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  1. That's the first Sideshow Predator. The accurate one since I believe they worked with Stan Winston's studio or the original designs. They said something like that on the Statue Forum. This is the recent one I was talking about with the small bit of water on the base. What sort of currency are you talking about? I only attempt to get one statue or figure of a favorite character. So it's a matter of waiting for what I want. I was too late to Sideshow for the Predator you have I think. Or I didn't get back into Predator then I can't remember. Same goes for the Sideshow Dutch statue. I know I didn't get Sideshow's Alien Warrior from Aliens either. Both the original Predator and Alien statues are worth a lot now. Thanks. I remember seeing stuff like that in museums when I was young. I thought they were custom designs. Never thought someone would set that up in their home.
  2. Out of all those I'm only really looking forward to The Marvels. Thor 3 was a good surprise but I'm not sure the director will be able to strike magic twice.
  3. Even though I like Back to the Future. I don't need figures for the movie. I'm surprised Hot Toys is making so many. Yet won't make a 66 Batgirl figure to at least complete that series.
  4. I think that's why I liked the reveal at the end of Predator 2 with the skulls and the gift of the gun. A big Predator fan on youtube named Neny Dee does custom Predator stuff and has a replica of that gun. I might want to get one of those myself. But you see that ending as a kid and it's amazing and opens up all kinds of things. But after that it's just been disappointing. I believe Neny Dee really hated The Predator as well. I remember people liking Predators. But that was the first one I remember to lessen the original Predator for new themed Predators that basically showed up to die. I didn't know there were that many Predator books. Seems like Star Trek. I just got a hit of nostalgia remembering all the Star Trek paperbacks in mall bookstores like Crown Books and Walden Books. I could only follow so many series back then and only got a few of those for the covers. Maybe I'll look into the Predator stuff in the future. Which Sideshow Predator statue do you own? They made a bunch. I was considering the last one. There was debate on the Statue Forum about which was the most accurate. I believe some said the first release. I liked the most recent one but it didn't have enough water to me. That water feature on the Cinemaquette was amazing. And that water scene in the original Predator freaked me out when I was a kid. You think Arnold escapes and then the Predator hits the water. Prime 1 Studio made a version I was going to get before the 1/3 scale reveal. It was called the Big Game version. It's quarter scale. But it was designed like the original Predator Jungle Hunter and has a bunch of stuff from the movie on the base. https://www.prime1studio.com/dhpr-big-game-cover-art-predator-pmdhpr-03dx.html I think I might need to attempt a city scene like that. Are those buildings and street pieces custom or separates that you can buy from a company?
  5. That Batman vs Predator vs Aliens fan film was from a long time ago. But I recently watched from the same director I think a Batman vs Joker short film which was good. And I have his Batman vs Killer Croc short film to watch. Predator as the hero? I remember seeing Predator in theaters not knowing what to expect but a good Arnold movie. So the Predator surprise was scary to me. I do remember liking that Alien vs Predator comic. I still have it somewhere. I liked the setup to the first Alien vs Predator movie. I thought it was going to be good from those opening scenes. Thinking about it. That opening is kind of similar to Prometheus. But once they get to the temple in Alien vs Predator it kind of falls apart. I do like the actress in it though. Maybe if they attempt another Alien vs Predator they can use the Machiko Noguchi character. That's another chance for them to get an Asian female leading role. I was tempted to get the statue Sideshow made of her. But they gave her the Sideshow tan that many of their statues got in production back in those days. I guess there is the chance Kotobukiya might attempt to make her one day. You've read more Aliens and Predator stories than I have. I think the Alien vs Predator comic was it for me. Did you see these commission posters from a while ago? Prime 1 Studio is making a bunch of Predator and Aliens statues as well. Tops being the 1/3 scale Predator that is comparable if not a remake or upgrade of the Cinemaquette version.
