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  1. I thought I would start a topic for these instead of burying them in the Megazone 23 topics. Animeigo did a Kickstarter for a Megazone 23 Blu-ray a while back and had around 10 to 20 slots for original shikishi artwork from Haruhiko Mikimoto. But now Animeigo is taking separate shikishi commissions. What I like about this is, it is a bit cheaper than on the Kickstarter. Of course you don't get the Megazone 23 Blu-ray. But I remember being upset with the original shikishi because I think it was just a straight shikishi offer and it was like you should be pleased with whatever you get. No communication with the artist it seemed. Animeigo has the following on the site now. "You can make suggestions as to the situation, pose, and clothing." This is good as perhaps you can get something really amazing. But he can only draw Eve. Still I'm really tempted. And I hope this might open up the possibility of other series he worked on in the future. Price = $2,000 https://www.animeigo.com/products/mikimoto-eve-shikishi Previous Examples: I like the colors on both of these. I don't like the pose that much on the second one but the first one is really nice.
  2. I think it's just rubber in general that you really need to store properly or just expect it to degrade over time. I've seen people be wary about rubber materials on high end watches as well. But speaking about figures, I have Hot Toys 89 Batman and I don't have problems with it.
  3. Yeah I think that's the issue that people were talking about on the SideshowCollectors forum a while back. That and Hot Toys rubber bodies in general were causes to be concerned about if you did a lot of posing or didn't store them in good areas. I don't know anything about that ED-209 like why that would need to be a rubber type of material unless it was like that in the movie.
  4. More Rook! Always a good thing. I'll look into this one. I hope she gets released too. I'm not crazy about that flame part on the base. Might as well make the whole Invid mech.
  5. They are pushing the Skystriker in the final days. Let's see what happens. I also can't believe it's that price and they include stickers. I remember a youtube reviewer being shocked when he saw stickers in the package on a high end toy.
  6. I think Hot Toys made a Robocop. I vaguely remember Hot Toys's version of the big mech from Robocop having problems. I remember my first experience with Neca was poor. I saw the pre-order or promo pictures of a figure. I was looking forward to it. Then I saw it on release at a comic shop and it didn't look as well painted as that promo picture. I was kind of shocked. That was the first time I saw a real bait and switch type situation with a toy. I believe it was only an arcade game. I know I never finished it and it's on my list to find one day.
  7. Shame they couldn't do better with the faces. Other than that, the figures look fine. But I believe the rule I've heard many times is that you get the face right first.
  8. This Voltron reminds me too much of those Transformer's cassette tapes. Which were cool. But Voltron shouldn't be like this.
  9. Not yet. I have Mirage's original jet which I like. I watched the first 6 or so episodes. Right before they went to another planet. It was a two part I think that had the Silent Hacker song at the beginning. But anyway, the original jet wasn't difficult to get from 1999. I'm not one of the people who get hyped up for a pre-order. This stuff shouldn't be hard to get. If it is the company is doing something wrong.
  10. I'm going to watch the third episode tonight. I do prefer the look of the last short animation we received before the last movie. But most of the environments in Black Lotus are well done. Also, the lead character Elle is well designed. I wouldn't be surprised if we get a figure of her. I like the opening song too. However, at times the animation seems rough. And I hate it when people say movies look like a video game as if they are putting down video games. But the animation at times reminded me of not just bad video game animation but older video game animation. It seems to happen mostly on the side characters though. I'm not sure about the thing they are doing with Elle at times. I've seen it in other cyberpunk shows that I can't remember right now. We'll see how that plays out in future episodes. If you like cyberpunk anime I don't see how you can pass on this one.
  11. I hope it's the whole Robotech they work on and not just Macross. Let them not do what other companies do and we barely get any thing from the other two series. I've never purchased anything from ThreeZero but I've seen their products. So I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with Robotech. But like I've mentioned around here, I prefer Southern Cross and New Generation over Macross Saga. I also hope that whatever or whoever caused Prime 1 to make barely passable Robotech statues doesn't influence ThreeZero.
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