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  1. Thanks for the link to lunapark, just ordered mirages so need to try my luck on preorder day, I personally prefer her color and head more than all but the 31a so I am happy.
  2. Thanks so much I have to enjoy it while I can. the I30n is the latest model with dct and it is an incredible vehicle, I gave it a launch today and it spins the wheels in 1st and second gear, the lsd in it is impressive.
  3. Thanks I was only given 4 months to live when I was diagnosed, if I didn’t end up in hospital I wouldn’t of survived 2 months. That was how close I was, but I am here living in what form I can. Some days it is bad pain and all that others is good so I take it as it comes
  4. I finally completed a valkyrie I always wanted , VF-1D with super parts. Finding a set of them for a decent price was a challenge. Also got a VF-2SS, I regret selling my first one so needed another. And also finally got myself a dream car, always wanted a turbo sport car and since I was diagnosed with terminal cancer I thought it was the time to get and enjoy with whatever time I have left.
  5. Well I have spent the last couple weeks trying to find a set of tv super parts to slap on the VF-1D. And finally got a set fromjapan for a reasonable price. it makes the VF-1D look awesome
  6. My 1D finally shipped from mykombini, they were shutdown last week for public holidays they told me.
  7. I am still waiting for mykombini, no reply from them yet.
  8. HLJ has the red up for sale aswell as blue and green for preorder
  9. As I was able to order a VF-1D do you guys think the super parts will fit into it? was thinking it might be worth getting the TV version so I can get some missiles for it aswell
  10. Bumping, lowered price as I just noticed it is missing the spare middle antenna/horn
  11. I need to sell some of my Valkyries and am looking at selling a DX VF-31F with Super Parts and an Arcadia VF-0A. DX VF-31F and Super Parts, Brought from Mandadrake and I have never transformed the figure, no markings around the hinges. It is missing the spare middle horn, I just noticed this. Super Parts I had fitted to Valkyrie - Sold
  12. I was able to order one from mykombini, hopefully they don't cancel it
  13. Thanks to @Ridden001 for all his help and his offer, it is much appreciated.
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