  6. From what I remember the Predator Dark Ages fan film is better than any recent Predator movie. I'm talking anything after Predator 2. I consider Predator and Predator 2 the only good movies in the series. I guess the idea for the new movie is ok with wanting a female hero. It's really nothing new for anime fans though. Just for modern audiences. What they need to do is resist the urge to make everything bigger. I think after Predator 2, every Predator was getting bigger or like that Alien/Predator mix. Which honestly I never liked the idea of the Alien hybrids even though I know the original Alien had the human skull in the dome.
  7. This guy needed more than a biker assist. It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who will push their luck on public roads. I was guilty of it but one slip up or patch of fluid on the road means disaster if not worse if you injure someone else.
  8. Remembered it! The Battle of Algiers. Really worth watching. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Battle_of_Algiers That Spielberg / Hanks produced Band of Brothers was good as well. Better than Saving Private Ryan to me. I need to rewatch both of those Navarone movies.
  9. War movie? How about Glory. I didn't expect Ferris Bueller to be good in it. The whole cast seems to be full of now popular actors. The director also made The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise. He seemed to get out of his Tom Cruise action star role in that one. Also Defiance with Daniel Craig. I kind of remember Black Book being pretty good. I'm not an expert on war movies though. There is another really good one that I can't remember right now. One of those recommended top movies to see. I think more of a story about a city under siege or occupation. Like a documentary movie it feels real. I don't want to spoil the ending with describing it too much. I think it's set in a Middle Eastern or desert type city. Possibly black and white. I saw it years ago. A bunch of top directors recommended it. I wish I could remember the name or find it in a quick search. I'm sure I saw it in one of those top movie lists. Or a director like Michael Mann said to watch it. This is like that Honeymooners episode when Ralph can't remember the name of something.
  10. I was hoping for a realistic head sculpt of Captain Carter as well. I didn't know about the joints. I held off on the Cloud & Fenrir pack. I didn't like the joints. But kept putting it off. Now I was thinking get the re-release in a few months. I really just want a statue of Cloud, Tifa, and the Fenrir from Advent Children. It would be expensive though. Or good figures. I still have the small figures from the original game.
  11. My first thought was that since they make big Harleys that it shouldn't be much of a problem. Although I don't really like Harleys. Too big and loud. But anyway, they could adjust the sides so it's not that low to the ground. Then, I remembered this video I saw some years ago. They have a bunch of crash videos around that turn.
  12. If anything these Robotech Archive books will be like when I got the Robotech Art books back when I was a kid. Those were a big deal to me back then even though they were paperback. I didn't learn that they made limited hardcovers until the 2000s. But those Art books were glossy and had all the episodes and sketches. It was just cool to see all of that stuff. They were some of the earliest large scale books I ever purchased.
  13. Yeah but I love seeing movies. The most recent one which can really upset viewers is The Empty Man. I don't want to spoil it if you haven't seen it. Definitely worth watching though.
  14. That Cloud looks really good. I want to see the full team though. I'm not crazy about the Play Arts Kai figures. I thought Prime 1 Studio was making statues but that doesn't seem to be happening. Although there is still time since the Remake isn't complete yet.
  15. Maybe I'm just noticing more of these sporty trikes with flashy paint jobs. When I see them I think who would want that over a motorcycle? Then I think since they are making those, why not a Garland design? What's stopping them?
  16. Those fights are awesome. It's the norm to make fun of Star Trek now. But that show will never die. Buffy has some classic fights too.
