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  1. Awww. There goes that idea. Maybe if they ever get around to a 1/48 Millia I can use that N-Y store credit then. Is it me or has it been forever since the last 1/48 VF-1 release?
  2. It never occurred to me that you could essentially transform any Valkyire into an Armored VF-1J with the extra head included with that set. I think I've finally found something on which I should spend my N-Y store credit.
  3. Cardboard is opaque to UV though. It was probably just made of a different plastic than the shuttle. Sometimes plastics undergo a chemical reaction as they age, no sunlight required.
  4. I know that most people here are a tad more on the negative side than I am when it comes to the recent season of Trek. My opinion is that the past seasons have certainly had their flaws, but I was able to derive enough enjoyment from them that I was happier for them existing than it not. I'd hoped that the showrunners vaulting the ship and crew hundreds of years into the future would be an opportunity for a fresh start, free from the shackles of fifty years of continuity to worry about. However, I was largely disappointed by this season. They threw away more and more of that potential each episode in. Things I didn't like: Like others, the infinite interior volume of Discovery really bothers me. Maybe there will be a brick joke moment in Season 4 where one of those guys thrown off a turbolift finally lands, weeks later. It was easier to look past the Breweryprise than this, and I hated that as it was. I don't think they were sure what they wanted to do with Osyraa. First she's a ruthless warlord with no scruples, then she's an empathetic statesman, then she (understandably) balks at being told she has to be tried as a tyrant (why was the Federation willing to ally itself with the Klingon Empire if every ally has to be held to Federation moral standards?), and then she is back to torturing and maiming - which, for some reason, comes as a complete surprise to her scientist friend. Then it's as though the writers realize they've hit a dead end with her, and she drops dead like a sack of potatoes. Her scientist friend is seemingly completely okay with this, and is now added to the collection of strays Discovery has accumulated. She stepped on her own feet here - if she wanted an alliance with the Federation, there's no reason she had to pursue that at the same time as she was holding Discovery hostage and trying to acquire the spore drive. Vance and/or the civilian Federation leadership would have been more likely to believe her and less likely to play hardball. Feels more like bad writing than any tragic character flaw on Osyraa's part. Why were there random discharges in the computer core? On a par with Galaxy Quest "chompy crushy thingies". Why was it so easy for the Emerald Chain to wipe the Discovery computers, which would have included the sphere data? Were portions of the sphere data irretrievably lost any time a DOT-23 got mowed down? How much of it survived to the end of the season? The Burn ending up being a child's tantrum feels more like Doctor Who writing than Star Trek writing. In a universe where continuity is less elastic, this presents a problem like Admiral Holdo's last stand or a poorly-calibrated time jump effectively turning Braxton's time pod into a solar system-destroying bomb. Some day, someone with bad intentions is going to reverse-engineer the physical process that Su'kal kicked off by accident, and then be able to unleash their own Burn offensively. Also frustrating is the idea that in 100 years nobody was able to figure this out until Burnham arrived to wrap reality around her little finger. Why would they (Saru or the writers) pick Tilly for first officer over an entire bridge full of experienced officers? Why not ask Vance to give you someone who's not 700 years behind on current events? Feels like this happened more because of the popularity of Mary Wiseman's character than any in-universe reason it would make sense. I didn't like the way that Burnham was railroaded into being demoted. Black box or no black box, there was no way that Burnham was going to leave Book twisting in the wind, not after they'd bonded for a year by trying to survive without Discovery or the Federation. But the writers' need to show that Burnham is the only person with the vision to care about the apocalypse that levelled the Federation gets in the way of any more rational way she could have framed the necessity of the mission, or Saru's emotional intelligence to see that Burnham's not going to let Book die. I mean let the Black Box get away. Totally about the Black Box. Of which I presume that Starfleet has recovered none over 100 years, making this one essential. If you're going to do a backdoor pilot for the Section 31 show, at least introduce some of the characters and settings that are going to be in it. Otherwise your two-episode romp through the mirror universe that ends up all being a dream anyway just ends up seeming self-indulgent. The Disco bridge crew's near-orgasmic ecstasy upon finding Burnham. Burnham, spending a year without them, I can understand being super emotional. For the Disco crew, it's been about a day? I was just finishing up a TNG rewatch at around the time S3 started airing, and I remember one of the actors (I think it was Wil) in an interview saying that Rick Berman or someone else had straight up told him "Don't emote!" - I'm not going to pretend that TNG was perfect, but can't we find a happy medium? There were some things I did like: Vance was cool. The refit Discovery was cool. The badges were cool. As AirPods and Apple Watches become ubiquitous, Starfleet communicator pins become less and less compelling as 24th-century technology. I was able to suspend my disbelief about the practical shortcomings of the TNG pins, I can live with suspending my disbelief for some of the rough edges of the new combo pin UI. Though, how can a transporter beam itself somewhere?
