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  1. Dynames R3 looks pretty nice, but it goes in the category of "I don't mind owning this, but not at this price and I want your greener more sniper looking brother" and while were at it give me that MB Virtue the took these weapons from. Come on Bandai make the damn team for 00 suits.
  2. That upgrade set looks intense. While I don't need all the extra guns, the funnel effect parts and stand would be great additions to the current kshatriya.
  3. Hopefully, you also have a few other orders coming in at that time to get the free shipping. Otherwise, single shipments under $150 from TCP have gotten pricey.
  4. I ordered from the chosenprime. They got unit 01 2-3 weeks ago. They also seem to be getting a lot of threezero products pretty fast.
  5. I think you'll be quite impressed with the Unit 01 from threezero in-hand. Excellent heft, and a good amount of articulation, but could be better. The size is also great at around 9 inches. The color in-hand is also quite true to the movies with a satinish / pearl like shimmer to the paint. No erroneous gimmicks or over-engineering going on here. Just a good solid, heavy EVA that feels like a metal pole that is articulated.
  6. Contact the CCS Toys manufacturer email. oversea-support@mile-stone.jp They should get back to you very quickly!
  7. Whoever was transforming that copy of the Zeta might have forgot to pull down the red panel that locks in the waist in place and then tried to force the waist to move resulting in the breakage. Not too worried here, Stiq's release had some folks breaking the landing gear because they tried to pull them straight out when you should pull them out at the angle of where the hinge is.
  8. Amazon JP gives you 6 days to revise your payment before they cancel your order.
  9. I added MP-44 KO version 2.0 to the first post.
  10. Both of the metal robot spirits figures should be on the first post above.
  11. New items added to the first post! Metal robot damashii figures for sale.
  12. Thanks to @sqidd for an excellent transaction. The item was well -packed and shipped in a timely manner.
  13. Ohhh Ballzy. A 1/72 upscale of the MB Destiny is neat. With a company name like McShow that's hilarious. I wonder if this is Mo Show under a different name or someone has a sense of humor and trying to copy of the Mo Show name.
  14. Hmmm by 2023 I wonder if I will still collect toys by then. I hope after Hoquet's legioss gets released they show a nice tease of a painted ride armor for her and an imminent pre-order date to complete the team.
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