  17. I took a look at Skyline since we are talking about it. I've seen far worse. I'm talking stuff on Syfy and the old FearNet channel. The opening starts with a few good shots. But it's also a bit unneeded like the opening in that blind man movie that just received a sequel. At first I thought this was going to be a garbage college kid type story. It felt like a first time filmmaker project for the first quarter or so and I thought it might get worse. However, it's pretty good in the middle sections. It reminded me of Night of the Living Dead. Of course not as good but still that section is the best part of the movie. If only they resisted the urge to setup a series or re-watched Night of the Living Dead, the original or remake, this might be a better movie. Skyline is set for a sequel or like a comic book with the ending. Something at the ending felt straight out of a videogame. And I hate it when people say a movie is a videogame movie. Because people like that are lessening both videogames and movies. Like videogames are bad and a movie that's like a videogame is one of the worst things. But I had to rewind a scene at the ending a few times because of one shot. I was thinking what are they doing?! Then I couldn't believe it. Yes they did do that. Maybe the sequels will complete the story and make the first one better. But I always think you should make a movie based on only one entry. And this movie alone will make you think what did you just watch at the end. Few good directors would do something like that to the audience. Especially since when Skyline was originally released it would take seven years for the sequel. Plus it's far from a good cliffhanger like in Empire Strikes Back. Overall, Skyline is not the worst movie but far from the best. I've seen most of the cast in other movies and TV shows. They do a good job with what they are given. The directors are effects guys and haven't directed anything since. But Skyline is better than Alien vs Predator 2 which was so dark at times I couldn't tell what was going on. It's also better than The Predator which is true garbage. Like the guy who was actually in the original Predator didn't understand they not only made a good B movie but a classic with the original. I wouldn't watch Last Jedi again because that's just an unforgivable movie. But I wouldn't watch Skyline again either. I will watch the sequels though. I read a bit of wiki on the sequel and watched almost an hour as I was curious how it starts after that ending. And yeah, they didn't really plan this that well as they couldn't even get some of the actors to reprise their roles. But I'll finish the sequel which is ok so far and the third one some time in the future.
  18. I still haven't finished all the Zillion episodes yet. But I only knew Zillion originally from the old Sega Master System game. I think that was the first Metroidvania type game I ever played. Possibly before the original NES Metroid. But I didn't think Apple would be more popular than Kei and Yuri. I mean one anime series versus a Dirty Pair TV show, OVA series, and feature film. Another thing, I wonder why there isn't a Garland style motorcycle in real life yet? I'm seeing a lot of three wheels, two in the back, one in the front, hybrid motorcycles more often. I guess they are safer because they have three wheels.
  19. I was going to get all three during Black Friday.
  20. No one seems to want to make figures of the old anime characters. I'm surprised we got a Zillion Apple figure a while back. I don't know how that happened. Yet no Minmay, original Dirty Pair, Eve, Priss, or others yet. Can you post a picture of the secret poster?
  21. Skyline is worse than The Predator and Last Jedi? The Predator is a shocking piece of crap. And Last Jedi is a pointless Star Wars movie that I reviewed around here. But you know I have to see Skyline now that it is somehow worse than those two. At least Brittany Daniel is in it. She was in a really crude Friday the 13th slasher knock off called Club Dread. I'm in no rush to see Skyline though. I'll probably watch the whole series at once. I see Rhona Mitra is in the third one. People hate Doomsday but I thought she was awesome in that. Doomsday has that shot from Aliens. The director loves those movies. I've seen some terrible movies before. So however bad Skyline is, it won't be anything new. The directors and producers just had people that wanted to support them. Prometheus is probably what happens when you have multiple writers and a director that wanted to tell a different story. Still a really good looking movie and a better exploration movie than all three recent Star Trek movies.
  22. I heard Southern Cross was cancelled but it still feels complete to me in Robotech. I just watched this video from a Megazone 23 post. I'll continue to say my favorites in Robotech are Southern Cross and New Generation. I need to hurry up and watch Orguss.
  23. All these rip off and alternate songs are upsetting me. Anyway, I believe I saw that book posted before in this topic. But it's just Part 1 right? Any pull out posters in there? I lean towards thinking that Parts 2 and Part 3 are the best. But I still want Eve singing posters from all three parts. I only have the one so far from the Megazone 23 box set that was released in the US a long time ago. I would go after singing cels but posters should be far easier.
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