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  1. TEKERING AND JENIUS THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I'll update once these deals go through and yes I'm sure others will greatly appreciate the files as well.
  2. Found a lot of the instructions for my collection. Only two of the masterpiece ones just not for the alphas, betas, or the cyclone. The funds we get from selling any of our collectables will be going towards paying to replace necessities that we lost. Otherwise we are both working and doing well. Our seven month old son has everything he needs (most of it fit in the car ) Thank you to those that offered to help out but there are others that need it more than us and some that need a swift kick in the a@#.( I despise lazy people that expect a hand out when many of us have already adapted and getting back on track) Again thank you to all.
  3. Yes we are doing fine. got out of town managed to find a place to live in Destin. I work for myself so I'm basically building new clients here. And trying to help other back in Panama city and other areas when I can. Thank you for the instruction uploads. The buyer of the alpha is satisfied with them so that helps. Realized that all of my toys, kits, collectables have instructions missing. So this is going to be rough. However any other instruction scans would be highly appreciated for any of the masterpiece designs.
  4. Ive been a long time member here but for some reason cannot seem to log into my old account. aka Bad_Scorpion. I'm reaching out to anyone that has the instruction books for any of the toynami brand masterpiece legios and beta. Also referred to as the vfa-6 alpha and the vb-9 beta. I live down here in Florida where we just got hit but hurricane Michael. We are doing well but we lost much of what we had. Our storage unit was safe which houses many collectibles and such. somehow my booklets are missing and I have to sell much of what I've kept to help us rebuild our lives. I have several buyers for my masterpiece collection but I'm missing the booklets. Figured least I could do is provide the buyers digital copies. Any help would be appreciated.
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