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  1. As we board the hype train leading up to Kazutaka Miyatake's exhibition of original artworks, let us look at a recent interview with him conducted earlier this year for the "SDF-1 Macross: Thorough Dissection" book -- you know, the one which also doubles as an enormous 1/2400 scale papercraft model of the Fortress Exceeding Space and Time itself (the cover of the book stoically assures us that it is genuine "Deculture Scale", no less). The translation starts right after the jump! (I tried to be as accurate as possible, and that is why the four in-text notes are oddly numbered: there are two #
  2. MW member and Macross SpeakerPODcast partner-in-crime Gubaba has provided us with another new translation! I'll leave it to him to introduce it... Download link at the bottom! The Plundering Fleet is one of two short stories included in the Macross Perfect Memory book from 1983, in the section "Macross Outside Story" (by which, they mean "side stories"). It was written by Kenichi Matsuzaki, who was the script editor for the series and also wrote plenty of episodes, including the first three and "Love Drifts Away." You may remember that in Episode 15 of the series, Global tells Misa a s
  3. We've all thought about it, some of us more vocally than others, and on Thursday last week, the mysterious Mr. K from Arcadia -- previously Yamato -- took some time to publish a long blog post on the topic of why Arcadia's products are so highly priced. The really high quality transforming Macross toys have never been cheap. No, not even the Takatoku 1/55. But Arcadia's recent offerings have finally broken the 30,000 yen barrier. Some of us in the forums felt that Arcadia had gone insane. Well, this here is a unique opportunity to peek at what actually goes into producing a Valkyrie toy and g
  4. "Macrosshare Radio" (more like a podcast) presents one more episode in an ongoing series of interviews with creative Macross fans ! In this 1 hour 3 minute episode, John Moscato also known as Captain America on the Macross World forum: Shares his experiences about his latest completed modeling work on the "Pinky Crab Answers some questions from his "fans" Reveals his thoughts on the modeling design process for the 1/32 Legioss Discusses the pro's and con's on hobby modeling for the Wonderfest modeling conventions. A production model diary .pdf file has been compiled to chronicle Jo
  5. Saturday, November 2, 2013 at noon / 1200 hours Central Standard Time on the Macross World forum, a live interview will be held on the Macross World forum with John Moscato / Captain America, model maker extraordinaire! The John Moscato online interview will be presented both as a forum interview with questions / comments / pictures posted here on the Macross World forum and as a live podcast on the Macrosshare Radio Mixlr account. Initially, I will be posting 28 interview questions on the forum from a recent email interview with John. One interview question / answer will be posted every 3
  6. Oh yeah. In my excitement over the Orguss Blu-Ray announcement, I didn't notice this little thing hidden inside the Macross Plus boxset. I'll just put this here and let you guys in the Toy Forum discuss and speculate for about a year or so. Read the full story here
  7. Back in February, MW resident May'n fans Vanpang and VF25-F traveled all the way to Japan to see the Macross Frontier Diva herself live on stage. What follows is their story. A Malaysian fan at MIC-A-MANIA concert, Budokan The four of us, Macross / May'n fans, VF25-F, Darren WK, Pamela and vanpang decided to make a trip to Japan late in February for some sightseeing and to attend May'n's Mic-A-Mania concert on 2nd March 2013. After much difficulties in trying to obtain tickets to the concert (thanks to all parties who tried to lend a helping hand) we finally managed to get them at a ge
  8. It has been revealed that a special Macross-themed mini live event featuring Haruka Chisuga (winner of the real-life Miss Macross contest and singer of the Macross 30 PS3 game theme song) and Yoshiki "Basara" Fukuyama will be held at Winter Wonderfest 2013. If you can't attend, not to worry, because it will be streamed online, courtesy of Max Factory and Good Smile Company! As well as this, Miss Chisuga will appear alongside May'n (Sheryl Nome) for a special talk show, also to be streamed online. Details: Chigusa/Fukuyama gig here: http://www.whl4u.jp/stage.html And Chigusa/May'n talk h
  9. Friday September 7th, 2012 saw a special gathering of high-profile Japanese animation industry guests to pay their respects for the late Noboru Ishiguro, director of "Super Dimension Fortress Macross", just one among many, many of his works of anime spanning the entire near-50-year history of the industry. The locale was a conference hall in Kichijoji's newly-refurbished Daiiichi Hotel, and featured a standing buffet, an entire wall of gift flowers and some memorabilia. Throughout the evening video clips were played and guests stepped onstage to share their anecdotes and reminiscences of Is
  10. An oldie but a goodie. As we await anxiously the release of Macross Do You Remember Love on Blu-Ray -- and with all the, er, controversy that surrounds this -- let us take the time to recall some words from co-director Shoji Kawamori, which he shared with the editorial of Animage just a few months after the original release of the film in Japan. To fans, the findings may seem a touch interesting... Note: The title of the feature is "Macross Seminar".  There is one more installment in a later booklet that I may eventually translate also. This should not be confused with the "Sup
  11. Anime News Network has confirmed with Namco Bandai that certain shots in the upcoming Do You Remember Love Bluray remaster will be 'altered'. It is unconfirmed at this time exactly which shots these will be or whether they are the same ones that were observed in the recent theatrical screenings. The DYRL BD discussion thread can be found here. Read the full story here
  12. As we count down the days to the release of the greatest animated movie ever, "Macross: Do You Remember Love" on Blu-Ray Disc, I thought I would give people a bunch of homework to do in preparation for the big party. "BS Anime Yawa" ("BS Anime Night Talk") is a series of TV specials hosted by Gainax/General Products founder Toshio "Otaking" Okada on the NHK BS-2 satellite broadcasting service. The programmes focus on classic and/or famous anime shows and act as retrospectives to contextualize these shows within the bigger picture of the evolution of Japanese animation, as well as providing
  13. An hour-long TV special documentary aired on July 8th at 8pm on the Tokyo MX station as part of the Macross 30th Anniversary celebrations and to promote the upcoming "Macross: Do You Remember Love?" Blu-Ray release. The show was well made, with plenty of interesting information about the production of the original TV series from the first "Battle City Megaroad" concept, to the production of the "DYRL" feature film, all straight from the mouths of Shoji Kawamori, Haruhiko Mikimoto, Ichiro Itano, Kazutaka Miyatake and Yasunori Honda (sound director) as they reminisce their younger days. Some s
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