  5. Rejoicing is still allowed in this thread, right? I mean, it is in the thread title... Nippon-Yasan always delivers! Nippon-Yasan will come through for each and every one of you! You need only have faith in Nippon-Yasan's boundless ability to fulfill its orders, and all that you have ordered will be delivered unto you! Remember the Kairos debacle - all who were patient and nurtured their faith received what they were promised! Blessed are those who can maintain their faith in Nippon-Yasan in these trying times! Okay, now that the shilling is out of the way, here's what really happened: You would think this story started when I ordered my SSPs, but in actuality it started on June 3rd, the night of VF-1S Hikaru pre-order madness. Like most here I missed the MSRP offering, but it quickly came back at an inflated price. I tried and tried to buy one but my order would not go through. Later, the site became more responsive and I was able to get my order in. But then I received notification that my earlier attempts had also resulted in an order. I'm not sure why, but I decided to pay for it too. I think even as I submitted my payment information, I planned to sell it at cost to another MWer here. Thus, on June 7th, when orders opened up for the SSPs, I decided to order two sets. After all, I had two Valkyries coming - shouldn't I get a set for each? Never mind that I was more likely than not to sell the extra Valkyrie. In retrospect, I should not have paid for the second VF-1S, and I should not have ordered two SSP sets. But that's what happened. Then we found out that N-Y wouldn't be shipping out any SSPs from the January batch. Then the pandemic hit. Then EMS between the Japan and the US shut down. People who created tickets were told they had to either downgrade or upgrade if they'd chosen EMS as their shipping method, as I had. I was a bit curious just how bad N-Y customer service would prove to be - would they sit on my items until the pandemic passed and EMS was reinstated? Would they reach out proactively and ask how I wanted to deal with the situation? The result was that it wasn't until July 1st that I sent them a ticket of type "Shipping status inquiry". I wrote: On July 7th, they wrote back: On July 8th, I wrote back: My second VF-1S had long ago been sold, so there was no reason for me to get two SSP sets anyway. Unfortunately, this message was never answered. I sent it again on August 12th and also did not receive a reply. On September 3rd, I opened a new ticket of type "Change shipping speed". The contents were: The same day, they responded with this: And then on Monday I got my tracking number. This raises so many questions for me. They've been cancelling other people's orders and saying they don't have stock to fulfill them. Yet, the speed with which they were able to fulfill my reduced order implies they're sitting on at least a few of these. I can only imagine that anyone in this thread who had an order cancelled might be downright angry that they sent me mine while cancelling theirs, but I thought it would be important to share my story. Trolling at the start aside, my intention is not to defend Nippon-Yasan by sharing this experience. Obviously I'm relieved to finally have my item, but I'm pretty disappointed at how they handled the January/April order split, the pandemic, and finally how it seems they weren't able to deliver for many members here. Yet now I'm stuck with 7,215 yen of N-Y money...
  6. I'd been kind of tuning out on this thread for a while (not interested in Kaki, no big announcements) but this is really disappointing to hear. I'll admit I've been remiss in pressing my ticket tag game with N-Y - they initially got back to me advising me of the cost to upgrade my order to UPS or downgrade to SAL, but no response since to my two replies. Submitted a new ticket just now. If they fall through, what's a good price for these? Is the $174 I'm seeing at Amazon a decent option? A 100% markup leaves a sour taste in my mouth but I might have to deal. Torn between giving up on N-Y or continuing to play it by ear, hoping they come through like they did for the Kairos.
  7. I know this will get lost in the Roy pre-order furor, but I finally broke down and submitted a ticket with N-Y to inquire about my 2x Super/Strike part order. They win our little game of Good Customer Support Chicken. It still hasn't even advanced to 'Preparation in Progress'. Still in 'Pre-Order - Payment OK'. Now back to waiting... Good luck to everyone going for a Roy pre-order (or maybe more than just one - you know who you are). The Hikaru 1-S is enough for me.
  8. The music was decent, at least.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firefox_(film)
  10. Right, but did you poke them first or did they poke you first? I haven't heard of them poking first yet.
  11. Oh cool, rearward-firing missile packs! New innovation for VF-1s, I believe. Complete radio silence for me. I'm a bit more curious how they're going to handle this than I am anxious to get my toy, so I'll see how long after Golden Week I can wait to poke them first.
  12. MikeRoz

    Hi-Metal R

    They can't even be bothered to release supers for the later -31 releases. And they were dragging their feet on this long before COVID was a thing. And they're already TWE to begin with, so there's no risk of shelf warmers to be had. It's hard to imagine a world where they'll release obscure destroids but not supers for valks piloted by named characters.
  13. Good to know on when P-Bandai will ship - thanks for the information. I placed my order the day the pre-order opened, so hopefully I'll be spared the worst of the N-Y part of that lag. They weren't too bad with my VF-1S from the night of that pre-order.
  14. They wish... Despite being a payments company, they haven't even come out with PCoin yet. Let alone the PayPal branded PCs and phones, the PayPal bank branches, the PayPal mortgage loans, etc. Just so this entire post isn't entirely devoted to another show - no movement yet on my order of two (why two? I wish I knew...) SSPs with N-Y. I'm sure it will be fulfilled any second now. Any second now... EDIT: It's an EMS order, so if I understand that other thread correctly it shouldn't be subject to shipping restriction.
  15. You have to admit it'd be hilarious if a Kakizaki valkyrie, of all things, became the next Kairos.
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