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  1. Need to sell my collection, its a emergency, please contact me

  2. Ok, I wan to know more about this doujinshi, I already read the info you have here in the MWF main site so I now there is 4 volumes and that were published in 1983-84, some details of the content but Are there only 4 volumes? What is the MAT Sky Angels? Who were/are in the MAT Sky Angels? What happen tot he MAT Sky Angles, it still exist?? Is there more info about the content of this doujinshi? is there any other publication of the MAT Sky Angels? I hope someone could help me, thank you
  3. Hi, I am one of the users of MG... I read all the post in this topic and in MG about all this stuff and I want to thanks to Gubaba... Because of you I could find the truth about so many things that Shaloom said and I though that things were wrong but I was lazy to find out the truth by myself... and I feel like a big fool for not make my own research and only believe to his post with my eyes wide shut... but well that is my fault... Please let me write the follow, I want to discharge myself, but it is like a resume of all everyone already know by now, then if you want to read it please see the spoiler: The most important for me was that (I completely support Gubaba here) shaloom said "I read" "I listened" "I translate" "I have" "I talking to" "I check", like the credits where he posted that he check it and translated then he knew the script were made by Ohnogi. Mr March, I am completely agree you man, please let me share you guys my point of view... shaloom made a lot of mistakes, for me is clear that he is a big liar in a lot of things and I know he already apologized to MG community but that apologizes are not enough for me because the shaloom's mistakes are really big, not only for a simple "not big deal, just forget about it like nothing happened and go on" and the things that recently happened in MG are stupid... , there are some guys defending his friend with weird and childish attitudes without any good reason or any good argument, for example "MG user x: What happen with the... ; answer: what? o it was an error and it's a shiny day" Of course that is my personal opinion and the way I see the situation there, the things of MG are of MG but I mentioned it because for me the things that happened after the Ohnogi question are the real ones that are damaging MG. The wrong stuff that shaloom made concerns only to himself, his actions only damage to himself, but he is acting with a non sense pride, like he does not matter at all, the big abuse of authority and ownership about MG and the irrational actions about MG, it seems like he does not have the courage to face the situation like a man, only trying to avoid it. The result of all this... MG is being damaged unfairly... a pity... so sad In MG there a lot of great guys that everyday post their info, real and truth info that could be check it anytime for anyone, I think all this is unfair for them and for the guys that worked so hard for MG, because MG is not only shaloom, actually it is too much bigger than him and I think he does not deserve MG. I am too disappointed about him and the situation there that I prefer to rarely visit MG or perhaps go away from MG for a time (perhaps never come back) while he controls it, I don't know yet . But at the end I am sick of this and I won't care about shaloom anymore, I won't believe him anymore, I hope MG could go on after all this... my truth desires... my best wishes for MG. This is the last time I talk about this topic in forums because I won't loose my time anymore and I discharged myself already But the result of all this in my case is the lesson I've learned, now I made my own researches with the stuff I have or I could get or find in good resources in the web, I won't be lazy with my hobby anymore.
  4. OK, I understand and I am here to face this because I am a serious person and not a jerk like you said... I accept that the problem with the Queadluun Rau resin kit was my fault... SAVE sold me a set of Macross Dolce Glassess and everything was great with that, transaction completed without problems... And the poster never arrive... and really it never arrive... I have more that 10 years buying/selling Macross stuff for me and for other persons who ask me for it... and this time the poster was for another person and that person took a long time to give me the money and over 2 months of waiting the poster never arrive then he ask me his money... like the Queadluun Rau resin kit and that´s why I continued buying toys while the Queadluun Rau was on stand by, because that stuff was for another persons that usually I sell them Macross stuff... But I understand, I am very, really very busy because of my job and I did not have a good communication with Save to explain him the situation, my fault... Then I apologize to Save (Adrian) for all the troubles I cause him, he is a great seller and a great person, nothing that happened was his fault... I accept my fault in this case, I trust in another person who ask me for the poster and at the end I lost in both sides, here, with Save who I will never ask him for something again for respect and with the other person, I have to refund his money because the poster never arrive and I lost my fee for get the poster... But I have made other transactions with others MWF members, some take a long time too, other were pretty fast, but all of them were successful... I really sorry that this happen with Save...I learned that I need to have better communication... I am a serious person and always trying to do serious business, I know Save lost money, I know is not the real way to get things right but I want to clean up this mess as much I can, then in public I say it, I will pay to Save with my own money the poster including the shipping fee, but I will need 8 days to get the money... I know this is a bad reference for me but I learned my lesson, I hope that if someday someone want to do business with me or I ask to do business with someone, I could receive the chance and the opportunity... Thanks By the way, I do not know Samurai M and I do not remember made any transaction with him here or somewhere else like ebay where my feedback is perfect... I really surprise to know that Samurai M warned Save about me because I never have another bad ending problem like this, I remember all the problems I had have with transactions were resolved properly and had a happy ending... no good that someone that I do not know say bad things about me and worst if that things could be a misunderstanding or perhaps lies...
  5. OK, I will buy it... the game seems to be a "must have..." Only I want to ask, I know perhaps someone already answer this question, but I did not found info in this topic... The first release of the game came with some extra bonus items like the blu rays of Macross F? I hope someone could help me...
  6. Hi my friends, I am looking for the next magazines, Newtype 10/2008 (oct 2008) Newtype 11/2008 (nov 2008) Newtype 12/2008 (dec 2008) Hobby Japan 10/2008 (oct 2008) Hobby Japan 11/2008 (2 pieces if possible) (nov 2008) Hobby Japan 12/2008 (dec 2008) I hope someone could help me Thank you very much
  7. OK, I love the 2 All that VF videos that I could see in youtube, the MF version and the MZ version... But each one is only about 2 minutes.... Someone told me that the real video is about 30 min. and that I can see it in youtube, but I do not find it, then I want to ask you, is it true? Is there already a 30 min video of All that VF? I bought the MF vol. 1 bluray, I know there is the data, password and ID to download the first All that VF... I boght the Macross Zero bluray box and I know there is another data, password and ID to download the All that VF MZ version... But I tried to download it, but I can not because I am in Mexico... Did someone download it? the one you download from the data in the blurays is the full version for All that VF MF ver. and All that VF MZ ver? or just the ones that only are 2 minutes in 640x480 resolution? I hope someone could help me... Thank you very much
  8. I feel you man too, I need a second job to get enoguh money to bay the items of Macross I want
  9. So far Sheryl Nome is the best, really great singer and woman
  10. OK, any news or new ingo about it? I am in Mexico, but I really want to get this books or magazines, the Macross Chronicles... So I am asking for any help or info of how I could get this publishing, perhaps I am in a wrong place of the forums to ask this... But any help will be very appreciate...
  11. I only want to say, Klan rules, long life to the pixie squadron... I hope this great chara not die in Macross Frontier, is really one of the best
  12. Man, just one of the very best of Macross... specially for the VF-4G LIII and Tenshinoenogu and the version of Cinderella, Aioboeteimasuka and Aiganagareru
  13. Hi everyone I think that the VF-25 have a kind of base pack with several versions, I mean the pack is the same but depends of the configuration you could add elements to get a strike pack, super pack, amor pack, elient pack, sniper pack...
  14. I think that it will be great an edition of all Macross in Blu-ray, but only we could enjoy the HD features on Macross F and perhaps in Macross Zero... Well I Know Macross and Macross DYRL were remastered to HD remastered, but I know is not the same that have them on blu-ray format, perhaps it won't be any difference with the DVD releases...
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