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  1. That is almost exactly as cool as I expected. Definitely gonna add this sucker to my shelf at some point.
  2. I love seeing a photographic example of how friggin' BIG Gunbuster is.
  3. That assumption wound up being convenient for policing post-war Earth, though. They already had the needed equipment ready to go.
  4. Headcanon accepted. The odd proportions kinda make me wonder if this might not have begun life as an (admittedly ill-guided) attempt at making a new Ratchet/Ironhide mold that had more of the original toy in it.
  5. The holy trinity of military equipment. B-52 bombers, M2 machine guns, VF-17(1) transforming fighterbots.
  6. The real moral of this story is the F-117 is the only plane you need.
  7. There's entirely too many recipes for that in Macross.
  8. Harder to explain, but not impossible. In fairness to that other show, with just what's in the show,it LOOKS like he's in a portion of undamaged rainforest. Their producers went the "targetted mostly major population centers" explanation for their extended media, likely completely ignorant of 100% Pure Macross's more complex explanation.
  9. My understanding is the problem is with subpixel antialiasing. OLED displays don't have subpixels arranged in a way that matches any common LCD layout, and it breaks subpixel antialiasing. Personally, I consider subpixel antialiasing an antifeature and do my best to kill it, despite software's insistence that it needs to be there(OS makes it hard to kill, then applications override preferences and force it back on anyways). Chromatic aberration in my glasses means the subpixel arrangement in any display is not consistent in my vision, so it is worse to have it than to not have it.
  10. That's a remarkably patriotic color scheme for a Cobra vehicle. I wish they hadn't used the HISS Tank on Megatron already, since it would make a better Shockwave(and has before!).
  11. A perception encouraged by "Khyron" having seemingly crashed in an undamaged chunk of rainforest. It is a lot harder to explain how he could be hiding there if it was a postwar manmade forest.
  12. This one at least isn't a big concern. The magnetosphere isn't really a physical object. It's just the magnetic field the Earth's spinning iron core generates. Sure a bunch of charged particles ripping through it will cause short-term distortions of the magnetic field, but it springs back. Similar here. The ozone layer is an automatically-replenishing resource. (There's actually a possibility the bombardment would've REINFORCED the ozone layer, as the process which generates ozone begins with cracking apart O2 molecules to create free oxygen, and the zentradi bombardment dropped a LOT of high-energy particles into the atmosphere.) But yeah, it was a pretty bad time to be an earthling.
  13. I sort of feel like the reasons for not making "next-gen" destroids is a case of building for the last war instead of the next one. We know the colonies are not all one big happy family. There have been full-on wars between colonies. If one colony decides to annex another one, they're going to need ground forces. An army of destroids will be cheaper than VFs outfitted with ground combat packs, and require less training for operators and maintenance crews. Fortunately, making a modernized destroid isn't complicated. The variable fighter's nature as a multi-mode all-regime combat unit means that development of battroid-esque combat capabilities continues. When someone finds they need a dedicated ground force again, it will be relatively simple to start with a variable fighter in battroid mode, scrap the complexity of transforming. After that, they can start tweaking. Heavier armor, bigger guns, larger ammo reserves. Keep the energized armor(but much thicker), scrap the inertia management(or minimize it to just what's useful for recoil management).
  14. "Okay, yeah. The pilot's brain is part of the computer system and if they were mentally unstable the plane would be wildly unpredictable. Good thing I'm not crazy!" *pops some pills*
  15. It is really weird that Optimus doesn't have a bunch of random black pieces. He looks like he's from another line.
  16. That was kind of my point. They are ery confused about the difference between popular fiction and scientific reality(which has several currently-untested hypotheses).
  17. You know, looking at the unpainted prototype... I wouldn't mind an all-gray "episode 6 edition".
  18. I've definitely interacted with younger audiences who have seen Terminator films. They hated the original because that isn't how time travel works, predestination paradoxes aren't a thing because you create alternate timelines instead, and they can't take any film seriously that has such clearly wrong concepts of time travel. Friggin' tedious, I tell ya. I mean, isn't that what Terminator: Salvation was? And it was a dumpster fire. I personally believe the franchise is best left dead. It was one fantastic movie, one nonsensical action spectacle*, and a bunch of just dire attempts to cash in on a name... and also Sarah Connor Chronicles, I guess that one was awesome or something, I didn't see it please don't hurt me. *Seriously. My summary of Terminator 2 is "There are plot holes big enough to drive a truck through, but no one cares because they DID drive a truck through them, then the truck blew up, and they did it again a half-hour later."
  19. In fairness, the VF-1's arms could be purged(I think?) without hindering the ability to go back to fighter mode. Didn't Hikaru eject the damaged arms in the big final battle... and then go through re-entry while missing half his plane's underside? That's actually kinda nuts, now that I think about it. ALSO in fairness, the VF-1 doesn't really need to swap arms to swap specialized equipment. The FAST pack arm launchers demonstrate that well, as does the VE-1's arm packs in DYRL. Just hang crap under the plane, and hope you don't need to use your landing gear any time soon(that's why we have gerwalk, I guess).
  20. The promise of the F-35: One plane for every service! The reality of the F-35: Three planes sharing one name and confusing everyone! Jetpack is what I'd do too. Especially since I'd like to see the VTOL capability echoed in the robot.
  21. So what I'm hearing about this game is "I'd buy that for a dollar"?
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