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  1. Thanks for the link to lunapark, just ordered mirages so need to try my luck on preorder day, I personally prefer her color and head more than all but the 31a so I am happy.
  2. Thanks so much I have to enjoy it while I can. the I30n is the latest model with dct and it is an incredible vehicle, I gave it a launch today and it spins the wheels in 1st and second gear, the lsd in it is impressive.
  3. Thanks I was only given 4 months to live when I was diagnosed, if I didn’t end up in hospital I wouldn’t of survived 2 months. That was how close I was, but I am here living in what form I can. Some days it is bad pain and all that others is good so I take it as it comes
  4. I finally completed a valkyrie I always wanted , VF-1D with super parts. Finding a set of them for a decent price was a challenge. Also got a VF-2SS, I regret selling my first one so needed another. And also finally got myself a dream car, always wanted a turbo sport car and since I was diagnosed with terminal cancer I thought it was the time to get and enjoy with whatever time I have left.
  5. Well I have spent the last couple weeks trying to find a set of tv super parts to slap on the VF-1D. And finally got a set fromjapan for a reasonable price. it makes the VF-1D look awesome
  6. My 1D finally shipped from mykombini, they were shutdown last week for public holidays they told me.
  7. I am still waiting for mykombini, no reply from them yet.
  8. HLJ has the red up for sale aswell as blue and green for preorder
  9. As I was able to order a VF-1D do you guys think the super parts will fit into it? was thinking it might be worth getting the TV version so I can get some missiles for it aswell
  10. I was able to order one from mykombini, hopefully they don't cancel it
  11. Ordered the second I saw it up, I love the Stormbringer, but really like the idea of building the GM Turbulence aswell. The colors just look great compared to the original Stormbringer.
  12. I asked for a refund back when the strike packs came out and they moved me to the second pre order, they would not refund so I contacted my Credit Card provider and got a full refund, once that happened my account t was banned and unusable, not like I am worried but NY isn’t worth the hassle.
  13. Finally got myself the Fix Figuration Rx-78, found one at a good price new sealed.
  14. Sorry to not post sooner been very sick, my package never ended up leaving Japan, it was send back to jungle and they are holding it till the shipping goes back to normal
  15. I had a update on my package, it was sent back to jungle, then sent back to post and has now been handed over for shipment, looks like I might get it eventually
  16. I have had a ems package at Japan post for 2 weeks and they just sent back to seller. I am in Australia but it isn't a good sign.
  17. I just loved its look in all modes, but yes the colour is a big part of it as well and I have always liked the vf-1a style head, so it just ticks all my boxes
  18. I finally got myself the only Valkyrie I had wanted from when I started collecting, An Arcadia VF-0A, listed for 35000 Yen from Mandadrake, used and opened. I received it this morning and it was brand new, still sealed. Of coarse I transformed this bad boy straight away to see if any of the legs come off, and I am proud to say both legs are perfect and no pin in the cockpit area sticking out, still removed the canopy as a precaution.
  19. Isn’t that for a model kit from aoshima, it even says the company name in the post
  20. At this point I am over and done with NY, I have had nothing but troubles with them, every order has been problematic. They don't even have the decency to let you know what is going on. If they would of come out and sent an email letting me know what is happening I wouldn't be as upset but they are useless for support and the prices they charge. I have ordered from other sites and never had these issues.
  21. Has anyone heard anything of the orders from NY shipping? I ordered mine within 24 hrs of the first preorder and they are telling me now I am not going to get it till April 2020, I am honestly not happy with them atm.
  22. To me it is the VF-31, but mainly the 31A. But following that it the VF-25 they both just look good in all modes.
  23. I just recieved my VF-1A from Plaza Japan, I am very impressed with them, ordered Thursday night, shipped Friday afternoon and here in Australia on Tuesday. I opened up and checked the shoulder hinges on mine and they are correct.
  24. The video plays fine in Australia, maybe HG blocked it due to the music
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