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  1. Last update - episode 3 is uploaded as well. Will be uploading New Dream Hunter Rem next.
  2. Anyone want to share their views? Emotional ending right? Episode 2 is up now - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yv-D5mvV1dM
  3. Thanks a lot Renato, I always feel welcome here. This was one of my favourite places to hang out. Heavy looks interesting, I've never heard of it up to now. The only information I can find of it is it came out in 1990 and is actually classified as a movie. I found a movie poster for it here - http://movie.douban.com/photos/photo/1431358382/ Where did you come across it last time? There's some stuff I uploaded on my old channel here if anyone is interested - http://www.youtube.com/user/OldAnimeDubs/videos
  4. Dream Hunter Rem - Part 2 - Click Here to watch Welcome! I've not posted for years probably but I started an 80's anime youtube channel few months ago. Now I have some extra special to share with my old friends at Macross World. It only took 9 years for second part of Dream Hunter Rem OVA 1 to be subtitled but I found it's release, changed the subtitles to a more typical VHS look and uploaded it for everyone to see. This unlicensed obscure gem is one of the best old school OVA's of all time and part 1 is also available on the channel. This is was well worth the wait and is much more intense than the first part. You can expect it all from horror, a mystical monk, science fiction with women in frozen chambers and of course heart warming romance. Anime Grade: A+ Don't miss the excitement anymore!
  5. With Far Cry: Blood Dragon being released today, it reminded me of how great it is to throw old shows and concepts together and make something competely new and exciting. I've always loved old anime and video games, so I combined the two. Using my creativite brain inside me, this is what to me, a nostalgic anime game would look like conceptually, hopefully one day it will happen. All of these graphics come from my most favorite shows. I will happily name all of the pics if someone needs help identifying them.
  6. Episodes 2-4 added. Can anyone confirm on episode 4, if it, is indeed Chirico from Votoms? I need to know so I can add the camero reference to my site. Thanks to all those that know more than I do
  7. You're obviously a man of impeccable taste. All 3 of these I have to add to the site. No Questions about it! I'd add Dagger of Kumui but I think Animeigo still have the license for it. I try to avoid puting licensed stuff up.
  8. Anyone heard of Galvion? Probaly not, it's one of the rarest anime shows ever. I found Episode 1 and encoded it myself to make the quality marginally better. It's still grainy but no audio sync issues. Follow the link below to check it out:
  9. Hey there Keith, I've already sold off what I didn't want through Amazon. I came here to catch up since I've not watched any anime for a year. I agree that there are great shows from every decade, especially the 70's with Roses of Versaille and 90's Neon Genesis Evangelion. The reason I like 80's so much is I love the character designs, music and cel animation from this era. There's just an amazing feeling that comes over me when I watch something like the Appleseed OVA from 1988. I actually think Appleseed will be my next entry on to the site. I love that show so much. I'm glad a lot of the MW members are still here. You'd be suprised how many forums get shut down. Look at Anime Jump, it's completly gone now!
  10. Why have so many people left? What caused this big exodus? Big thanks to Vifam 7 for suggesting Megazone 23 and Iczer 1. Those 2 are definte classics. So is the original Appleseed. Wow the shows are all flooding back now. Keep the suggestions up guys. Also with all these classic anime going OOP, anyone sold off their collections yet? I sold my Macross boxset for $200 last year and other stuff like Arcadia of My Youth went for $100. Absolutly crazy money! I sold off half my collection because of all the cash involved. The demand for OOP dvd's have never been higher.
  11. Thanks Renato! Thats what I was looking for. I used to PM Danth all the time about my latest anime findings. Good to hear you and Danth are still going. I've not watched any anime at all in a year. However I dug out my old laserdisc rip of MD Geist from 2009 and I realised I needed to carry on writing about anime. Half the problem though is I can't remember the stuff I wanted to write about anymore.
  12. I used to be a long time poster on the Macross World forums. Do we still have any 80's anime fans here? There used to be such a big community here, I see the forums have changed quite a lot since I've been gone. I've updated my 80's anime website for the first time in a year but I need suggestions for new entries because I've not watched any anime for a year and I forgot what I had originally planned to put up. So guys, hit me up with my suggestions, especially new obscure stuff?
  13. The remaining two episodes won't be released by us but someone else is planning to take over now after seeing our episode. Ah and the blog, I really should take more care over it, it's also suffered from a lack of time Got other possible fansub projects in the mix though.
  14. Not at all, the more links the better! Torrent link still pending... I've missed you too danth, I gotta start posting over here again, I loved this community.
  15. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Description: All of your favorite Artmic characters are back to compete in the most important race in Anime history. Expect to see members of Gall Force, Bubblegum Crisis, Genesis Survivor Gaiarth, Madox 01, Riding Bean and many, many more. Who will win? Place your bets now while you listen to some of the funkiest 80's tunes out there. Comments: Remastered from LD source to produce DVD style video quality, so good it could be passed off as a new telecline print. Torrent link comming soon, look forward to your comments as usual
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