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  1. I used the stickers on my original yamato sdf 1 and honestly I didn't like the look if them very much and because of how old those stickers are they won't last that long. I ended using paint it my self and it looked alit better.
  2. Just opened these up and was really surprised on how well they were. I'm differently picking up the mk2 now.
  3. Just saw that pre orders are now open at BBTS
  4. Is that the version 1 ed-209? I know the second version I have I bought used and the owner fixed the canopy before he put it up for sale so I lucked out with it.
  5. If they are re releasing this I hope that we get another shot at getting the metal build sazabi. It's the one figure I regret not being able to pick up
  6. I have to disagree here. I've had my for over a week now and I've had no problems what so ever. The paint is crisp, and all the joints are tight on my copy. Is it the best figure out, no but for $130 I think it was awesome and worth it. With figures like this everyone will have different experiences. I've seen people spend more and get a lot less. I say if your a fan of the strike you should check it out.
  7. My copy from nin nin was sent out Thursday by dhl.
  8. Just got an email saying my mcshow strike got shipped out today, so hopefully I'll have it in about a week or so. Was on the fence but for 168 shipped I couldn't resist.
  9. Honestly, the American version. That's the one I grew up with I really like the soundtrack with tangerine dream
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