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  1. I'm sharing "The Men Who Made Macross" with English subtitles soon. After that there will be a Spanish version based off of English subs. I hope it will be freely available in as many languages as possible. This TV only release is different than what's on the blu ray. Fan made and strictly for private use no profit. I'm just putting the finishing touches on it. More soon.
  2. Hey Seto, I'm curious what your source for this information was? Pretty interesting details! Thanks!
  3. What is in the box please? Thanks! Need more pictures all around.
  4. @scand fyi that version of the Yamato VF-1D did not come with the extras that you described. The version with those option parts says 35th anniversary across the top.
  5. I've done it on mine. It's not difficult. It just pops right off. It's certainly implied here when he puts the arm on:
  6. Yet another top notch exchange with @jrhudson311! Thanks!
  7. @Alto-23 I have been extremely easy to deal with. Here we are weeks after. I am removing your info as requested due to the refund which I asked you for of $200 which goes even further to show how reasonable I have been. Thank you for finally refunding after repeatedly having to ask.
  8. @Alto-23 still awaiting refund please. Thank you.
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