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  1. Interesting. I must have missed that category when the BWA went live. There are two more open still with time left to go.
  2. Just about nothing surprises me anymore.
  3. Yep just checked in the movie. The kite is colored-in in an earlier closeup shot, but not at all in this one. They must have just missed it and never made the correction.
  4. No I am not going to bid. Too rich for my blood, especially since I already have something of both of them (essentially). And why the kite isn't colored? I can only guess they missed it. It is colored in on the douga. Might be worth a look in the anime to see what it is like in the whole sequence.
  5. Yes I am quite interested to see where the mecha auction on YJ ends up as I have a cel from the battloid sequence and the matching douga for the valkyrie already in my collection. It would be nice to get these new ones as well but more than I am willing to spend at this point.
  6. Well no one in the end seemed to think the cel was worth the starting bid. The auction ended yesterday with no bids placed. Given the craziness of the market the last number of years I am slightly surprised there were no takers, but then again not too surprised.
  7. Bonhams is a rather old brick and mortar auction house. I don’t know if online is a new outlet for them, but this is the first time I’ve become aware of them. If the Heritage auctions are any clue this one might get some action as well.
  8. I have never heard of the auction site before. I saw it linked in another group. I am not bidding. Their starting bid is too high in my opinion for that cel. Plus if you read the fine print there is a 27.5% buyer’s premium on top of the sale price. That definitely makes it over priced in my opinion.
  9. Interesting auction if you all haven’t seen it. Very curious to see what action it might get, not because its a particularly great cel, but to see how auctions on this site go. https://www.bonhams.com/auction/27541/lot/54/the-super-dimension-fortress-macross-do-you-remember-love-lynn-minmay-tatsunoko-productions-1984/?fbclid=IwAR2xzzrAm41-7RcYU7CaRC_es7ADGBU2LWZGu0h26BVNLdEQx_O0Ay4AuYg
  10. Congrats. Attractive looking cel. I don’t think that is the correct matching background though. Doesn’t even strike me as being from Macross at all.
  11. Well I know now where to consign my collection if I ever want to sell.
  12. Ghibli art does indeed command a premium these days. I bought my one Mononoke cel many years ago and paid a pretty penny for it then. I could only image what it would go for today.
  13. I had forgotten I had this one. Not sure what part it is from, but definitely not the first one, which I watched last night. It was ok. The music was by far the best part, and I enjoyed the character animation. The premise was ok but the execution was a little wonky for my taste. I'll have to decide if I'll come back to the other parts or not.
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