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Found 9 results

  1. I know this is already being stalked about in anoother thread but wanted to start its own. Did anybody here get one of these yet? I want to get one but not sure so I am waiting for peoples opinions.
  2. https://super7.com/search?q=silverhawks Possible Ultimates or Reaction figures coming from Super7 later.
  3. https://comicbook.com/anime/news/voltron-live-action-movie/ Please post about toys and other topics in their own threads.
  4. Hi Everyone, For Sale is a New/Unopened BANDAI Soul of Chogokin GX-71 Voltron aka Go-Lion as it’s known in Japan. Local Pick-Up $650 in Garden Grove, California OR $685 Shipped within the Continental USA (Excluding Hawaii & Alaska) with Tracking & Insurance. Sorry No International Buyers. Payment via Paypal (Friends & Family) OR add 3.5% to the total. For Local Pick-Up, cash is welcome. If you'd like to see my ebay feedback please reference my User ID: adankree. If you're interested please PM me or email me directly at tecromdesigns@yahoo.com Thank you, Felix/Tecrom Designs
  5. http://www.robotech.com/news/viewarticle.php?id=496 Starring Space Pirate Roy Harlock!
  6. I'm offering my MP Vehicle Voltron 2.0 in excellent condition. This unit has been displayed but remains in like-new MIB condition with all original packaging and inserts. This is a fine example with no issues or flaws. The MPVV stands about a head taller than a Toynami Lion Voltron, with tremendous diecast content and lots of ratcheted joints - it really looks and feels great in the hand. Price is $165 shipped in the Lower 48. I will ship internationally at additional cost with an agreed quote. Payment by Paypal - please add 4% or send payment as gift. I'm on the SSL and have traded at MW for many years. * SOLD *
  7. With an official Voltron toy from Mad Toys in the works and Dangaio coming out soon on Blu-ray. I was thinking, what are the best or fan favorite combining robots? And do they have good toys available? These are the top that I remember. Voltron Lions I think Voltron is the first combining robot that I ever saw and maybe still the best. The idea of robot lions that can fly and also transform into a large robot was and is just as cool as the Macross Valkyrie. And the form Blazing Sword weapon and animation is probably one of the best scenes in animation. GunbusterProbably the second best combining robot. The anime was serious too. The passage of time thing was something I didn't expect. The Soul of Chogokin version looks really good. I missed the first version and I'm going to get the color version. DangaioThere was something more destructive about Dangaio compared to the others when I first watched it on a bootleg VHS. I don't remember at that time seeing large robots fight in the middle of a city. And although many of the weapons like the sword and shooting hands were in Voltron, the more complex design of the ships and Dangaio was something new. I wish someone would make another toy other than that expensive version. Mighty OrbotsI always liked this cartoon. It was one of those Saturday morning shows that was always on early. Even as a kid something didn't seem right about the Orbots though. I could kind of tell it was like Voltron, how the robots came from certain areas like the ocean. But when they combined it seemed wrong. Now I see that the scale is crazy. But I still want a toy version and they could release a complete DVD or Blu-ray while they are at it so I can see the whole thing.
  8. As part of my continuing collection downsizing, I'm offering a nice selection of art books for sale. I'm also offering the last few toys I have on hand - please see descriptions and photos below. All items have been well kept and are in excellent used condition unless as noted. Please send a me a private message listing the items you're interested in. Items are sold on first-come, first-served basis. I accept Paypal and am on the SSL. Price includes postage within the Continental US (I am located in Southern California). There will be additional cost for international shipping. Books: Macross Gold Book - Macross: Do You Remember Love Data Bank w/ Case, Obi and Poster (no filmstrip) 404pp $140.00 Variable Fighter Master File Vol. 1 VF-1 Valkyrie 128pp $25.00 SOLD Variable Fighter Master File Vol. 2 VF-1 Valkyrie 128pp $25.00 SOLD ARII-IMAI Magazine for Anime & Hobby Fan Vol. 7 Macross & Orguss 22pp $8.00 Macross Do You Remember Love Movie Program 1984 26pp $10.00 Figure-OH #130 Macross Age 11/2008 168pp $10.00 Mospeada Complete Art Works Entertainment Archive 156pp $55.00 SOLD Gatchaman Film Comics Vol. 1 (160pp) & Vol. 2 (160pp) $20.00 Roman Album #62 - Aura Battler Dunbine 142pp $12.00 Roman Album #59 - Galaxy Cyclone Braiger w/ Poster 106pp $12.00 Toys: Miracle Productions Voltron Vehicle Force (v2) - Complete with all accessories. This unit is like-new and flawless $160.00 Takatoku 1/60 Gerwalk Nikick MBG-24C - Taiwan KO - Toy is in great condition. Includes gun and two missiles. Box is rough $30.00
  9. updating as i go along. Unless otherwise noted, Prices INCLUDE shipping to lower 48 states in USA with tracking and Insurace. Add 4% for Paypal fees or send as gift. Also please note I do NOT ship internationally as its a real PITA for me to do so. Sorry. Macross #M2 Bandai Robot Spirits Queadluun Rare (note this is the red one, not the green one) MISB $20 New #M6 Max Factory Sheryl Nome Figure MISB $100 (this one has a HUGE box so free shipping makes this a steal!) VF-0A "unknown soldier" (aka NOT the Shin release) - figure has been on display but never transformed from fighter mode. Box is excellent condition. Comes complete with instructions box etc. - $210 $185 SPT Layzner Bandai chogokin soul spec xs-02 original release. MISB but box has some wear to it $120 Bandai chogokin soul spec Mark II (the one that transforms) MISB , box in excellent condition. Comes with brown "shipper box "too, although that seal is broken while product box is not and still sealed $150 Voltron: V#1: Dream EX DIE CAST SERIES F-01 Voltron GORAION MISB. . (This is an awesome diecast SD version of Lion Voltron!!) $80 $75 Transformers and 3rd party transforming toys I gear raptor skywind or thunderwraith excellent condition, complete with box and instructions. transformed once and displayed $77 EACH 2. Hasbro Transformers Generations Wheeljack + Hasbro Transformers Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks + Hasbro Transformers Reveal the Shield Special Ops Jazz + Hasbro Transformers Generations Junk Heap- All- Mint on Sealed Card (MOSC) - $50 for all 4!!
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