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  1. Yeah you can tell in lion mode that the Green lion is definitely different to Red lion. Need to see better pictures of the panels. That Robot Japan forum found a few more pictures from a Facebook site. But still not good enough. I would guess though that the panels can raise and lower to cover the legs in Voltron mode. And be underneath the legs in lion mode. You can zoom in on the original teaser image and see those panels probably aren't the pop on and off removable type.
  2. I think the nostalgia for old cartoons and items took off during the virus pandemic. People looking for old stuff to buy on ebay. Plus Thundercats didn't lose its popularity. He-Man is coming back. New Voltron series is popular. Why not Silverhawks? My immediate reaction to Galaxy Rangers is that we wouldn't get figures. Especially since they attempted some items and a possible comic revival back when the two volume DVD box set came out and interest wasn't there I guess. I was looking forward to the comic. But now I don't know or can't come to a solid conclusion yet. These limited product
  3. You know what I mean. Hot Toys would make them $200+ but the metal shine would be right. Do it right or don't do it at all. Unless they just want to make a low run figure that flippers or "collectors" can resell in the future. Personally, I would pay $200+ for a complete Silverhawks team from Hot Toys then I would pay $55 for what I'm seeing right now. I'm actually getting excited thinking about it. But I know it won't happen. Hot Toys didn't even make a 66 Batgirl to go with Batman and Robin. They seem to only make the really popular animated characters these days.
  4. Looks like a good attempt to me. Better than the Chogokin just because the legs are hidden in robot mode. Except on the Blue and Yellow lions front legs which I guess is for it to be stable. I still wouldn't care if they made an accurate non-transforming version. We'll see how the panels work soon I guess. Hopefully they tweak the Green Lion design too.
  5. I still haven't seen the full show yet. The opening is great. I watched the first episode and it wasn't as good as that great opening. Hopefully the show gets better. I might have to get these unless someone makes a better version.
  6. Might be worth a listen to people here as I've just about thrown in the towel expecting to see a nice line up of GI Joe figures in a store. I still can't believe that Walmart and Target are the places to go for toys these days. Although Toys R Us never had the newest figures way before they went out of business. It still shouldn't be like this. It's like some bad alternate universe.
  7. She's 1/3 scale. But the pose looks awkward without the bonus cape. I'll wait for a second attempt. Or decide on one of the Tweeterhead versions.
  8. I don't get that year wait. But I guess this is like Mondo and other small figure companies. Or the pre-order thing that companies love to do these days to collect money, free interest, and have consumers wait for the product. It really shouldn't be normal or acceptable. I don't remember Silverhawks figures being that expensive back in the day. I don't remember prices but I don't think any figure was more than $5. I'm talking GI Joe, He-Man, Visionaries. All the small figures. I would always get a few at a time. It wasn't like today with $20 figures or $55 for these Silverhawks. They are
  9. Anyone know the name of the song he has playing in the background from around 1 minute to 6 minutes? I would ask myself but I don't have a Twitter or Youtube account.
  10. I wish someone would upload those old Silk albums. Surely there is a Mega folder somewhere with all of them. All the old sites that had them have links that are down. Some youtube uploads I saw were edited the last time I checked. Maybe I'll just have to find the old CDs. It's cool having more Priss songs even though they weren't really in the anime.
  11. I hoped someone restarted the topic because the Priss Figma was coming out. Or maybe Animeigo was selling cels again. I never heard the original inspiration songs for the Bubblegum Crisis songs before. It would be surprising but I knew a guy who was into music far more than me who told me about bands ripping off songs before. Even popular artists do it. What's surprising is that people in Japan were listening to all this International music back then. But maybe it shouldn't be surprising for people who really like music to want to listen to music from other countries. Same with people who
  12. Statue prices are really going up. Although it's three statues. Weta just put a 1/4 scale Lara Croft vs Raptors up for $1500. I guess I also mention it here because in the design video, one of the guys had a Macross VF-1 kit box I believe in the background at 2:20. But anyway, if Sideshow gets this Motoko statue, we should be able to use points to get the price down. A lot of points are expiring this year since Sideshow changed their policy with Reward Points. I imagine some people have enough saved for this statue. I'm not one of them. But I've seen people with close to $1000 i
  13. Get your PSP, Vita, and PS3 game downloads before Sony stops the ability to purchase them this summer. This is why I prefer physical games. Sony already stopped the ability to purchase games for those systems via an online browser. You have to go though your system.
  14. I wa I want a Mei Ling MGS figure. But they didn't make Sniper Wolf look tough. She was too cute for her character. That's why I didn't get that one. They could make Meryl as well. Also, I updated the Ghost in the Shell items topic. But for the few that check this figure topic. Movie Motoko is coming out. But she's $1000 and 1/4 scale! I think they can do better for that price. But I was never crazy about that poster image. Never thought they would make a statue of that.
  15. New Baroness looks like they are trying to make her too cute and modern in the artwork. I still can't believe they made Baroness a good guy in that movie. But the Samara Weaving Scarlett artwork looks beautiful. I'll pick that one up.
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