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  1. That's fine. Personally, I don't trust anyone whose desk is too clean. I'm also ashamed of all the random clutter on my desk, so... hypocrisy on my part. I set things down for a minute in a convenient empty space, and suddenly they have a forever home.
  2. And no lie, the only reason I was interested in the show was the character art, so I'm sad it's a trainwreck. At least we know she stands firmly in the "less than useless" category.
  3. KITT instead of KARR. They've made the right choice.
  4. So what I'm hearing is she's training the race AI by showing it what not to do?
  5. Bee's lookin' a little buff there. I'm worried he might've been overclocking.
  6. I'm afraid the Blu-Ray spec only supports disks made with regular atoms, not Dolby atoms.
  7. There's only one reasonable explanation. The VF-0 is based on reverse-engineered technology found in the wieckage ofs a time-displaced VF-11. The Shinsei brand was used for these experimental machines in honor of the source.
  8. Does that mean Sharon Apple's Ghost was Nineball?
  9. I accidentally found out this morning that Missing Link Prime has a feature of the original I just assumed was scrapped. The spring-loaded missile launchers are still sprung. Missile was safely recovered, but it makes me far more puzzled why they omitted the Roller launcher, when the latter has a significant impact on how the trailer interior LOOKS.
  10. I find it interesting that the promotional art is all original manga art. Their "cover art" is even actual cover are... with a real friggin' fuchikoma finally!
  11. Speaking of being a filthy geewunner.... I just realized that TakaraTomy has a good excuse for reissuing Missing Link Convoy repeatedly. G1 Optimus Prime had SEVERAL minor molding and coloration variants, and they could absolutely do "ML1+ Convoy - Blue Roller" and "ML1++ Convoy - Small Rifle" and "ML1+++ Convoy - Puffy Hands" and "ML1++++ Convoy - Black Toes" and sell the same mold five times with minor variation WITHOUT having to make up excuses. Missing Link is already supposed to be extremely toy-accurate, and everyone had a different toy. I thought of this while messing with mine and thinking "It's a shame Roller isn't blue". I am not rebuying because they issue Convoy w. Small Rifle and Blue Roller, but... some people certainly will.
  12. HG bought a merchandise license for DYRL a while back. I suspect the suspicion is the agreement between HG and Big West involves them abandoning their DYRL merch rights.
  13. Oh, I remember this game! Pity they shot it in the head when it was wildly popular. They lost all their momentum right then.
  14. I think it was more a case of caught with their pants down. They had WANTED the -19 and -21 to both fail and the Ghost would be the new fighter. But then it got hacked by a vocaloid with a god complex and they decided "you know, maybe we DO want a human in the chain somewhere", and their options were limited to the -19(wildly unstable widowmaker) or the -21(pilot's brain is part of the computer and ho boy are some pilots crazy!)
  15. It is EXPLICITLY called out in Macross 7 that Basara is an incredibly good pilot. He's not relying on the performance of his machine, he's just so good he can fly like a genius in spite of the fact that his machine has a guitar for a flight stick.
  16. As I understand it, NASA has a formal agreement with JAXA to develop it into a real vehicle in exchange for putting a JAXA astronaut on Artemis 2. God, I love living in a world where a lunar RV is a real thing in development.
  17. Yeah, if they do it and do it right, it'll be cool as hell.
  18. I did not expect that. Bumblebee was actually on the "non-viable" list in my head. Cool, though!
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