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  1. It's the same guy. Many animation framing companies recommend that lab. Give him a call and ask, he knows a lot about the anime cels from the 80's and how they were made. You can send a piece from your collection to him to evaluate. The man gives lectures around the world teaching on art preservation and restoration.
  2. wow, yea I guess it's worth it if it's 1-200 dollars which I think that's his price range for some really key pieces. I want to have some cels separated from backgrounds that are stuck. He said to send them in to check them out to see what can be done.
  3. https://www.srlabs.com/ Ron Stark, he's been doing it for over 40 years VERY informative. I learned a lot from him.
  4. Thanks for the advice guys, what about sending it to this pro that does the preservation? He said the inspection is free but most times all pieces need to be treated and acid removed from the paper with some type of calcium treatment.
  5. I agree and that definitely makes sense that’s what that professional guy told me that everyone would be doing it if it was a process that worked however I don’t think people would like to have their art pieces in resin even if it did work. I guess I can ask the company if this process will illuminate hydrolysis. It’s really a shame because you can preserve Nice piece and it can maybe last for 10 or 20 years or so and then start deteriorating from within possibly but I wonder how much life these cels/ back rounds currently have being in their mid-30s .. if they last another 50 years or so
  6. I'm still stuck on the idea of sealing art. I spoke with apparently the most professional animation art preservation dude around and he said it's a bad idea because if it deteriorates in the resin there is no turning back.. I think that the art can be preserved perfectly and last MANY more years in resin. Aside form discoloration being exposed to light it should be good. This company has a resin specifically made for sealing art and has UV protection as well. They suggested the art be sealed first to prevent any gases from being emitted from the background causing bubbles. I still strongly fee
  7. When I get on my computer later tonight I’ll verify if it was used on the show or not
  8. I wonder how hot and if it’s enough to damage the piece unless something could be put over the background prior to the resin being poured over it to prevent the heat from damaging it there must be a way to preserve this art permanently sunlight can’t damage it but you can get some type of “sunglasses“ they can go over like shades and that’s your leisure you can remove it to look at the art there must be a way to be able to display it without it deteriorating ...
  9. You are right about the light factor maybe there could be an extra coat of some type of protection but I feel that if the background and the Cel weather slightly separated in different layers with in the resin or stuck together it would preserve it for such a long time like a very thin block of resin . It would definitely need to be tried on cheaper pieces just to experiment with it . It is just so frustrating that framing it is not really good and shortens the life of the art but the question is is some of these pieces still look really good even with vinegar syndrome after 36 years or
  10. Thanks for the information hey I just had this crazy idea !! What if you could seal the Cel and background in resin!!!?!?! It would be preserved like forever you can have a matte finish to the resin or a glass you will never have to worry about it deteriorating ever !! Or like you see animal specimens or flowers that are in solid resin cubes they would last forever !! Any thoughts on that?
  11. I spoke with a professional art restorator/conservator and we were discussing framing cels with backgrounds. He said that these Macross cels/drawings and backgrounds need to be deacidified with some type of calcium treatment or something like that. He said the paper that the backgrounds were on were not acid free. Also, he said acid free portfolio album's backing matte etc is not acid free. It is made acid free but once it touches the air the acid from the water in the air attaches to it so it's not truly acid free. I found all of this info to be very interesting cause I like to frame some goo
  12. I'd like to stop the discussion about me reselling cels, quit dogging me and that's it. Whenever I post a new cel someone almost immediately has a comment to say or refer to me as a "dirty scalper" etc.. I LOVE Macross and collecting the cels. I happen to resell/trade them from time to time that's it period.
  13. Dude, whatever if I don't buy, 100% other ebay scalpers will like urbanthj. I have seen it then relisted quickly at a MUCH higher price. A lot of them I keep as well, they probably don't. I don't do it really to help others but in a way it really is beneficial like I said a cel that will sell for 30 I resell for 120 for example I'd be lucky to break even. Why? The proxy bidding fees, shipping, ebay sellers fees and shipping to the buyer what do ya make a few bux? Now that same 30 dollar cel if bought by a japanese scalper would sell it maybe for 300 and not incur a lot of the additional fees P
  14. Exactly!! Hahaha., jk. Nothing wrong with buying, keeping some and selling the rest, what I do is beneficial at the end of the day. Gettin cels out of Japan and people outside of japan can buy at decent prices. No need to exlpain myself to anyone anyways. I am a huge Macross fan and love collecting nice cels, selling some too.
  15. This one sold for over 23k a while back. Wow. https://ekizo.mandarake.co.jp/auction/item/itemInfoEn.html?index=266361
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