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  1. Amiami is taking orders on the LE version again. http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?gcode=TVG-PS3-1324&page=top%2Fsearch%2Flist%3Fs_keywords%3Dmacross%24pagemax%3D100%24getcnt%3D0%24pagecnt%3D1
  2. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2012-04-02/mamoru-nagano-gothicmade-slated-for-november-1
  3. That pic also shows the side covers molded in gray plastic instead of the same beige as the vf-1d and the seats are unpainted. Hopefully that is the least indicative representation of the final product.
  4. Release date for sound booster August 30 http://www.yamato-toys.com/items/detail.php?gid=1914
  5. What exactly is it that paople don't seem to understand about not posting spoiler information from the second frontier movie??? Some of us have been trying to avoid finding out anything about the movie until we get to see it for ourselves. Its really frustrating when people keep posting about this all over the forums without spoiler tags. Could you please stop doing this?
  6. From wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starship_Troopers_(OVA) Amazon.co.jp has the book listed with a release date of 1979 with the power armor on the cover http://www.amazon.co.jp/%E5%AE%87%E5%AE%99%E3%81%AE%E6%88%A6%E5%A3%AB-%E3%83%8F%E3%83%A4%E3%82%AB%E3%83%AF%E6%96%87%E5%BA%AB-230-%E3%83%AD%E3%83%90%E3%83%BC%E3%83%88%E3%83%BB-%E3%83%BB%E3%83%8F%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B3%E3%83%A9%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B3/dp/4150102309/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1314151292&sr=8-1
  7. As long as you happen to live in Japan or North and South America sure. If you happen to live in Europe or Australia you're in Region B. That being said, the first movie was released as a region free Blu-ray so it might be worth waiting until it's confirmed one way or the other before settling for the DVD.
  8. Actually the first release (Dec. 2009) of the VF-1J with armor parts was old stock with a new head with the gray visor. So the visor color isn't a good indicator of a safe release or not. I'm not at all sure how one tells the difference between the Dec. 2009 and the May 2010 safe release.
  9. Just got my payment request for my VF-19 from amiami. ¥22,470 or $284.72.
  10. The thing with the green dots is the face mask or whatever its called. I don't know what the other thing is.
  11. I'm pretty certain that those triangles are the diamond force insignia. They are only on, to the best of my knowledge, the vf-17, flight suits and dress uniforms of members of diamond force.
  12. It looks like the skeletons are due out in January. http://tokusatsurevoltech.com/
  13. Mylene Night Chie Kajiura & Tomo Sakurai Tokyo: February 2, 2011 Osaka: February 5, 2011 http://blogs.dion.ne.jp/chie_sound/archives/9770711.html#more
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