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Found 6 results

  1. Discotek Media is releasing the full, 6-part Aim for the Top! Gunbuster OVA in April on blu-ray. Will include unspecified special features and a brand new English dub. It's available for preorder on Amazon and RightStuf.
  2. Ive been reading through the intriguing Japanese wikipedia regarding Gunbuster lore, where it states the Luxion (ship Noriko's father commanded) was both constructed and launched in 2006 (unfortunately dose not state month and day of the launch). However other western sources Ive come across states it was launched either on the 23rd or 24th of August 2013. Would anyone happen to know when it was actually launched? Japanese source https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/トップをねらえ! Western source 1 (23th August claim) http://www.toponeraegunbuster.com/Gunbuster-Starships.html Western source 2 (24th August claim) https://gunbuster.fandom.com/wiki/Luxion http://web.archive.org/web/20080117161346/http://www.bandaivisual.us/gunbuster1/mecha.html
  3. I think there are a few Gunbuster fans here. I never thought I would see this original for sale. It just ended yesterday. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n338940405 I attempted to win but it went too high for something that I haven't seen in person. I'm actually surprised it didn't go higher. But it looks like the real deal. Whoever won it could have a nice setup with the Gunbuster chogokin and that old Kotobukiya Noriko figure. Too bad they still haven't released this kit as a painted figure. https://myfigurecollection.net/item/75945
  4. With an official Voltron toy from Mad Toys in the works and Dangaio coming out soon on Blu-ray. I was thinking, what are the best or fan favorite combining robots? And do they have good toys available? These are the top that I remember. Voltron Lions I think Voltron is the first combining robot that I ever saw and maybe still the best. The idea of robot lions that can fly and also transform into a large robot was and is just as cool as the Macross Valkyrie. And the form Blazing Sword weapon and animation is probably one of the best scenes in animation. GunbusterProbably the second best combining robot. The anime was serious too. The passage of time thing was something I didn't expect. The Soul of Chogokin version looks really good. I missed the first version and I'm going to get the color version. DangaioThere was something more destructive about Dangaio compared to the others when I first watched it on a bootleg VHS. I don't remember at that time seeing large robots fight in the middle of a city. And although many of the weapons like the sword and shooting hands were in Voltron, the more complex design of the ships and Dangaio was something new. I wish someone would make another toy other than that expensive version. Mighty OrbotsI always liked this cartoon. It was one of those Saturday morning shows that was always on early. Even as a kid something didn't seem right about the Orbots though. I could kind of tell it was like Voltron, how the robots came from certain areas like the ocean. But when they combined it seemed wrong. Now I see that the scale is crazy. But I still want a toy version and they could release a complete DVD or Blu-ray while they are at it so I can see the whole thing.
  5. I've been searching around for the old Creations line of artbooks by Movic. I own a few myself: Dangaio 2 Creations, Gunbuster, and Zillion Creations 2. I want to know if anyone has other Creations artbooks from old anime shows? Or from the 1st and 3rd Dangaio episodes? I know there is a 1st Creations book for Zillion. Thanks.
  6. After reading some of the comments in the Southern Cross topic and thinking for a while. For the first time I came to the conclusion or perhaps realization that a lot of the anime I like might be past its selling point for most. I grew up with this stuff and it’s still cool to me. Sometimes it feels like yesterday even though it was back in the 80s or early 90s. I still want items from these shows but the majority either don’t or grew out of it. Which is sad because current technology allows many anime toys, models, and figures to be produced at high quality. I even came up with a new project idea while thinking about one of these older anime shows. To me Southern Cross is great. I still want a hovertank, hovercycle, and Dana figure. I was listening to the music from Zillion and remembered that we never got the full series over here. I only have some of the VHS tapes. Something happened to my SEGA Master System games. I need to get them again. I still want well done Dangaio team ships that are transformable with fairly detailed figures. Accurate Voltron lions ever since it was mentioned in a topic here. So much should be coming out but it's almost like we get a tease and then a cancellation. I’m still upset about Rook’s cyclone / ride armor. There was a good Noriko kit from Gunbuster that never came out or is so rare I can’t find it. And of course figures of Minmay and others from Macross since the days of unpainted kits being the best you can get are long gone. Do you guys still want this stuff? Or are you satisfied with what we are getting?
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