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  1. Oh wow, I have cel from this sequence too. I never did know the actual video it came from until now.
  2. Awesome, i'll check out the episode. Thanks!
  3. Wow, this thread is still going! Been out of the cel & Macross toy hobby for almost 9 yrs., but picked this up recently as a Christmas present...sleepy looking Hikaru/Rick in uniform. First cel purchase since 2012! If anyone can point me to what episode it might be from would be appreciated.
  4. So jealous that collectors are still finding Macross cels. I've pretty much stalled on cel collecting since the prime cels are just too hard to find these days and I don't have the fortitude to deal with Y!Japan anymore. I do check cel sellers at cons I go to but they're mainly American 80s cartoons.
  5. Still no Macross cels and haven't really gotten anything Macross/Robotech-related in years except these two items that I don't think I ever posted. Got Tommy Yune to sketch Hikaru for me a couple years ago at a local con. Also, commissioned a sketch from Udon artist, Long Vo, at SDCC of Hikaru as well. Got a Minmei one from Long Vo last year too but I need to go find it.
  6. baronv


    Macross art and stuff.
  7. Golly, I haven't checked MW in a while and now I see jvmacross is the true Macross cell collector connoisseur these days. It used to just be a handful of Macross cel collectors like Mokman and I and a few others several years ago bidding on these. Glad I retired from the cel game, no way I can compete anymore. Stuff is looking nice!
  8. Aw man, I leave MW for a few years and come back to it being held in my home town? Sorry to have missed this, it looks so large now compared to when they were held years ago when I first joined MW.
  9. Haven't updated in a while. Picked up a couple Marvel cels at San Diego Comic Con 2012 this year. Almost bought more X-Men cells at reasonable prices but had to slap myself in order to not break the bank.
  10. Anyone recommend a free fax service (none of the 30-day free trial stuff) to receive faxes? I used to use K7 before they shut down.
  11. Still looks cool, wouldn't mind a vinyl CMS or gashapon version of it to just sit on top of a desktop.
  12. Was Voltron shooting double-guns in the trailer there? Was hoping for a good show, but now it looks like another Voltron: The Third Dimension-quality level show.
  13. Here's the remnants of what's left of my collection/ After collecting heavily for the last 10 yrs. I sold most of my toy collection over the last 2-3 yrs. The only figures I keep on display are these in my home office. I don't buy much anymore, but if it can fit in the display, I'll still consider it I still need to catalog what I have left that is boxed up from my last move.
  14. You got some crazy cels there jvmacross, very ncie stuff. One day I'd like to find the VF-22 cel. Only recent cel purchase of the last few months:
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