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  1. My 1D finally shipped from mykombini, they were shutdown last week for public holidays they told me.
  2. I am still waiting for mykombini, no reply from them yet.
  3. HLJ has the red up for sale aswell as blue and green for preorder
  4. As I was able to order a VF-1D do you guys think the super parts will fit into it? was thinking it might be worth getting the TV version so I can get some missiles for it aswell
  5. Bumping, lowered price as I just noticed it is missing the spare middle antenna/horn
  6. I need to sell some of my Valkyries and am looking at selling a DX VF-31F with Super Parts and an Arcadia VF-0A. DX VF-31F and Super Parts, Brought from Mandadrake and I have never transformed the figure, no markings around the hinges. It is missing the spare middle horn, I just noticed this. Super Parts I had fitted to Valkyrie - Sold
  7. I was able to order one from mykombini, hopefully they don't cancel it
  8. Thanks to @Ridden001 for all his help and his offer, it is much appreciated.
  9. Great transaction with @eevli thanks for all your patience on the dx Hikaru VF-1S, hope you enjoy.
  10. Ordered the second I saw it up, I love the Stormbringer, but really like the idea of building the GM Turbulence aswell. The colors just look great compared to the original Stormbringer.
  11. Sure I can do that, I have the Vf-1A still. Just been struggling atm as I lost my job, got diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, been in and out of hospitals over the last 2 months, almost died during this time, struggling with my boss paying me all that she owes me and trying to fight this all at the same time.
  12. Due to losing my job due to illness I need to let go of some of my Valkyries. Max VF-1A 230 USD plus shipping VF-1S hikaru - Sold Both have been opened for inspection but never been displayed.
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