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  1. If the cel is going to be held that long on screen, it probably needs to look good. You might be able to get away with a derpy looking cel if it's an inbetween cel.
  2. That also appears to be a static cel (it's labeled A1 Stop). It seems more likely that it was an error cel. I have another cel from Iczer-1 that is not the actual cel that appeared on screen, but doesn't appear to be a fake. I wish I could ask Hirano or Kakinouchi... 😛
  3. I enjoy both Dangaio and Hirano's earlier Iczer-One for the visuals and the overall aesthetic of OVAs of that era (yeah, the stories were fairly simple). Obari also worked on Iczer-One. This gives me a chance to share some of my cels from Iczer-One.
  4. That's a really nice genga of Yui! I'm a pretty big MZ23 fan myself. The original OVA is definitely my favorite, although I do like some things about the sequels - for example, I really like the soundtrack for Part III (even if the animation was kind of a train wreck). A cel or genga of Yui dancing or a nice shot of Eve from Part 1 would be what I would want if I had my pick of art from the series.
  5. I sold that cel on eBay to a buyer in Japan (via a forwarding service) who immediately put it on Yahoo! Japan at an inflated price (I didn't know they would do that). I've noticed that there are at least a couple of sellers based in Japan that trawl the U.S. eBay for cels they think they can resell to Japanese collectors at a higher price. I decided to part with that cel because it seemed to be deteriorating. It had noticeable oxidation spotting, which I wasn't too concerned about initially. However, one day when I checked on the cel I noticed that the sides had become wavy (although there was no vinegar smell). I had a few options: 1) Quarantine the cel from the rest of my collection; 2) Ship it to Cel Oasis for however many months and see if they could restore it; or 3) Sell it before the condition got any worse. I decided to sell it (for a very reasonable price), disclosing its condition, with the hope that another Macross cel will come along at some point. It's a little difficult for me to quarantine cels in my small apartment, and I didn't want to risk the rest of my collection getting contaminated. I hope for the sake of whoever bought it for triple the price that it does last for a while.
  6. I did see a cel from the first movie on Takamura-Store's site - I think it was last year. It was of Hikaru. You'd have to be pretty familiar with the first movie to recognize what the cel was from (I've seen it a bunch). But yeah, the only time I really see art from the first movie is when it's already in someone's collection. This cel lot is still on YJA, but the seller wants 99999 yen. :P They come with a certificate from Mandarake, but here also the cels are stuck to the douga...
  7. Sure. It was this one of Madoka disco dancing from the first OP ("Night of Summer Side"). I was surprised it went as high as it did. I was tempted to bid on it if no one else did, but a bidding war ensued...
  8. Here are the three Minmays that ended this morning on YJA.
  9. I figured those mecha settei on Heritage Auctions would end up going for a lot. I was watching three DYRL Minmay cels from near the end of the movie on Yahoo! Japan Auctions (and an OP cel from Kimagure Orange Road) this morning. The Minmays went for 245000 yen (eyes open), 129750 yen (eyes slightly closed), and 68000 yen (eyes closed - maybe I should have tried for this one). I think they were all stuck to their douga too. (The KOR cel, incidentally, sold for 203980 (!) yen after not receiving any bids until just before the auction ended). The market is really competitive right now.
  10. Well, this thread is pretty dead. I tried for a nice cel of Minmay singing "Shao Pai Long" last week, but I got outbid (which wasn't a surprise), I settled for this douga, my first Macross piece in a while.
  11. There have been a lot of great Macross cels on YJ recently from a particular seller, but they all appear to be coming down with vinegar syndrome (I'm guessing they were all stored together). This is pretty sad to see. There was a shot of Minmay from DYRL giving Hikaru a supicious look after he suggested they go to a hotel. The seller has a lot of other Macross cels (mainly from DYRL), but if they are vinegar-y, I wouldn't risk contaminating the rest of my collection. I also thought this topic was just for Macross cels. I don't get to contribute cels very often since Macross cels tend to be more than I can afford. I have managed to pick up a few nice cels from other series, primarily 80s OVAs. However, nice shots from other '80s anime are also becoming harder to find and more expensive.
  12. Here's the cel I bought from FM (thanks again!). It's from the same cut as the one that sold recently on YJ. However, she's missing her microphone. I'm guessing it must have been on another layer?
  13. There's a pretty nice Flash Back 2012 Minmay in the current BWA: https://ekizo.mandarake.co.jp/auction/item/itemInfoEn.html?index=639096 The starting bid is 80,000 yen, but I'm guessing it will go higher. It's from the same sequence as one I sold to another member here almost 20 years ago (although I think that one is nicer). The cel collecting community is a small world. There's also a nice DYRL Minmay on YJ right now: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e452426207
  14. Ugh... The Minmay wedding cel sold for 652,000 yen. I guess that opening price was not that crazy after all. There are a few other nice DYRL cels on YJ right now, like this set: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/q371033447
  15. That is indeed a very nice cel, but for that much, you could buy a decent Ghibli or even a Disney cel. You would have to be a pretty diehard Macross fan to drop that much on Minmay. I know of at least one dealer who thought a "wedding" cel they had came from the last scene of Macross (obviously not being that familiar with the series). They had it priced super high because they were under the impression it came from an iconic ending scene.
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