hazard, but... yeah. Ain't no way that's happening.
  4. Which sounds AWESOME! You know what? That's fair. Haha! Well, I hope they live up to the accidental hype. I just think they're neat plastic robots, and if Transformers is going to be the entire plastic robot space then they can stretch their legs. I've been served enough red semis and yellow subcompacts/sports cars to last a lifetime, honestly. But I've never had an SUV made out of obsidian before! Also: Transformers x Knight Rider when, Hasbro?
  5. The neo-Rocklords(I guess they're called Infernac)... I'm kinda diggin' 'em. The vehicles have sort of a Flintstones vibe, and I'm here for it.
  6. I've said my piece before, but the reason everything looks off is that their 1J head is just fundamentally the wrong shape. It goes up from the visor and curves back, when it should have a flat slope going back from the visor instead.
  7. As someone whose only G1 combiner was Monstructor, he deserves to be six voyagers! Actually, I think all the combiners deserve this kind of lavish treatment. Shelf-dominators, sure but it gets them an oversized hulking presence that I feel fits them. Obvious problem*: I know the "Scramble City" designs need a larger torso-bot... bring back ultra? Or sell the combiners as a box set in commander or titan, so compromises can be distributed where they most make sense instead of each bot being held to a strict parts & paints budget? I think this is a genuinely good idea. I know they did this with Devastator and people were unhappy with the individual bots, but frankly anything vaguely modern is a huge improvement over G1 Monstructor, no matter how badly done. And since there aren't any interim versions to point at and say "Siege of Generations: Primus Rising had a better Bristleback than this forty-seven years ago", it'll just be "the best Pretender Monsters ever released" *aside from basically dedicating an entire line's Voyager assortment to a single team, but that's basically trivial!
  8. And while destructive interference applies to infrared as well as any other wavelength, it is usually emitted by the plane, which makes it harder to detect, analyze, and counteract. Also, the location of the sensor is unknown, so it can't be targetted.
  9. That's fair. ... But at least they didn't level the city with their shields in the process?
  10. If I remember the old novels correctly, that was because they were cannibalizing key systems off the SDF-1 to build the SDF-2.
  11. As I understand things, they've wanted to bring Sisko back, but Avery Brooks doesn't actually want to come back.
  12. They've floated the idea of doing something with MASK before. Most notably, they released a Matt Trakker figure in GI Joe back in 2008, complete with MASK logo on the package. I think they keep poking to see if there's enough market interest, then not seeing it. I'm not saying they're right(personally, I didn't know about the Matt Trakker figure at all until a few years later).
  13. I sort of feel like MASK being "the bastard child of GI Joe and Transformers" makes it a harder sell at Hasbro, where they already HAVE GI Joe and Transformers.
  14. Didn't he kind of hate Shrek because of how the band became known as just "the Shrek song guys"?
  15. Cute, but my Fromsoft tastes skew a little harder. So... plush Nineball when?
  16. Same. Is some other design probably a better Optimus? Sure, even if your tastes aren't "Sunbow or die". I've been quite fond of a few Optimii over the years. Is this the best the original toy will ever be, and the thing I thought was around as a kid? Heck yeah!
  17. I've definitely heard good things about Macross before. The "featured series" and "characters" sections differ too, with the english site omitting the DYRL logo from the former, and Hikaru and Minmay from the latter. I don't know for sure what it means other than "Harmony Gold is back on the menu". (If it is their fault, at least it's within the actual scope of their license for once.)
  18. I'm actually very disappointed that Delta saw fit to peek at Megaroad. ... Now that people know where she is, a rescue mission can presumably be mounted?
  19. I feel like there's room for a story about the Megaroad, but it couldn't credibly be about Hikaru, Misa, and Minmay. It would have to be about new people, with the old characters having the occasional cameo.
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