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  1. Awesome!! Thank you so much for the info! Wonder if that was the case for layouts..
  2. Hey fellas.. Been a looong time posting.. actually i think i posted 2 years ago before i left for japan. Anywho. I NEED HELP from some of you who are knowledgeable about DYRL production staff. So my question is.. considering Shoji Kawamori was one of the two directors, did he sketch up the stoyboards and layouts for the movie? I've been obsessing over this for the last week and i cant find info anywhere.. Ive shared my production art collection several years ago on this forum but recently ive been haunted by this question.. I have three layouts from the production and trying to figure out if he sketched these up. *if you pay close attention to the handwriting on there, you can tell it's his writing *if you cross reference his notes and writing elsewhere... Also, the sketch appears to be his style too. Please help argh! Driving me crazy!
  3. Yeah i hear ya! This will be my second time there.. went about 20 yrs ago.. My wife was never into anime like me... my daughter used to be.. but not so much anymore now... i missed that. Watched fist of the north star movie with her when she was 12.. lol! She was speechless.. but couldnt stop watching it with me. Yeah.. we're gonna mostly be with a tour group.. but we will have one day free in osaka. We'll definitely be hitting up dotonbori and the castle! But it'll be a crime if i didnt hit up toy stores. Anywho. Thanks for all the info and advice! All u guys have been helpful -andrew
  4. Whoa... i heard osaka is cheaper.. no?? Well ill definitely be on the lookout.. i just hope my daughter and wife will be patient with me..
  5. Wow!! Awesome! Thanks for all the leads guys! Much appreciated! Ill post what i got when i return!
  6. Hey fellas, Not sure if this is the right topic to discuss on this part of the forum.. sorry guys if im posting this in the wrong place...(mods, please let me know where i can post this sort of topic if im in the wrong..) but I was wondering if anyone has visited osaka or lives there that know of any good toy store near dotonbori that sell a good selection of retro toys from the 70-80s, macross toys, or a good selection of gundam toys... Im only going to have 1 whole day to check out the city since the rest of the week will be with a tour group. thanks again as always1 -rusted
  7. Whoa.. good point there! Never thought about that. True.. i can see how they would produce less of em.. makes sense.. but im still surprised over the value of the newer ones being more! Sheesh! I guess i better bite the bullet.
  8. Huh... i see.. makes me wonder if some of my 84 bandai boxed ones were molested at some point.. Well.. makes sense.. I dont know too much about g1 transformer toys...but u think theyve been hacked as well? I cant see how some would go under the cracks and be sold as originals.. keep in mind.. i am aware the tf reissues have slight differences.. but maybe ppl frankenstein those too and box them up and sell em as original.. Man.. it's scary out there
  9. Nice!!! Wish my wife bought that for me.. she always buys me clothes!
  10. Right?? Thats what i was thinking. You would think that the older ones would have more value. Picture this.. it'd be like the reissue g1 transformers that are discontinued commanding a higher price than the original g1 transformers.. Ugh!
  11. Quick question.. i was searching around ebay.. and i noticed that the origin of valkyries and 2002 reissues are more expensive than boxed takatokus or bandai 1984 dyrl valks, which are in great to mint shape. why is that so? Only thing i could come up with is maybe demand? Maybe ppl want the reissues more cuz they're superior in quality.. Any ideas guys? Thanks!
  12. Hey thanks for the lead! Ill look into it..
  13. Hey thanks for the reply! I haven't broke opened my valk yet.. but hopefully jave something in my tamiya rc car spare screws bin.. Anyone has any idea about gettingreplacement springs for the hinges? Or any comparable ones out there that will fit? Any chunky experts here? Thanks again guys!
  14. Hey fellas! Long time member.. haven't posted in ages!! Anywho! It's good to be back. Just started getting back into macross. To celebrate, i just picked up 2 loose 1/55 valks. However, due to age, the joints are hella tight.. almost feel like theyre gonna snap when turned. Esp the forearm swivel. Also the screws are rusted. Anyone happen to know what screw sizes fit as a replacement? How about spring replacements in the legs? Let's say at some hardware store. Also, any tips on how to loosen up the movement of the non-spring joints.. would WD40 work to loosen it? Thanks for help in the past and now! Im just happy im back in! -Andrew
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