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  1. And, according to the movies, Sheryl met Alto first, when they were children.
  2. And nearly all the members of Walküre are too young for you. As are the main characters of any Judy Blume, Beverley Cleary, or S.E. Hinton novel.
  3. Why does it matter? Are you lusting after them?Heck, I still like the Narnia books and most of the characters there are under 18. It's a story about young adults, after all.
  4. (Okay, this not a "smart comment," this is a simple response.) Crikey! Disagreeing with you leads to strife, and agreeing with you also leads to strife. I'd like the option that doesn't get me banned, but I'm no longer sure what that is. If you'd let me know before banning me again, I'd be grateful.
  5. I've changed my mind. I agree with Roy Focker now. I was never a little girl. Were you...?
  6. だれがお母さんですって!?
  7. Next Wednesday is Plus Vol. 4, which is a pretty fascinating story (to me, anyway). After that, I really won't be updating here much. Sundays and Wednesdays are your best bet.
  8. No, you really wouldn't. The Yamato toys? Yeah, sure. Everything else? The only place I'd ever seen ANY of it was at other Macross Museum exhibits.
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