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  1. You're probably right. I enjoyed the first film. It had problems, but it was fun, and reasonably okay. But Into Darkness was a horrible trainwreck, and not the "so bad it's good" kind. I had no desire whatsoever to see anything more after Into Darkness, and I got the impression a lot of people skipped Beyond for similar reasons.
  2. It is also why Whoopi Goldberg was immediately waved away from Next Generation's auditions, and she had to explain to them that she didn't expect pay representative of her status as a popular Hollywood actress because being in Star Trek WAS the pay. Sort of an inverse Chakotay gambit.
  3. Ahhhh. Makes sense why they painted them black. Keeps them subsonic, since shockwaves are decidedly unstealthy.
  4. Story I heard is it was supposed to be painted kinda light-reddish, for low visibility during dawn and dusk operations. It wound up black due to statements that "real men don't fly pink jets."
  5. Apparently it is somewhere past "intentionally kills his own men during an operation" , since Britai defended his record in the friendly-fire incident(to his almost immediate regret as a victim of "intentionally causes a massive shipwreck on entrance to the theater of operations"). Maybe military discipline was handled by the protoculture and there's just no one left who can fire him? I suppose it is likely that these, umm, endearing personality quirks evolved over the years after he was birthed. That would at least partially exempt the original programming from fault. And if no one alive can fire him... he's just gonna be everyone's problem until he's put out of everyone's misery.
  6. In season 2. Or possibly never, but the plebes STILL think Robotech is the same thing as Macross.
  7. All the comments about how off-model the VF-1 is, but not one about the "Macross Hovertank"?
  8. I picked up 2018's Transforming Bullet Train Robot Shinkalion, out of a desire to have something lighthearted and predictable. It looked like a competently-produced genre piece, about young boys entrusted with way too much responsibility and authority, shouting about friendship and courage, and a plot that's traveling some well-worn rails. And it has delivered all of that, being both entertaining and predictable at the same time. Slightly odd in that it is sponsored not only by TakaraTomy, but also the Japan Railway Corporation. So our hero is a train otaku, and he might be allowed a little more time to share his love than one would expect. But still... predictable and enjoyable. Like macaroni and cheese, only with sword-wielding robots. ... And then Hatsune Miku showed up, my brain derailed, and I spilled my mac&cheese all over my lap in confusion. The Vocaloid mascot is a recurring guest character/train-robo driver. For some reason. I don't even know. And then the next episode featured a one-minute Evangelion parody as our hero goes train-watching and catches the arrival of a then-real Evangelion-themed bullet train(which the episode helpfully reminded viewers was scheduled for final departure later that month). And a brief bit of internetting after being very confused by the Miku mechu tells me there's a couple more guest appearances in store that just leave me wondering how they got the various licensors to approve this crossover. I'm just saying... this is still a predictable show about children fighting giant monsters with robot trains, but it is a fair bit weirder than I expected. I don't regret riding this train in the least.
  9. Man, I wish the toy-style toy was the one that made it to retail. I like the mold, I like this a lot better than "flat lavender", but I don't think I need two of this mold. Had I been given the option, I would've happily bought this instead of TV-style. But I wasn't.
  10. That pretty much sums up fifteen years of Robotech movie discussion in less than two dozen words.
  11. That would be absolutely glorious, and I trust Disney to lack the heart to do it.
  12. I'm gonna guess it is because it is a much more expensive toy, and the semi-opaque canopies are cheaper in some way. ... Also possible those cheaper toys are based on earlier revisions of the art.
  13. True story: My first Transformer as a grown-up was Alternators Shockwave. I still really like most of the Alternators. Though some, like the Dodge Ram mold, were just kinda junky? (Also, if I recall, the Ram was meant to be Ironhide before Takara went "But wouldn't Optimus sell better?")
  14. It also apparently makes the plastic prone to fracturing, and in a way that leaves sharp edges. Since these are nominally children's toys, and kids these days are big babies I never choked to death on a plastic rocket or put my eye out with a broken wing...
  15. "17 years later..." Not the most impressive bump I've seen, but it is up there.
  16. I wonder if this mold wasn't originally pitched for the Titanmaster line. Because I was thinking at the time that an insecticon chest was perfect for a headmaster saddle, and that would explain the chestplate having a hinge pin. Late revision to seal the chest, no one thinks to add a tab and slot to remove the need for a pin. "The original toy, but with more joints" sure seems a fair summary. And that's okay, really. It isn't gonna light the world on fire, but not every toy needs to.
  17. You know what the funniest thing about Cybertron Metroplex's vehicle mode is? The body is too large, and the digger arm too small. The pit mine diggers it is inspired by look like spindly delicate things, despite being some of the largest vehicles wrought by the hands of men.
  18. Some of the Cybertron designs were awesome. This... was not one of them. (Yeah, G1 Metroplex's transformation was also "sit down and hide the head", but he at least had the details needed to sell that as a vehicle.)
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