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  1. New comic saga ongoing: check out all 26 episodes Transformers Full Circle! https://petessuperrobots.blogspot.com
  2. Lots of new photo comics up: Decepticon Roulette and Grim Tidings. Almost 200 pages in all. Next one coming in December. https://petessuperrobots.blogspot.com
  3. 8 parts if my new fan comic, TF Noir, are online petessuperrobots.blogspot.com
  4. Wrote a Gundam fanfic with some illustrations of mine made via PicsArt: https://petessuperrobots.blogspot.be/2017/11/fan-fiction-gundam-oasis-at-green-hill.html?m=1 I think I will do a Zambot 3 fanfic next :-)
  5. I've been out of Gundam for a while now and am getting back in. Is Orphans any good? I tried watching 00 when that came out but couldn't get into it. Love UC (Msg and Zeta). I kinda like the mecha in Orphans. Read some reviews. What's the feel here?
  6. I love my SOC Zambot 3... But any chance Bandai will make one with a fuller range of lose ability for the combined formula?
  7. Started a new photo comic called Super Robot War IV and wrote some Anime reviews on my Super Robot blog https://petessuperrobots.blogspot.be/?m=1
  8. Fires of Hades complete! https://petessuperrobots.blogspot.be/2017/02/the-fires-of-hades.html?m=1
  9. https://petessuperrobots.blogspot.be With turbo handling! I should put up some reviews too...
  10. So...any Macross fans on colony Brussels or in Belgium? Comiccon is in Brussels in 2018 but I am lazy and wondering whether anyone from Brussels hangs out in this forum?
  11. Fires of Hades epic almost complete: https://petessuperrobots.blogspot.be/2017/02/the-fires-of-hades.html?m=1
  12. Next two episodes online: http://dyrl.pl/detale.html?id=1731 http://dyrl.pl/detale.html?id=1732
  13. Next episde is up! http://dyrl.pl/detale.html?id=1712
  14. First photocomic of 2016! http://dyrl.pl/detale.html?id=1711
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