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  1. An outstanding auction. Heritage Auction definitely out did themselves, again.
  2. I like the character designs myself. Here are some sketches of Yui and Mai along with a Flagger cel .
  3. HA is definitely attracting quite a bit of attention from the Cel collecting community based on the final auction prices (plus buyers premium no less). Keep'em coming.
  4. What's interesting is the sketch is on Tokyo Movie Co. LTD letter head, they were know for Orguss. (later became TMS, now a subsidiary of Sega).
  5. I was originally thinking it might be part of a macross story book (a retelling). There definitely seems to be a lot of interest.
  6. That is the same question I ask myself each time I buy just one more Settei.
  7. Thanks Fortress_Maximus for the kinds words. I indeed was able to get one, the VF-1D in fact, how could I resist.!
  8. Did anyone else here participate in the Heritage Auction's Live International Comic & Animation Art Auction this weekend (March 13-14) which had a number of Studio Nue Macross Settei's / Model Sheets up for grabs? Collectors were definitely fighting it out based on the final prices with Buyer's Premiums. At one point when the 3rd Settei was up for bid (Armored VF-1J SOLD $11,250 w/t BP), the auctioneer mentioned "we definitely need to get more of these".
  9. Yep this anime cel arbitrage fad is getting to be real annoying. I guess they get lucky once and a while.
  10. Definitely a Yoshiyuki Takani treasure. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Looks like it sold for 601,000Yen, with 30 bids no less. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/q380777631
  12. Did you determine which book the Hanken cel came from?
  13. This set went higher than the yahoo price due to internal proxy bidders fighting it out. ~$950
  14. It looks like the Flash Back 2012 cel went for 180,000 yen, hopefully to a collector.
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